Concrete Floors In Living Room

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Concrete Floors In Living Room – Although concrete floors may be associated with cold industrial spaces (or worst, dark warehouses), they are making a comeback and designers are using them in ways to create a new name. In fact, concrete floors can make a home look stunning, welcoming and warm, and offer a sleek, modern finish to your home that defies the cold. Best of all, they are very durable and very easy to clean. But we’re pretty excited about concrete floors… To find out all about this style of flooring and how it can be beneficial at home, read on for twenty concrete floor ideas.

Sunny, inviting and finished in a neutral tone, this room designed by Atelier Akin is a testament to less is more. Polished concrete floors are an afterthought.

Concrete Floors In Living Room

Concrete Floors In Living Room

Keep a home or condo from feeling too outdoorsy and inspired by nature by using industrial materials like concrete for flooring. In this bedroom designed by NICOLEHOLLIS, they add just a touch of urban flair without feeling out of place.

Why Polished Floors Are So Popular In Interior Design

A concrete floor is a little dream. In this dining room designed by Studio Razavi, the ceramic floor works in a neutral color and combines the great contrast between the black details and the polished dining table with the white and warm wood.

Concrete creates a lot of clutter because it does not fill space in the house. Leave it to actress Briony Fitzgerald to prove them right. Combined with a traditional console table and bold designs, the concrete frame gives it a completely new character. It is a unique and beautiful mix of old and new, sad and happy.

Stainless steel appliances and marble counters and backsplashes give a more formal touch to the kitchen designed by Studio DB, specifically to make concrete look nicer and nicer than the rough edges. And while the immediate thought may be that concrete looks better in silver and cool colors, it can look beautiful in gold and warm colors.

Since concrete is a beautiful material for indoor and outdoor spaces, it is the best choice for modern home and backyard floors. In this beautiful home designed by Robson Rak, the great room flows right into the outdoors. The flowing concrete floor ensures this flow, and the glass doors and walls emphasize it even more.

Why Concrete Floors Rock

The smooth, smooth texture and appearance of concrete floors is extremely smooth. In this dining room designed by San Francisco designer Catherine Kwong, the concrete floors complement the open floor plan, maximizing the space. The walls are painted chalky white to reflect the raw materials and rough texture of the floors, making the scene even more dramatic.

Cement is an excellent material for a bathroom floor as it can also form the basis of the shower. It is edgier and more modern than tiles. In this bathroom designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, glass French doors balance the modern vibes of the concrete floor, adding old-world charm. The curved frame is also soft and the glass inside allows the two spaces to share light.

Modern, comfortable and bright, this family home by Arent & Pyke departs from the beach house model but still retains a strong sense of place. The picture shows the beautiful blue of the ocean, but the warmth and comfort (the Moroccan rug, the leather swing chair and the sand cushion on the built-in sofa) keep things going. Black accents sharpen the space so it looks beautiful. And the concrete will be easy to maintain if there are following pirates under the sand.

Concrete Floors In Living Room

Instead of polished concrete or traditional hardwood floors, consider installing concrete slabs. In this living room designed by Studio Razavi, the ceramic floor gives the room a modern touch.

Pictures That Show How Concrete Floors Have Been Used Throughout Homes

This kitchen designed by Robson Rak is truly eye-catching. Concrete floors complement the most striking design elements – like the skylight and modern kitchen island and countertops – without stealing all the thunder.

This room by Regan Baker Design is brightened up with white walls and a comfortable reading room. If the polished concrete floor is too delicate, bring soft fabrics, mix in fun patterns and don’t be shy to introduce fun colors.

Jute rugs, indoor plants and exposed brickwork work together to create a natural contemporary look in this open space designed by Arent & Pyke. The result is a stunning yet accessible home.

In this southern family designed by Studio DB, the concrete floors are complemented and brought to life with cold colors in soft materials, such as the green carpet and the gray sofa, and signs and equipment, such as the black, glossy recessed lighting . white table, and chrome frame.

Interior Of Minimalistic Living Room With White Walls, Concrete Floor, Wooden Ceiling, Brown Sofa And Wooden Bookcase. Potted Plant. 3d Rendering Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 124703230

Where the average person sees an empty yard in a nest, Leanne Ford sees a dream vacation waiting to be born. This is proof that you can turn a concrete floor into anything. Fake showers by painting concrete if you don’t want to do a full renovation job.

Although concrete seems like a very strong material for the family home, we hear you. This modern California family home designed by Amber Interiors proves to be different. An old rug feels relaxed, unique and edgy, stylish and vibrant. In addition, it is one of the easiest things to clean and maintain, making it a great choice for a home that is often messy and messy.

Choose a large rug that runs from wall to wall to completely cover the concrete floor. Keep it the same color as the concrete floor to blend in and make it more attractive. As seen in this Wabi Sabi-esque space designed by Arent & Pyke, it’s as functional as it is beautiful, but it won’t take as much of a makeover as replacing the floors. And it can create a bigger rug too.

Concrete Floors In Living Room

Concrete floors work well in spaces that receive a lot of natural light. In this floor plan of the house designed by Studio Razavi, the multi-level windows illuminate the space, creating an open, light and airy feeling in contrast to a dark wet basement, which is definitely not a good way to use a lot. . Patterns are not available from concrete floors.

Mid Century Modern Concrete Floor Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

This outdoor living room designed by Arent & Pyke is warmed by a lounge rug, upholstered armchairs and lounge chairs. A concrete floor blends with natural beauty, such as stone and rock walls. So, although it feels modern and man-made, concrete and nature can blend well.

In true Leanne Ford style, almost everything in this space is painted white. If you want it to be light and bright, but still like the idea of ​​polished concrete, consider working with a professional who can paint white floors. The room can literally feel like floating on a cloud.

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Five Different Looks For Interior Decorative Concrete Floors

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There was a time when concrete floors were well hidden under carpets, parquet floors and stones, when they were not considered presentable and the idea that they looked good was not thought of. Now we know better than laundry and that concrete floors are really good in modern and modern interior design. We have learned to embrace their raw and clean beauty and complement it with quality furniture, colorful rugs and warm wooden elements. Let’s see how some architects and designers choose to incorporate concrete floors into their projects.

This house from Aarhus, Denmark has a living space that looks warm and cozy despite the polished concrete floor and concrete wall. This is because these elements are balanced by the brown leather on the L-shaped sofa and the pastel colored patchwork rug.

Concrete Floors In Living Room

Cornerstone Architects used a different plan when they designed this house in Austin, Texas. To give the living room a warm and cozy atmosphere, while keeping the decoration simple, they combined a polished concrete floor with a wood-paneled wall with furniture and rugs.

When Is A Concrete Floor The Right Choice?

Design is starting to evolve: the combination of wood and concrete, two things that fit well together and in all directions. Henri Cleinge made extensive use of exposed concrete in the design of this building

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