Color Palette For Interior Walls

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Color Palette For Interior Walls – Choosing a color palette for the interior is probably the thing I get asked the most. This is understandable, because the harmony of the color palette succeeds in giving style to the interior. Choosing a color palette should be one of the first steps you take when decorating a room. This will help you decide what kind of furniture you want to have and what kind of atmosphere you want to feel in the room. This will give you a thread to help you stay consistent throughout the process.

If you rent out your property, it should of course be related to the existing property. A certain tile color, a certain wall color, or a shade of hardwood can change what you were thinking. However, you have two options. You will either try to work with what is there or hide it with temporary solutions. For example, the kitchen floor had tiles that I wouldn’t have chosen myself. But after thinking about it for a while, I decided that I wouldn’t hate it and might even make a statement. So I worked on it and added it to my color palette. On the other hand, I had kitchen cabinets painted really dark white. So I decided to repaint them.

Color Palette For Interior Walls

Color Palette For Interior Walls

After all, the whole idea is to see an existing decorative element that can be useful for your project. Sometimes it doesn’t and that’s okay, there are many solutions to hide bad floors or bad bumps.

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This step doesn’t have to be exhausting, sometimes it can be motivating. If you have key features like a green marble fireplace or a beautiful reddish floor, you’ll probably want to use them as a starting point for your color palette instead of hiding them. So think about the features you want to preserve and take pictures.

Color Palette For Interior Walls

At this point, you should think about the furniture you already own and what you want to use in this room. Because they will also affect your color palette. For example, I have 4 black chairs with copper legs that I knew I wanted for a new job, so I looked at them and copper became an accent color in my palette.

Now it’s time for the fun part! Create a Pinterest board and start uploading pictures of what you have (see step 1). Then record what is being said to you that you can see. Don’t limit yourself to interior photos, wear what you love instead. It can be clothes, pictures or food pictures. The idea here is to cast a very wide net for the beauty you like. Don’t overthink it, just wear it! After that you should see a template appear. Do you see the loop in color? Note what you see.

Color Palette For Interior Walls

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If you have too many colors and can’t see a pattern emerging, ask yourself, “What do I want to hear when I walk into this room? If the answer is calm, peaceful or zen, try to keep it low and avoid bright colors, they tend to please people.

Working with 3-5 colors is great for keeping interesting and complementary items in the room. Less than 3 might seem a bit more compatible, but more than 5 might be difficult. But don’t worry, you can play with these 3-5 shades. So to choose these colors, start with a picture posted on your Pinterest board. Choose the one that best represents the state of the board. This could be an actual photo of the interior, but it really isn’t. Paintings or pictures of floor tiles, or even pictures of food, can work (see image below).

Color Palette For Interior Walls

I created the image above so you can see how moody color palettes can help you find the perfect color palette for your interior.

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N.B. When choosing colors, focus on finding a good balance. For example, if you have a lot of warm colors (red, orange, yellow, pink), try to balance them with cool colors (blue, green, purple, gray).

Color Palette For Interior Walls

Once you have 3-5 colors, decide which one you want to use as your base color. Primary colors are the most prominent in your design. Usually, the base color is neutral, but it doesn’t have to be. It depends on the style you want to add to the room. If you are a very young person and like something airy and bright, your main color can be white, gray or yellow. If you’re a little bolder, you can go for green, warm orange, or cool blue.

The rest of the colors are what you play with. You’ll often find them in accessories, small furniture, and home textiles. These colors are meant to bring everything together and bring the room to life. If you’ve chosen a neutral color as your base color, minor colors will appear here.

Color Palette For Interior Walls

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Colors as primary colors, two neutrals, and two primary colors will show that anything is possible. The palettes below usually have 5 colors, but you’ll also see that if you’re very clever, you can have fewer or more colors.

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Color Palette For Interior Walls

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Color Palette For Interior Walls

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Color Palette For Interior Walls

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Color Palette For Interior Walls

We caught up with 20 interior designers to find out their favorite color choices. Whether you choose rich colors for a luxurious feel or cool tones for a beachy chic look, here are 20 pairs you can incorporate into every room in your home.

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“One of my favorite colors is a simple Parisian gray blue with a hint of natural yellow and gold accents,” says Valerie Darden, senior designer at Brexton Cole Interiors. “I mixed it up in this master bedroom with a Sherwin Williams Silver Gray painting on the wall. I was inspired by Marie Antionette! It gives the room a calm, relaxed vibe.”

Color Palette For Interior Walls

“I love the combination of hunter green and rich red, especially in boys’ rooms,” says Darden. “I love this color combination because it can make any room look vintage when paired with the right accessories. We went for a school vintage look in this boys’ room. The combination of wood paneling and gallery walls makes this room look amazing. with vintage frames and toys.”

“I love how the bright pops of fluorescent color add a nice touch to the soft blue,” says designer Diana Weinstein. “The courage of these people

Color Palette For Interior Walls

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