Colours For House Painting Outside

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Painting the front of your home is a relatively easy way to liven up the look of your home and increase the value of your property. Additionally, a new coat of paint can have a positive effect on your overall mood and satisfaction level when it comes to your living space.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Colours For House Painting Outside

Every year, certain colors fade and lose popularity. Ideally, you want an exterior color that combines a modern look with timeless appeal. In general, paint colors that don’t look dated today and won’t look dated next year.

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors For Your House

In 2022, there are many beautiful colors to choose from to paint the walls of your home, with something for everyone’s taste. Whether you’re conventional or a trendsetter, we have exterior paint colors for every choice.

Colours For House Painting Outside

The exterior of your home creates the first impression of your home. A clean coat of exterior paint can increase your home’s value and improve curb appeal, which is especially important if you plan to sell your property in the near future.

Even if you don’t want to move, painting the facade can make your home more attractive to your housemates, guests and neighbors.

Colours For House Painting Outside

How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colors

Painting walls is not just about aesthetics; Exterior house painting also plays a role in protecting the exterior surface and structure of your home from the elements. High-quality paint provides protection against intense sunlight, heavy rain and frost.

Exterior painting can also help protect your home from moisture, which can lead to harmful mold and mildew growth.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Exterior painting is a great way to personalize and liven up your home, although there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing colors.

Indian House Colour Combination For Outside That Are Trending

Off-white shades are becoming more popular than bright white, giving the home a more muted look and subtle beauty. Houses painted in cream or ivory often look more attractive than those with a clinical white color.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Because of the way light bounces off the house, a bright shade can make your house and yard look bigger. If you want, you can bring a touch of color to your front door.

Darker colors add an interesting note to the home, but are not too bold. Charcoal stands out against the natural environment and looks especially impressive if the property has lots of green leaves and a lush lawn.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Pro Tips: Dark Exterior Paint Colors

A dark smoky gray can add a lot of style to a home, and you can have fun choosing complementary tones for exteriors and fixtures.

A striking red-brown color, the red barn creates a simple pastoral look. Although it is often a favorite in the countryside, it can also look good in the neighborhood.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Not too earthy, but not too exotic, red barn is an adventurous choice for homeowners who want to bring personality to their home’s exterior.

Sky Blue House Colours For Outside Walls With Pictures

Black may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of exterior paint, but it can be seen to have a particular impact on larger modern properties. Bold color choices will be popular in 2022.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Lighter doors look especially good in dramatic black houses, adding a fun touch to what might otherwise look a bit dark and imposing.

If you prefer your home to blend in with its surroundings rather than stand out, warm brown tones may be suitable for painting the exterior of your home.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Exterior Paint Color Ideas For A Beautiful Home

Reminiscent of nature – think twigs, branches, stones and logs – organic neutral browns can look great with building materials like stone and clay. They look great on properties surrounded by lots of plants.

Shades of green continue to be a popular choice for exterior house paint in 2022, with different tones to suit different building styles, environments and tastes.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Dark green has a calming and healing aura, reminiscent of images of nature. Colorful flower beds perfectly complement the rich green earth.

Timeless Exterior Paint Color Schemes

The lighter sage green blends in more with the background, providing plenty of opportunities for fun and colorful accents.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Mint green has a nice look, while the turquoise blue-green combination is great if you want to make a statement.

The rich colonial blue color is respectable, timeless and classy and looks great in historic homes. The lighter blue-grey color adds warmth.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Indian House Color Combination Outside Make The Right Choice

Pale blue can look beautiful in areas that tend to have clear blue skies and lots of sunlight. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the color fading due to exposure to the sun.

Locally in Texas, we can advise you on the weather and environmental factors that can affect paint choices for your North Texas home.

Colours For House Painting Outside

And when you’re ready to revitalize your home, we have the skills, experience, tools and professionalism to make your dreams come true.

Popular Exterior House Colors For Fall 2023

With over 20 years of local gutter and painting experience in Collin County, Jeff enjoys providing expert tips, tricks and news through the Texas Painting and Gutters blog. Stay tuned and thanks for reading! You should see the look on my face when I tell people that choosing an exterior paint color is a fun opportunity to give your home a unique personal touch…

Colours For House Painting Outside

It’s a series we’re calling the Sweet Sixteen, where we find familiar home styles and give them new life with the same 16 color schemes from the Exterior Color Palettes card to show you how to update your home and add your own personal touch.

Let’s start with this typical house style, small Craftsman style bungalows. Also known as the Arts and Crafts style, Craftsman architecture has English origins, but is still one of the most attractive and popular styles in the US. since the late 1800s when they first appeared.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Attractive Exterior Paint Colour Trends For Year 2023

Let us know if you would like your home to be featured in this series. Email our Color Marketing Manager, Shannon Kaye at [email protected] for consideration. You must submit a professional photo of the entire front of your house, just above. Additional details from the photos are also great! We’ll feature your home in these 16 schemes to feature on our blog and tag you (and your photographer, designer, etc.) on social media.

Our Sweet 16 Series is back with popular front door colors and earthy color schemes for maximum curb appeal.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Check out the sixteen color palettes we’ve applied to this cozy home. We are sure there is a perfect combination for you! Blue and gray have been popular exterior colors for the past decade. Today’s designers combine the two for a blue-gray color that results in an interesting choice of colors for the exterior of the home. Paint is an excellent complement to stone and wood cutting.

Exterior Paint Colours To Help You Sell Your House

An emerging trend is to paint homes in two colors that are not normally found in the same exterior color scheme. For example, try gray siding with turquoise or warm green accents with shutters in a cooler green.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Combine red, blue and yellow for your home’s exterior color. Try bright yellow and navy blue. By the way, save time and effort with this colorimeter instead of trying to match paint colors on a physical fan deck.

Warm up almost any exterior home color with wood, which works especially well with medium to dark colors. Also try wooden paneling, wooden shutters or wooden garage doors.

Colours For House Painting Outside

The Top 2023 Exterior Paint Color Trends To Try On Your Home

Prepare your home for an exterior paint update. Bright yellow is out, but a deeper mustard yellow is trending. And mustard tones go well with brown and white as accent colors outside the home. So try Classic Gold (PPU6-17) from Behr.

Instead of using bright exterior colors throughout the exterior of your home. Also try the stain for outdoor use, which goes well with a variety of home styles. Then use a bold color on the front door of your home.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Greens, especially sage and olive exterior paint, work well in Craftsman-style homes. And while the color is rich, the greens allow the design of our house to shine. So try Renwick Olive (SW 2815) from Sherwin-Williams.

Best Paint Colors For Your Home’s Exterior In 2020

White as an exterior color will never go out of fashion. And a classic look can be updated with bold front doors and colorful landscaping.

Colours For House Painting Outside

Ocean blues, greens and aquas are a welcome upgrade from the pale blues of yesterday. Prepare your home’s exterior for a paint job and try pairing seawater and ivory for a refreshing look.

Not too pink, not too orange. Peach and apricot trends bring a warm feel and work well in almost any part of the country. And pair peach with black and white for a classic look, or try green for an unexpected twist.

Colours For House Painting Outside

The 10 Most Popular Colors For The Exterior Of Your Home

With the explosion of minimalist modern style, black lining is trending as a striking exterior color. Black is combined with brick and wood and will match the main exterior color of the house, and gray for accents.

Classic exterior home colors like tan and beige are getting a boost. Whether your home is a traditional Victorian, Colonial or Craftsman bungalow, grey-beige or warm browns will look great. Try Colonial Revival Stone (SW 2827) from Sherwin-Williams. And it goes well with classic white and black, and the doors are painted in deep burgundy or classic stain.

Colours For House Painting Outside

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Green Exterior House Paint Project