Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House – As I write this, painters are working in my house. This means we’ve chosen a color and are moving forward with a new look.

Our last post was about paint color inspiration for Dutch Colonial homes. After that we finally decided on Enamored by C2Paint for the base color and Linen White by Behr for the trim.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

So how did we get this color scheme? We had a general idea of ​​what we wanted (a dark cut with light), but thought about it before deciding on the general composition and final color.

Exterior House Colors & Inspiration

One of the first things I did was look for historical colors from the early 1900s, or as close to 1915 as possible. Even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to follow historical guidelines perfectly, I wanted to know which colors would be timeless and somehow era appropriate.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

Old House Online has a great series on exterior paint colors for different types of historic homes. For us, this was a good place to start getting a general sense of style and direction.

Some regions have different color palettes. Behr offers a useful feature in its paint survey that ranks exterior paints by region. Your local paint store will be able to tell you what exterior paints are popular in your city or area.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

Timeless Earthy Neutrals For The Best Color In Exterior House Painting • 333+ Images • [artfacade]

It’s okay if you don’t have a sense of color! There are numerous tools available to help point you in the right direction.

One of the tools I always use at home and at work is Adobe Color. Once you find the color you want, you can use Adobe Color to find that color and see its various tints, complementary colors, and more.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

I don’t want to be the neighbor who paints their house bright pink like we live in Miami (we don’t live in Miami). I also didn’t want to be boring, paint my house the same color as the other houses on the block, and feel like a copycat.

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So I took a cue from all my neighbors. All around us were light yellow, brick red, light grey, and blue-gray slate. I saw a lot of earthy tones and Craftsman inspired color schemes. I’ve also occasionally seen pops of color like muted turquoise and soft purple.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

After looking around the neighborhood, I was convinced that the dark brown color would have a good balance, fit well, and add some variation. So we went with it!

I had a great conversation with Lauren (@heirloomsathome) on Instagram about LRV, or Light Reflection Value. When applied to exterior paint, LRV measures how well the paint reflects light and absorbs heat.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

The Best White Exterior Paint Colors

In general, darker colors have lower LRV. They do not reflect light and absorb more heat. Using low LRV paint can help keep your home warmer. Lighter colors have higher LRV. They reflect more light. High LRV paint keeps your home cooler.

Now I am in Syracuse, New York. Although there are cold winters and hot summers, it is mostly cloudy here. There is no air conditioning, but there are large maple trees nearby for shade (thanks, Syracuse City!) and a nice breeze when you open the windows.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

In the end, LRV wasn’t a big factor for us. But it might be for you! Read more on Google.

Brown Exterior House Color Schemes

Here are some key things to consider when choosing colors for your home: After deciding on brown, we gathered paint chips, purchased paint samples, and started narrowing down our options. But more next time!

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

May 12 Dark Brown Exterior Paint Colors for Dutch Colonial Inspiration Jan 20: Exterior Paint Colors for Colonial Revival Homes If you’re wondering what colors go with brown roofs, you’re in luck. Brown is a neutral color that opens the door to many attractive color combinations. If you’re looking for inspiration or are finishing up a remodeling project, here are six ideas for house colors that work well with brown roofs.

This color is classic for a reason (and it’s an especially striking exterior color for historic homes). It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a clean, uncluttered vibe as well as making your roof an important focal point. If you want to add depth to this standard palette, consider white with warm undertones.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

What Paint Goes With A Brown Roof? 7 Color Options

Believe it or not, it’s just pure beige. First of all, it is a universal neutral that can work almost anywhere. Available in taupe, brown and gray shades across the color palette, perfect for adding personality. Beige and taupe are particularly good colors to complement the brick features of an exterior.

They have a gap. The deeper variants have red tones, while the lighter variants have blue tones. Depending on personal preference, light yellow homes may be a good choice for brown roofs because they tend to be monochromatic. Bright yellow and brown combine to provide a striking contrast.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

Terracotta may be associated with Spanish design, but this color goes well with almost any style. In particular, the red-toned paint blends beautifully with the warm-toned brown roof. Plus, the way these colors capture light can make your home look bright and cozy during the day.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas For A Beautiful Home

Greens and browns are earthy tones that are aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. Consider sage green with white accents for a traditional look, or pale pistachio to highlight your display. However, if you’re looking for a color with a “wow” factor, dark forest green is the way to go. This color scheme is also a great exterior paint color for Craftsman style homes.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

Blue works wonders as a house color with brown roofs, and there are many complementary colors to choose from. Dark blue combines with the brown roof to create an elegant feel, while sky blue brightens the overall look.

Climate is important when choosing roof and sheathing colors. Typically, the color of your roof should be darker than the color of the exterior of your home. Homes in warm climates are better off using light-colored tiles and exterior paint. This is because bright colors reflect heat rather than absorb it. On the other hand, homes in colder climates may be darker. This is because deeper shadows help absorb sunlight and retain heat.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

Top 10 Exterior Paint Colors For Small Houses

You’ll also want to consider an exterior paint formula that’s appropriate for your goals and geographic location. For example, if the weather is warmer, choose colors that are more heat-resistant.

Color can be a way to express your creativity, but you don’t want to overdo it. Think about where you are now and what you did before. Instead of matching, take inspiration from your neighbors’ color choices. You can find ways to complement your choices that give your home a special feel (as long as they don’t stand out too much).

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

It’s important to know that you have some freedom when researching what colors go with a brown roof. Warm tones like beige, yellow, and terracotta bring a fun, natural energy to outdoor activities. These colors can be combined in various ways to create a traffic stop effect.

Cheery Paint Colors Perk Up An Exterior

At the other end of the spectrum, cooler tones such as blue and green are popular exterior brown roof paint colors due to their versatility on the color wheel. You can create subtle variations by matching cool shades or weaving them together in the form of trim or shutter colors to provide a subtle but interesting contrast.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

No matter how often you paint your home, if you live in a homeowners association (HOA), you’ll want to make sure your paint project is HOA-compliant before you pick up the paintbrush.

Make sure the perfect shade matches your HOA and be aware of any scheduling restrictions your HOA may have on renovation work like painting. The cost of painting your home’s exterior can be a big expense, so it’s always best to get permission before painting rather than repainting the entire thing later.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

Trending Exterior House Colors For 2023

Other parts of your home’s exterior can influence the best exterior house paint color to complement a brown roof. For example, white accents (such as shutters, gutters, window coverings, or garage doors) work well to contrast with brown tones. Consider adding white to your home’s outdoor closets as it can add curb appeal to your chosen exterior color, whether green, blue, beige, terracotta or yellow.

Alternatively, you can match the color of your window coverings and front door to your roof. This is especially effective when choosing a bright exterior color such as white, light blue, or sage to add contrast. The exterior of your home is probably the only impression some people will have, so exterior color is very important. Brown home exteriors are very popular because the brown color requires less maintenance.

Brown Paint Colors For Exterior House

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