Colorful Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Colorful Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms – Everyone knows that this is one of the best ways to show off your design style and bring life to your space. You can choose a bold shade or exercise restraint with a soothing neutral palette. And you can choose the best of both worlds, with a combination of bright and calm colors. So whether you want a monochromatic look or you like to mix bright shades, the possibilities are endless. As a bonus, color is known to evoke different emotions, so you should think about the kind of vibe you want to give your living space. With all this in mind, we have collected 30 of our favorite living room designs, with a wide variety of color combinations. Use these high-design interiors – you’ll see every color of the rainbow here – as inspiration to experiment with colors in your home.

Designer Stephen Sills went all blue for this living room in a family apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, from the choice of paintings to the sound wall of Lee Jof panels.

Colorful Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Colorful Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Cheerful yellow walls brighten the living room of Martin Cooper and Karen Suen-Cooper’s 1790s farmhouse in upstate New York.

Best Living Room Colors And Color Combinations (2021!)

Designer Tom Scheerer painted the walls in Benjamin Moore’s Blue Muscari and then added orange accents in the living room of this apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Designer Srila Chatterjee and filmmaker Mahesh Mathai bring color to their living room in Mumbai in unexpected ways, using decor and furniture from flea markets as well as antiques from their travels.

From black and white marble floors to a blue 19th-century French sofa to red gingham curtains, interior designer Amaro Sánchez de Moya picks all the right colors in the Seville, Spain, pied-à-terre.

In the living room of Mauro Guerini and Jürgen Hilow-Iwaszura’s Milanese, the muted pink walls and the blue velvet sofa make a surprisingly beautiful combination.

Living Room Wall Art

It’s a bold choice to match your furniture with your art, as designer Hubert Zandberg did in this 16th-century Tuscan villa near Siena.

In the living room of Filipe de Abreu’s apartment in Lisbon, the light green walls are nicely complemented by the purple and blue colors throughout the space.

Even in a neutral space with exposed brick walls, you can still add bold colors, as the living room of this Brooklyn triplex packs in couches and a rug.

Colorful Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

You can also bring color to a neutral background with pictures. Here, the pieces go well with pink tones in a boho-chic living room in Santa Monica, California.

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The living room in interior designer Linda Pinto’s beautiful Parisian aerie is based on strong yellow and fuschia paint. The vintage Jean-Michel Frank sofas are made of custom Manfacture Royale Bonvallet velvet, and the upholstered armchairs are from the 1920s.

For her family home in Washington, D.C., architect Carmel Greer chose Benjamin Moore’s Peach Blossom to update the living room. The space features green chairs from Anthropologie, Corbusier LC-1 cowhide chairs and an Eames walnut chair.

Soothing yellows complement pinks and purples in the Beverly Hills home of Too Faced founders Jerrod Blandin and Jeremy Johnson. In the living room, vintage furniture including Dorothy Draper chairs as well as Kate Spade cleans add character to the interior.

The charming living room has a classic blue color, which serves as a perfect background for the light shade of pink, elements of patterns and unique colors.

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To give the room a cheerful atmosphere, this home, inspired by Gray Gardens, has a beautiful blue and yellow palette. The dark blue walls work well with a bright yellow paper ceiling. Celerie Kemble for Henredon sofas, upholstered in fine Brunschwig & Fils linens, complete the look.

White softens the bold lime green in Holly Peterson’s Hamptons living room. The custom sofa fits perfectly with the walls full of pictures of her children. A light blue ottoman adds the finishing touch.

The former Walt Disney property in Palm Springs boasts an Art Deco vibe, achieved through geometric drapes and red accents against stark white.

Colorful Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

New York interior designer Sasha Bikoff, who appreciates the maximalist style of decoration, chose to combine soft pink and yellow for this living room. The whimsical space departs from nature and has an undeniably timeless feel.

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Blue and red meet in a Brooklyn townhouse by sculptor Amanda Moffat. The Bukhara rug is from ABC Carpet & Home and the pressed sheet lamps are from Lexington Gardens.

Bright raspberry and turquoise is an unexpected combination that adds playfulness to a living room, like this New York apartment design project by Ritika Bhasin. A velvet couch in a deep shade of raspberry balances the look, while a turquoise chair adds contrast.

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The Best Colorful Living Room Ideas To Try Now

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Secrets to improve the living room 24 stylish and cozy rooms to escape the cold 24 white sofa ideas for the modern living room 15 great ideas for decorating the fireplace Personal statement it is a big part of the living room style. Everyone wants their space to be a true reflection of their taste and personality, not just something that’s common now. Color plays an important role in this new age of expression – and we’re not playing it safe anymore.

Colorful Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Philippa Prinsloo, partner and head of home design at John Lewis & Partners: “As a society we were on the shy side – it was ‘beige Britain’ for a while,” says Philippa Prinsloo, partner and head of home design at John Lewis & Partners Partners, “but there has been a gradual change in the past. seven years or so on, there is something tangible that people are still confident about. It’s great to see color being welcomed into the home because it brings happiness.”

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Social media, in the form of Pinterest and Instagram, played their part in strengthening that trust and making open projects more acceptable and feasible. However, don’t decorate your living room just to show it off on Instagram, says Prinsloo: “It should be a place that feels like you, full of things that make your heart sing.” sing when you come in.

The places where we would dare to throw paint expanded. “During the day you might have a small pillow or paint a wall. Now it’s very strong: people often want a brightly colored sofa,” says Prinsloo.

And if you’re not sure where to start when putting together a maximalist design, these “hero” budget pieces are a good place to start: “If you like a nice yellow, green or green sofa, then go from there to choose paint colors, curtains and wallpaper.”

He suggests you don’t stop at the attractive wall, but consider wall hangings – use one piece of bold text paper, but frame it and then put a mirror on top.

How To Paint A Room Like A Professional

Materials that take color well are becoming popular, whether it is a glass vase that casts a soft shade or a velvet cushion that is not only beautiful to look at, but also attractive to touch.

Include a thick rug in a shade like mustard yellow and a fun picture frame to ensure no space is left undecorated.

Although the desire for many private spaces means an inclusive approach, it is still impossible to escape the broad color schemes. Prinsloo says “there is definitely a shift towards warmer colors – the widespread adoption of so-called ‘millennial pink’ has seen it considered neutral, and can also be worn with warm colors such as terracotta and orange.

Colorful Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Cool shades like blue and gray still have their place – but they are combined with different colors for a different look, not used on their own.

Inviting Living Room Color Schemes

Materials also have their ways: in furniture, dark woods such as walnut replace lighter woods such as natural oak, while the popularity of copper and marble shows how luxurious things have become, they are used every day.

Enjoy playing with contrasts: combine dark wood with yellow tones, for example on the sofa, or soften the coldness of white marble with warm-coloured copper on the dining table.

Even if you play it safe with neutral colored walls, there are plenty of opportunities to add a personal touch with a splash of bright colors.

Prinsloo says the collection is essential for a maximalist look: choose displays of vases together

Before & After: Colorful Eclectic Living Room And Bedroom

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