Built In Cabinet Designs For Living Room

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Built In Cabinet Designs For Living Room – An unimaginable incident happened. We finally finished the installation in the living room. We never thought that day would come. But it happened. Everything turned out to work perfectly. Well, let’s be real. All of Nate’s work is worthwhile.

She agreed. He was delighted that his men would finally be able to sit down again at the end of the week.

Built In Cabinet Designs For Living Room

Built In Cabinet Designs For Living Room

We’ve been working on this room since June so it’s nice to see the end. We hosted a party this weekend which was a nice extra boost to add the finishing touches. Like a door. And books.

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Nate built the whole thing from scratch. I’m not usually a proud woman, but I couldn’t believe how good she was. I still can’t believe he could do all this. Cabinets, doors, moldings. All this from scratch.

Between the installed, new wood floors (nicely darkened) and the profiled walls, this space does not look like one room.

We decided to decorate the shelves with old books and some other vintage finds. I still get the books. I want to completely fill the shelves. Our local library is having a book sale soon so I hope to bring them home later.

The scrolled material is finally removed from the fireplace. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Nat kept saying there was room for it to come back. I withdraw all previous bragging. He’s a jerk. A talented jerk, but a jerk nonetheless.

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Now I really like the way the TV above the fireplace looks. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. The moldings frame it nicely. It’s like a beautiful piece of art that allows me to watch New Girl and Fixer Upper.

The ole penny tile is a good choice. Easy to install. (Minus cutting grout to clean a finger. Hard to be that talented. Imagine being allowed to touch power tools.) Best of all, it looks classy. Fasting will come in this process.

Our porch is an old barn. It’s a dream. We will have a tutorial soon on how we installed it as many people asked us last weekend. Can you tell I’m late to blogging? So many great posts to come!

Built In Cabinet Designs For Living Room

Installing the left cabinet is an interesting adventure. Nate made these built-ins in two parts, a lower cabinet and then a higher shelf. Turns out our walls aren’t straight (thanks to the loser foundation folks). They had to chisel the drywall to fit the base unit. We were able to push the top unit in as Nat had little wiggle room. It’s good because at one point I thought I might die when the closet broke. lame way

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For fun, let’s go back to October 2013. Nothing wrong with our living room from 2013. It wasn’t our style.

I feel at home now. To be honest, the first week was pretty good for us. We kept thinking we were in the wrong house. We are perfectly suited to life as posh adults. Smart adults who don’t take off their pajamas for the next three weekends. It behaves with both shape functions. If there’s one accessory that adds drama and visual interest along with storage and hidden organization, it’s custom built-ins.

Although stonework is often sought after by exterior designers, it can bring vintage charm to the interior of your home. We love the look of these built-in living rooms framed by light and warm stone. This simple accessory adds a lot of charm to any modern outfit.

When designing your built-ins, it’s the small details that separate a great build from a great one. Installing a simple gallery light above can make IKEA bookshelves look expensive.

Before And After

If you want your fireplace to be the focal point of your living room, a bold color is the right choice. And why stop at just the tablecloth? Instead, spread the same shade throughout your built-ins for a custom look.

We love the idea of ​​combining built-ins with the living room, because that way the high-contrast paint job looks like a million bucks. We love how this chalky blue shade pops against white walls and neutral accents.

Working with subtly contrasting colors looks sophisticated without feeling boring. This ecru and white color scheme adds a ton of dimension (more than your built-ins) while still looking light and airy.

Built In Cabinet Designs For Living Room

When color comes to mind when designing built-ins in the living room, a roll of wallpaper can take any design to a new level. Use patterned or patterned wallpaper behind your shelves to add a lot of personality and interest to the design.

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The living room has built-in open shelves, cabinets and drawers or, in this case, a combination of the three. We love the idea of ​​upper shelves and drawers and cabinets because it gives you space to display your favorite design elements and hide the clutter you can’t separate.

Think of your built-in paint color as the first color on your blank canvas. Rows of shelves serve as a backdrop for your favorite books and collections, so choose a color accordingly. We love how this pastel green unit brings out the neutral tones in this room.

Whether you’re using an existing built-in or adding one for storage, don’t feel pressured to make it a focal point. The picture in this room occupies a central place, while the built-in one on the left has a secondary role. Works well and looks cool.

Once you’re past the laborious building, comes the fun part: bracing your built-in shelves. Decorate them with framed art, photos, fashion books, plants and textured trinkets.

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The idea of ​​adding custom built-ins to your living room is expensive. However, with a little tweaking, even the most affordable Ikea shelves can look glamorous when put together with care. Find wood colors and decorate them with luxurious accessories throughout the room.

If you’re working with low vaulted ceilings or windows, you can still enjoy the visual and practical benefits of a built-in room. This location is proof that you can call a contractor even if your location is vertical.

Never underestimate the power that color can have. This stunning living room uses the same deep blue on the walls, built-ins and ceiling to create a seriously attractive look.

Built In Cabinet Designs For Living Room

If you’re building a unit from scratch, be sure to consider your needs when designing the screen-to-storage ratio. If you have a large collection of items to display, use shelves and cubes to display them. On the other hand, if you want to hide unsightly items like board games, seasonal decorations, or arts and crafts supplies, hide them behind cabinet doors and drawers.

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A common misconception is that black makes a room look smaller. It is true that it really opens up the space and has attractive tones. This black is a built-in proof.

If you appreciate symmetry, this grid design looks clean and beautiful. It’s as close to an art gallery as you can get to your living room.

Just because it’s built-in doesn’t mean you have to add shelves and cubbies and rows of cabinets and drawers. Sometimes your living room needs a little tweak like this clean cabinet look.

If your home has empty alcoves—extra points if they boast arched tops like these—don’t let that empty space go to waste. Add a few floating shelves to an empty space to create custom built-ins with minimal effort.

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If you have high ceilings, take advantage of the vertical space and make built-ins that go into your walls. We love how this space includes a sliding ladder as an access point to hard-to-reach areas.

Generic entertainment centers work well to frame your TV, but if you want something that fits your space and your electronics, a custom built-in is the way to go. You’ll still be able to use your TV as an anchor, but at least the rest of your space will be properly filled. This DIY living room built-in guide will help you create the built-in bookcase of your dreams for your living room or family room space.

Last week I revealed our living room’s built ins, shared the design plan, listed the carpenter’s costs and how that led to the decision to build them ourselves.

Built In Cabinet Designs For Living Room

And today I’m excited to share with you the full tutorial on how we made these bookshelves for our living room.

Living Room Built In Cabinets — Decor And The Dog

If you want to see a mini video tutorial, I recorded the process so you can watch it for more guidance.

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