Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

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There are a few things to consider when preparing your home for the real estate market. In addition to decorating and personalizing your home, home maintenance is a priority. Fresh paint is an easy and inexpensive way to update your home. Potential buyers like light gray, light white and gray (grey + beige) best. You may have heard that there is a color to live in and a color to sell, but this is not entirely true. Bright colors can evoke an emotional response in people, so light and neutral colors are the best choice if you want to appeal to a wider audience.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

Last year I had a client who had yellow/dark brown walls throughout the house. I offered to do a painting before posting, but due to time and budget constraints, this was not possible. We moved forward with the gig and unfortunately the house had very few showings on the market for several weeks. After further discussions with the agent and the client, they agreed to proceed with the painting. The home sold within days of being back on the market. The colors they choose are usually neutral and light, so I’m not suggesting that the whole house needs to be painted to sell. But if the house is dark or in need of a refresh, these flawless neutrals will show your home in its best light.

The Best Warm Gray Paint Colors Designers Love!

This is my favorite Benjamin Moore paint and the one I recommend the most. This bright light gray color is warm and suitable for almost any room. It is a light beige that matches almost any floor or interior. I think it softens the red, accentuates the white and adds sophistication to any home.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

This soft and airy off-white is a beautiful color and my second favorite shade. This color is part of the White White color range and can be described as “Inherently sophisticated and infinitely versatile”. Please note that this color is not suitable for color combination. In the past, I’ve had clients try color matching with poor results. In my experience, Silver Satin is a proprietary blend and should only be purchased at Benjamin Moore stores.

The chameleon of the gray people. Gray Owl is a beautiful cool gray with subtle blue highlights. It pairs best with white and bright gray to show off the multi-dimensional tone. I love using this color in the bedroom because it’s so calming and relaxing.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

Our Favorite Light & Dark Paint Colors — Kate Marker Interiors

This color is part of the Off-white color collection, which I thought I would include in my next post about my favorite white paint colors. It is the lightest of all the grays I recommend, but has enough depth to be classified as a light gray. I recently painted my house this color and I really like it. Canadian design darling Jillian Harris has also used this color in her home, and if it works for Jillian Harris, it works for me.

I usually lean towards Benjamin Moore’s color palette, but Sherwin Williams is a close second. Pleasant Gray is the company’s best selling color and I can see why. It’s the perfect neutral gray, similar to classic gray but a little darker and deeper, and works in any space like classic gray. It is a mixture of light brown and a little violet, which combines warmth and freshness, which defines its name: Agreeable Grey.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

2017 was a year full of excitement, adventure and growth. Now that my children are grown and independent, I have more time to think and focus on building a real and inspiring career.

New 2015 Paint Color Ideas

My blog, Maudern Living, has been nominated for a Liebster Award. First of all, thank you so much for nominating me! Her travel and lifestyle blog is fun and engaging.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

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Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

Our Favorite Paint Color Selections — Salt Design Company

Welcome to Maudern Living. A place where I’m excited to share exciting interior design, home tours, style and lifestyle trends that inspire me. As an interior designer, fashion and beauty enthusiast, I am constantly looking for accessible and affordable ways to add glamour, materiality and simplicity to my life. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray is a neutral shade. This light gray color is a warm color, so you can warm up your favorite dark shade and get a gray style. It goes best with fresh white decor!

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray is one of my favorite white paints. You all know I love all kinds of paint, but this beautiful light gray is a warm color. This shade may be just what you need to spruce up your space.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

It is always a good idea to choose BM Classic Gray as it is an unmistakable color. It looks good with grays, whites and even other bright color tones. Also, it is a good interior and exterior paint.

Paint Colors In My Home

NOTE: These tools are very useful if you are painting the room yourself. And this article will give you the best tips for painting a room in 5 easy steps.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

If that’s not enough to love Benjamin Moore Classic Grey, just look at the shades. You won’t find shades of blue or pink like many gray paints.

In contrast, Classic Gray is warm and comforting. It can almost be seen as a soft and refined white. When the sun is shining properly, you will notice that the sun appears white. As soon as the light changes, it remains a wonderfully warm gray.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

Benjamin Moore’s Best Selling Grays

When choosing a new paint color, be sure to test the existing paint color on your home first!

The easiest and fastest way to do this is Samplize! Now I only use them for paint swatches. No mess, no leftover sample bottles. Plus, these rectangles made with real paint are mess-free, easy to carry, and easy to store for future use.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

Classic gray is a warm gray with neutral undertones, maybe pink. As you can see from the comparison below, it’s not pink like Shoji White, green like Gray Owl, or dark like Repose Grey.

How To Create Cohesive Interior Design

What does LRV mean? LRV refers to the light reflectance value of a paint color, ranging from 0 (pure black) to 100 (pure white). Basically, an LRV value close to 0 means a dark color, and a number close to 100 means a light color.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

This means it looks more off white than true gray. If you place it in a room with too much natural light, it will appear dull white. But if you pair it with a bright white frame, you can see the contrast.

If you want your space to be clean, soft and calm, you can’t go wrong with BM Classic Grey. Benjamin Moore recommends these colors:

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore

Paint classic gray walls and paint them with Chantilly Lace, Simply White or White Dove for a truly relaxed look. The room is so cozy and inviting that you won’t want to leave the room.

I want to share with you the different looks that can be achieved with the classic gray color. Each image shows what can be seen when combined with different colors. Don’t forget that the BM Classic Gray combines several colors thanks to these warm tones.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

Annie from DIY Decor Mom shares this beautiful bedroom in Benjamin Moore Classic Gray with some accents. Perfect combination with dark blue and green in the room. Plus, there’s a lot of natural light coming in through the windows, so you can see some really nice shades of gray.

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Studio McGee used Classic Gray and you’ll notice the walls are almost white. You can combine it with other shades of gray for a perfect complement, such as the headboard and cushions.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

As you can see, the classic gray color used for the walls and decorated with gray and white marble was the perfect choice. Over at Decor Pad, they featured this beautiful bathroom by Jesse Bodin and it looks amazing.

I love how the bright white subway tiles and nickel faucets give the whole room a clean and fresh feel.

Classic Gray Benjamin Moore Living Room

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