Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

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Brown House Exterior Color Schemes – The exterior of your home may be the only impression some people get, so exterior color is very important. Brown home exteriors are very popular because brown is low maintenance.

However, there are also disadvantages to wearing brown on the outside. Dark colors tend to fade quickly and may require a new coat every two years. Additionally, darker colors tend to fade more quickly than lighter colors and may require repainting.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Brown paint can be difficult to keep clean, but it’s worth it. Another challenge with brown paint is keeping it cool in hot weather, as darker colors absorb more heat.

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Finding the perfect shade of brown and accent colors can be difficult, but read on to see the most popular color combinations for your home’s exterior.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Brown and black are timeless colors. This color scheme may not be the most exciting, but it can make your outdoor space bold.

Black is a sophisticated, luxurious color that can add personality and detail to any color scheme. The combination of brown and black creates a strong and modern color.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

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Adding black accents, like trim, to a brown exterior can give your home an attractive, modern look. The brown shade comes in several shades that combine well with the black shade.

Adding outdoor lighting can break up some of the dark colors and add a brightening effect to your home’s exterior. A beautifully landscaped garden adds a modern, elegant look to your brown and black exterior.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

As a modern twist on this color combination, another color combination method is to use black tones with a natural wood brown finish. The black shade gives your room a bold, modern and robust feel.

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Natural wood tones warm the black palette for a softer feel. Black windows give a crisp, sophisticated feel.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

A beautiful color that can add warmth to creamy browns. Orange or rust brown are a great color combination with a creamy neutral tone.

Cream colors are slightly warmer than white, so they add a subtle softness to your home’s exterior. Using two slightly different shades of brown on the outside of your home can add unparalleled depth and dimension.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

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By combining brown with different shades of natural wood, you can give your home a cozy, country feel. This color palette is exceptionally versatile because natural wood colors come in a variety of brown tones.

The white finish adds detail and helps break up the different shades of brown. Brown landscape rugs are another great way to add a subtle touch of brown to your natural brown design.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Beige is a light brown, so I think these colors go well together. Beige is a light, neutral color that gives your home a spacious feel.

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Lighter tones add a clean, modern feel to your home’s exterior. Combining two different colors will give your home an interesting variety of colors.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Brown and yellow may seem like an unlikely combination, but this color scheme can bring joy to your home’s exterior. Brown and yellow are warm tones, but bright yellows bring life to a brown home.

By using natural browns in the form of wood and stone, yellow becomes the focal point of your home. Brown wood paneling is a great way to introduce warm colors and textures into your exterior design.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Why Brown Continues To Be A Favorite Exterior House Color

Natural wood tones go well with white. White is crisp and clean, while brown warms up this color scheme without being overpowering.

White brick surfaces give a clean, smooth feel to the home’s exterior. Natural wood plank flooring adds depth and warmth to a space and adds architectural texture.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Consider combining gray tones with natural wood exterior finishes for a modern look. A cool, neutral gray provides a great contrast to the warm perception of natural wood.

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Since gray is a liquid of black, this color is still not as strong as black. The orange tones of the stained wood pair perfectly with the gray tones to create a modern outdoor look.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Green is another great color that pairs well with brown looks. Dark green is a subtle, calming color that catches the eye but is understated.

Using natural greenery near your home can help accentuate this hue, especially with outdoor lighting. Cream or white finishes will break up these colors and add some contrast to your outdoor space.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Brown Siding House

Try combining browns and blues to create a sophisticated color palette for your home’s exterior. This color combination combines cool blue with dark brown to create a beautiful color combination.

The brown finish accentuates the blue tone and adds vibrancy to the tone. Combining traditional shades of blue with shades of blue adds texture and dimension to your home’s exterior.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Red adds a lively atmosphere to any space. Using this color outside creates a bold and eye-catching look.

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When combined with brown and red, it can create a base for vibrant color. This color scheme is warm, attractive and natural.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

The shade of red will make your home stand out. Brown brick can add texture to an exterior and balance strong red colors.

Natural wood finishes give the tile and brick combination a touch of nature inspiration. Combining shades of red with brown brick, trim, and finishes will add a rustic feel to your home.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Exterior Paint Colors

If the red tone is too bold for your taste, consider red and brown tones. The red details bring to life the traditional brown color on the sides.

Red accents come in the form of shutters, patio decorations, or porch columns. Planting red flowers is also a subtle way to add natural red color to your home’s exterior.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Orange is not a common color used in exterior paint, but it can be an accent color for brown homes. Orange is a warm, vibrant shade that comes in a variety of shades and pairs perfectly with brown tones.

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Painting your exterior doors orange is a great way to use this color without overpowering your home’s exterior. Add detail and definition with white or cream finishes.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

The exterior of your home is one of the most attractive parts of your home. It should represent your family’s taste and style.

There are many brown house color combination options to choose from. We hope the above selection of brown color combinations inspires you in your outdoor living room design. Brown exterior siding has proven to be a great choice for millions of homes. No matter the style, brown can add curb appeal and increase your home’s resale value.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

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A brown color scheme makes an instant impression and can make your home stand out, especially when paired appropriately with accent colors. Whether it’s a brown roof, brown trim, or brown paint, there are many ways to effectively incorporate dark colors like brown into your home’s exterior. However, when combined with the brown shade of fiber cement, the benefits are even greater.

In 2018, Zillow compiled a list of all homes sold in the United States and filtered it by color. On average, Zillow found that dark-colored homes sell for $10,000 more than light-colored homes.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

Brown may not be the first color idea that comes to mind when imagining the perfect home or when considering renovating or renovating the home. But this is a proven winner that stands the test of time. When choosing an exterior paint color and checking out siding options, a brown shade may be your choice.

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Because it’s all about appeal. The exterior design is just as important as the interior design of your home. When selling your home, the first thing buyers see online or offline is the exterior of the home. It’s important to make a good first impression in your home, and adding brown is a surefire way to make that happen.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

At first glance, brown may seem drab or unattractive, but in fact, when paired with the right accessories, windows, and landscaping, brown tones can really stand out. Shades of brown can give a modern and chic look, or you can use different shades and tones to create a natural, earthy vibe.

A brown tone will also age well when it comes time to resell your home. A brown tone is a very neutral color.

Brown House Exterior Color Schemes

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