Bright House Colors For Exterior

Bright House Colors For Exterior – Do you wish that choosing the exterior color of your home was as easy as choosing lipstick? Not only is the color of your home an important commitment (unlike a poor tube of lipstick), but choosing one can be difficult because the shade changes depending on the lighting, texture and surrounding colors. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all the possible exterior paint color combinations. We asked the South’s most respected architects to help you make the smart decision, whether you’re beachy, classically minded or have no idea what you want.

“Charleston is all about patina, and the colors look better over the years than when they were first used.” – Mark Maresca, Maresca & Associates, Architects, Charleston, South Carolina

Bright House Colors For Exterior

Bright House Colors For Exterior

“For a traditional American home, try dark green or baby blue on the shutters and a high-gloss dark red on the door. Match all other solid doors with shutters. French doors and trim go with open designs. Whitening “The combination is light And fresh, with contrast and punch.” -Carles Heidt, Puck Heidt & Friends, Atlanta, Georgia

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“This white staircase is rooted in Southern Colonial style, but the curved, tonal design creates soft shadows that evoke subtle textures of the home’s materials.” – Ruard Veltman, Ruard Veltman Architecture + Interiors, Charlotte, North Carolina

Bright House Colors For Exterior

“The paint palette is reminiscent of Boy Scouts at summer camp—like a dark uniform with a bright green scarf tied around the collar.” – Bobby McAlpin, McAlpin, Montgomery, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee

“The deep and pale blues and greens reflect the colors of the Gulf Coast. “This palette is essential for a Southern-style beach house with a warm and inviting look.” – Michael G. Imber, Michael G. Imber Architects, San Antonio, Texas

Bright House Colors For Exterior

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“We like to pair the warm yellow color with the classic terminal roof and red shutters where there is a lot of red clay in the soil, like in Middleburg, Virginia, which makes the house feel more natural in the landscape. “Warm wood too Favors a restrained feeling.” —Anne Fairfax, Fairfax & Sammons, Palm Beach, Florida

“The colors have a rich timelessness and patina that reminds me of many of the grand homes I grew up in in Florence, Alabama.” – Michael Frank, Frank & Lohsen Architects, Washington, DC.

Bright House Colors For Exterior

“The design is very simple and clean, and is particularly suited to English and European-influenced interior design.” -Hank Long, Henry Sprott Long & Associates, Birmingham, Alabama

Exterior Color Trends For Your Home

“Painted brick lends a distinctive Southern feel when paired with contrasting, pared-down work. “The effect of this staircase is warm weather.” – Bill Ingram, Bill Ingram Architects, Birmingham, Alabama

Bright House Colors For Exterior

“A friend of mine says that people who live in yellow rooms are happier. For a more traditional look, try dark green in your decor. “We like dark red as a traditional accent color.” -Jen Frederick, Frederick + Frederick, Locations in South Carolina and Georgia

“High-contrast color schemes look best in holiday homes. “The stone color is only used on the front door and can add subtle pops of color to an otherwise stark scheme.” – Norman Askins, Norman Davenport Askins, Architect, Atlanta, Georgia

Bright House Colors For Exterior

Bright Ways You Can Add Color To Your Exterior

“The top of Wedgwood Blue and Bishop blends naturally with the natural sky. Paired with the wide front yard, this deck exudes a classic Southern feel.” – Jim Howard, James Michael Howard, Jacksonville, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia

Photo: Robbie Caponetto Style: Buffy Hargett Miller; Container Arrangement: Tom Erickson/Transplant Garden Location: Ocean Island Beach Cottage, USA

Bright House Colors For Exterior

“The crisp white trim lends a touch of holiday style and contrasts strongly with the bold hues. “Don’t be afraid to choose a different, fun color for the door.” – Bill Curtis, Curtis and Windham Architects, Houston, Texas

The 3 Exterior Paint Colors That Help A Home Sell The Fastest

“This subtle, creamy shade creates an aged lemonwash effect when paired with hand-made brick. We’ve used it for years and it’s never been muted or out of place. It’s a classic palette.” He built houses from Louisiana to The Low Country.” – Jim Strickland, Atlanta, Georgia, Historic Concept Architecture and Planning

Bright House Colors For Exterior

“Buildings with a more modern, cleaner aesthetic and smaller structures, such as weekend cottages or vacation homes, have a deeper tone, so they blend into the landscape. – Philip Dufford, Dufford Young, Charleston, South Carolina

Mother Nature’s favorite neutral colors (and complements a yard full of flowers) are vibrant greens and dark greens with almost black foliage. Use crisp white to highlight trim and exterior details. – Sam Grayson, Meyer Grayson Pauline Benson, Charlotte, North Carolina

Bright House Colors For Exterior

Exterior Paint Colors Chart And Exterior House Paint Color Pairings

“It enhances the natural, harmonious color of the slate roof and limestone. “The tonal look is very pleasing to the eye and suits the southern landscape.” – Stan Dixon, Architect The Stanley Dixon, Atlanta, Georgia

“The richly saturated, earthy mineral paint colors used in 18th-century Virginia capitals update the colors of Colonial Williamsburg. These classic pieces are perfect for a new old home.” —Russell Versacchi, Russell Versacchi Architecture, Middleburg, Virginia

Bright House Colors For Exterior

97 beautiful kitchen ideas to help you design the space of your dreams. This century-old bungalow is full of playful patterns and cheerful colors. 20 warm white paint colors make the room cozy. These are the most beautiful exterior paint trends of 2023 54″ charming exterior. The love home, these are the 5 most popular paint colors from the most popular paint brands 37 stunning foyer ideas for inviting entryway, these are the best paint colors for dark spaces .

Exterior Paint Palettes To Suit Every Style Of Home

6 Paint Colors We’ll Love in Kitchen Cabinets in 2023 We’ll Love Kitchen Cabinets in 2023 by Designers Update Your Bedroom Gray and White Kitchen Ideas 7 Colors Our Favorite Home Sellers Say Will Brighten Your Home 25 Soothing Paint Colors for Your Home in 2022 House Exterior Looking for color trends? You’ve come to the right place. Find out what experts and designers predict for this year’s top 10 home colors. Whether you’re painting an entire room or just adding a pop of color for an accent, you’ll want to check out these eye-catching color palettes.

Bright House Colors For Exterior

Modern exterior home colors are constantly evolving to adapt to the world around us. When work life is busy and stressful, it’s nice to come home and feel rested after your second car accident. 2022 home exterior colors provide a warm, neutral tone or a sharp contrast that perfectly matches your personality. Find the perfect coat for your home with the ten hottest home colors of 2022.

The color selection is wide and full of beautiful shades and tones, but not all of them will make your home cozy. The best exterior home colors range from red to blue, dark to light, but all of them are welcoming and make your home more sophisticated.

Bright House Colors For Exterior

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Sticking with exterior house colors that are trending in 2022 will make your home stand out and blend in with its surroundings. Finally, some renovations will increase its appeal.

Home exterior colors for 2022 bring a warmer tone to the increasingly popular neutral gray. This small change will bring the earthy accents around your home. Warm neutrals such as pink are back on the scene, replacing gray as the new dominant neutral.

Bright House Colors For Exterior

White exterior paint is a bold choice for many homeowners, but white trim can only draw attention to the clean, crisp lines it creates. Exterior windows are an often overlooked aspect of decorative design. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes and can make or break the overall cohesion of a color scheme. In 2022, almost all exterior home colors can be complemented with clean, white decorations.

Trending Exterior House Colors For 2023

The front door is a great opportunity to add a splash of color, especially if the rest of the house is neutral. The trick is to choose colors that complement your exterior paint colors. Choosing the right door color is a very special thing. We help you decide how to greet your guests with a unique and beautiful door color every time they enter your home.

Bright House Colors For Exterior

2022 exterior paint color trends are moving towards a darker, industrial look and introducing accents like black windows. Just like the beautiful contrast of white trim and dark colors, the black trim contrasts with the lighter exterior paint colors. If you decide to go with all-black paint, you can accent it with white trim and deep-colored doors.


Bright House Colors For Exterior

These Are The Best Front Door Colors For Your Home

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