Calming Colors For Living Room

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Calming Colors For Living Room

Calming Colors For Living Room

Between kids and dogs, messy family meals and great vacations, a southern home is filled with many things, but not always one of them is comfort. And we wouldn’t have it any other way – except, well, when we do. These moments of lightness warrant a break, somewhere where you can relax and take a deep breath (or three). You can turn to cool colors like blue, gray and green to create a relaxing space, but there are also neutrals, pastels, and yes, solid colors that are calming.

The Most Popular Living Room Colours Of 2023

Check out these 25 calming colors that designers love, and get ready to experience Zen.

With remote work at an all-time high, home offices have had to rise to the occasion—and their first order of business is to prevent stress from spreading to the rest at home. Add soothing colors, like in this North Carolina home. For her husband’s home office, interior designer Liz Carroll painted the walls and bookshelves in Benjamin Moore’s Sea Hayes. Gray under green, it looks like beautiful sea glass.

Despite what Instagram might lead you to believe, white is not the only neutral concept. Imagine this house in North Carolina and paint your bedroom walls gray. Here, in designer Whitney McGregor’s bedroom, the Cromartie by Frow & Ball softens the space and offers a stark contrast to the white furniture and accents.

Peach might just be our new favorite color. Our inspiration: Melissa Smyker’s colorful cottage in Dallas. Inside, the light walls are a soothing contrast to bold furniture and pictures. “The Farrow & Ball finish is my all-time favorite color and it reminds me of a dilapidated Italian house,” she says. “When the sun rises, it’s undeniably pink, but at night it becomes a cathartic neutral.”

Green Living Room Ideas For A Relaxing Decor Upgrade

Homeowners often have white—and for one young Texas family, that color was Sharon Williams Alabaster, which she applied elegantly to her window-filled kitchen and living room. “The kitchen creates its own clutter, so it’s good to keep it clean,” says Mia Bruce, the designer behind the space and co-owner of the popular Madre store in Dallas. White trim captures the delicious taste of alabaster.

Inside Tori Robinson’s Fort Worth, Texas home, the front bedroom wall is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray. It blends well with the trim, which is covered in Sharon Williams Alabaster (up to 80 percent thinner). With its light blue-green hue, this wall color almost doesn’t look gray in the picture, leaving you asking, “What color?

Classic white is hard to beat, especially in the entryway or kitchen. It maximizes natural light and feels like a breath of fresh air. Make sure you choose the wrong thing.

Calming Colors For Living Room

Bright Your home should still feel comfortable – not like a modern museum. You can’t go wrong with your favorite Benjamin Moore White Dove. Soft and refreshing without being blinding.

Best Blue Paint Colors 2023

Surround your home with earthy greens like Farrow & Ball’s Vert de Terre. In this Kentucky home, designer Hannah Seabrook served it as the perfect backdrop for neutral furniture and accessories. With its blue undertones, this subtle green brings a soft, Edenic feel that works well with cool white tones.

Don’t be afraid to “think pink”, especially when designing your own space. In this case, it’s Holly Williams — Nashville store owner, musician, and granddaughter of the famous Hanks — who painted her closet and dressing room in Pink Field with Farrow & Ball, a hot pink that is at once quiet and luxurious. . . . “It brings a feminine beauty to what I’m attracted to,” Williams said.

Every Southerner knows that painting the porch ceiling with a nice shade of blue keeps nappies (and evil spirits) at bay. But it has also been known to use it on screened porch ceilings, mainly because it gives an immediate inviting feel. In this Florida beach house, the balcony ceiling is covered in blue tunnels by Sharon Williams. Cool colors reflect light well, so it’s a good choice for outdoor spaces.

Strike a balance between comfort and style with warm gray. The best choice is Dunn Edwards Bay Salt, which has the perfect taste sensation with enough texture to justify the usual furniture. The decorations are the same color to get the effect of the floor.

Best Green Paint Colors 2023, According To Designers

The sand-inspired colors in this space are as relaxing as an afternoon at the beach. At Idea House 2017, we matched the center island cabinet, painted in Sharon Williams Dormer Brown, a white wall color, with Sharon Williams White Tail. This series of events warms up the steel space and invites guests to get down on the couch and stay a while.

This bedroom jewelry box makes us want to crawl in between the towels and never leave. Although you’ve seen Abigail Borg’s Laburnum teal wallpaper on the back wall before, we’re seeing a deep teal color on the walls around Fairhope, Alabama. With its malachite tones, Scarborough by PPG Paints is inspired and elegant, which pairs well with white fabrics (or trim).

Do you see a trend? This is the third time we’ve featured Sharon Williams Alabaster (which is probably the whitest you’ll ever see). But what makes this place special is the blue-green color. Interior designer Heather Chadwick Hillegas covered a traditional bedroom window in Sharon Williams jasper stone, which reads like a neutral, but the opposite.

Calming Colors For Living Room

Although mauve is an obvious choice for the bedroom, we can’t get enough of the unexpected color for the dining room. In this formal scene, designer Andrew Howard wanted a romantic palette that shines in the dim lighting of a dinner party, leading him to powdery colors like Sharon Williams’ Dressy Rose. To keep the color from going out of date, pair it with modern accents, like the whimsical paintings and whimsical chandeliers seen here.

Paint Color Trends Designers Can’t Stop Talking About

Well, this bedroom is not blue, green or white. And, yes, the color of the paint has “fierce” in its name. But before you conclude that we’re lost, check out this gorgeous living room in the Florida Cracker’s home. It’s reminiscent of a sunset, red face mask at a spa – well, you get the idea. Although this bedroom has a deep rust color on the carpet, you can bring back the color with Sharon Williams Spicy Hue.

This window space in the first bedroom of Idea House 2018 is pure poetry. Give the blue color from top to bottom, which attracts you, turning a wasted place into a beautiful place. “Sherwin-Williams Quietude is a deep celadon that is very calming in the bedroom,” says designer Meredith Ellis, who chose the color for the space. With the same color as the background, the Roman shade blends well, so the bold print doesn’t affect comfort.

If you’re going for “vanilla gold” instead of “printer paper,” go with a pale white color. Warm whites feel as fresh and cool as their cooler cousins, but bring an extra dose of cozy atmosphere. In the light-filled dining room of Idea House 2019, interior designer Heather Chadwick Hillegass used Sharon Williams Zurich White for the walls and trim, Misty for the ceiling and Natural for of the window flange. (He also used these accent colors to create smoke patterns on the floor.) Dreamy, right?

Sage green is one of those colors that makes it seem like “everything will be okay.” Perhaps the first impression of the color is the most comforting, as if it is always tolerable (even if you drain the potato casserole). In this South Carolina cottage, interior designer Whitney McGregor emphasized color to tie the old furniture to the architecture. Get a similar look with Dunn-Edwards Baileys Green.

Warm White Paint Colors To Cozy Up Your Space

Interior designer Phoebe Howard prefers to keep bedrooms neutral. In this way, the guest gets a blank canvas that is easy to use. The classic beige wall color creates warmth, so you can pull off a relaxed aesthetic, while still providing plenty of space. For a warm beige with hints of yellow, check out Palo Santo from Backdrop Home. “Badges are often said to be boring, but I think they can be really beautiful when done right,” said Natalie Abel, co-founder of Backdrop. It is one of his favorite landmarks. Yes, and we can see why.

There is the coast, and then the rugged coast. You want the former. Julia Berolzheimer struck a perfect balance between bright and calming colors in her Charleston home. You can think of gemstone pendants, the amazing La Corneo range, and