Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

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Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior – Craftsman homes are a timeless design style that first appeared in the early 20th century. This design style was influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th century. These homes are usually small to medium in size and come with many great features, including:

Craftsman homes have come in a wide range of interpretations and remain a popular option. It is noteworthy that these houses were first painted in earth tones. Today, we often see Craftsman style homes in a variety of colors, but many homeowners still rely on a rustic color scheme when aiming for this style. Read on for our favorite art house palettes.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

Choosing a color palette for your home’s exterior is a big decision. At Brick & Batten, we understand that every exterior detail is important. Our professional designers can help you choose the perfect exterior color for your home and more. Learn more about our work.

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A black and white color scheme feels timeless and elegant, especially in a Craftsman home. Here, the designer suggested Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty for the siding and Sherwin-Williams’ West Highland White for the trim. By combining two contrasting shades, you create a dramatic contrast. Finally, the combination of wooden features and copper rain gutters take this eye-catching design to the next level.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

The earthy color palette used by the designers in this Craftsman home blends perfectly with the surrounding environment. Sherwin Williams Mountain Road is the perfect neutral for the perfect accent Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. Stone pillars and steps, a wooden front door and landscaping bring out the color of the clay floors.

Mountain Road doesn’t just use dark paint colors. Our designers suggested earthy colors for this Craftsman home. Benjamin Moore’s Manchester Tan accent color on the columns and trim contrasts well with Mountain Road’s brick and stucco. From there, the designers used black Benjamin Moore Aegean Olive on details such as the porch floor, windows, and loft trim, which added more intensity to the design.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

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Sherwin-Williams Urbain Bronze is one of my favorite warm, saturated greige shades. This versatile color is perfect for any home style, and we especially love the look of this Craftsman home. Benjamin Moore’s Pearl of the Sea is the perfect combination for a warm, restrained interpretation of the black and white exterior color scheme.

Nothing is more charming than a bungalow-style Craftsman home. And this color palette is a big part of the home’s curb appeal. We’re big fans of using two different paint colors at the top and bottom of the color block. Multiple carvings on columns, doors, and walkways add an interesting sense of layering. Our designers chose Benjamin Moore Elemental gray-green for the lower trim that compliments the surroundings. On the upper floor, the Aegean olive gives a green color and contrast to the facade.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

Looking to feel good in your Crafti home? The rich hue of the Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore siding stands out against the glossy trim painted in Benjamin Moore Simply White. Wood trim adds a rustic touch to this beautiful home.

What Is A Craftsman Style House?

If you want to make a statement with the exterior of your Craftsman home, a bold color like Benjamin Moore’s Black Forest Green is sure to get your attention. In the interior design above, this dark green color is complemented by Benjamin Moore’s neutral Revere Pewter painted on the brick pillars. Generally, this color scheme is balanced between muted and saturated tones.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

This cozy color palette combines two beautiful Benjamin Moore paint colors: Revere Pewter on the main level and Summer Eve on the upper level. The porch’s wood and iron trim complement Midsummer Eve’s deep brownish black. Meanwhile, warm, neutral Revere pewter trim adds a cozy feel to the porch and entryway.

The classic Craftsman home design comes in many color options. A muted palette is charming and classic. Or you can be brave and speak up. Whatever the case, our team is happy to work with you on the right aesthetic design that will enhance your curb appeal and make it a joy to come home to every day. I love historic homes, but I didn’t pay attention to the outside. paint. Worn, peeling surfaces and faded colors didn’t do justice to the architectural beauty of this Craftsman bungalow in 1915. It’s time for a change. It’s a transformation that injects new energy while respecting the home’s history.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

Sherwin Williams Craftsman Exterior Paint Colors

Which was the first paint company that really impressed me during my first consultation (I interviewed with 5 other companies!) As always, all my words and ideas. Again, I really appreciate that

CertaPro painters paint wizards have managed to strike a balance between maintaining historic charm and adding a new layer of modern magic to my home.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

In the early stages, the focus was on preparatory work and no shortcuts were taken. I carefully scraped off the old paint, filled the gaps, and primed all areas with the remaining lead-based paint. It was like watching a master class in home painting. I described all the preparatory work and explained in detail how all the leading safety measures are in place. We cannot stress enough how dangerous lead paint is and how important it is to work with a team of experts to keep our families and communities safe.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

I had a lot of trouble choosing a color, but I was pleasantly surprised! Now I’m at a stage where I crave contrasting shades and warm colors. Still, I wanted to paint my 100-year-old house a color that respected its history. The classic artisan palette is inspired by nature, with earthy tones and muted hues. Of course, an artist can match the atmosphere of a bright yellow house with bright white, but I thought of a dull green color.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

I tried a few different palettes here and I was drawn to the blues and greens and reds. I always thought my house was already green, but now when I compare the old and new photos, I was ready to think it was green. What color was it anyway? Beige/grey with blue trim?I’m confused now!

We had a rough idea of ​​where we wanted to go, but it was hard to decide on the right color, and we wanted to avoid decision fatigue forever, so we enlisted the help of Erin Cavanaugh, a color consultant specializing in history. the homes of Ta. When I say she knows every Sherwin Williams color like the back of her hand, I mean it.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

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Erin and I had a FaceTime call where I took her for a walk around the house, showed her the houses in the neighborhood, talked about her goals, and then she sent me a collection of 8×10 color cards (Smaller is always better)” card design. ) Erin gave me the gift of her time and I am so grateful. You got all the colors so I don’t end up with 80 color swatches at home (you know who you are). We also hold practical color consultation sessions, so if you’re having trouble choosing paint, please check them out!

Two painters work eight hours each in 20 days. It takes 320 hours to paint a house. I was very impressed with the time they spent making sure the paint was perfect. They approached every step of the process methodically and precisely, leaving no stone (or rather, brush?) behind.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

Every project is different! The schedule, prep work, and prices are based on many factors, including the size of the project, the repairs needed, the number of colors, and the type of material. Get a free custom quote from your local CertaPro team here.

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The CertaPro staff did a great job with all the details. Notice how the sides of the window trim were painted a streaky color? When the crew repainted it, the face and sides were covered in streaky color, leaving a perfect straight line across the top of the side panel. to kiss the cook

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

To reduce lead exposure, workers simply remove loose paint instead of pouring over the surface. So the finish definitely has a lot of texture. I love looking at textures and the history of graphics. After all, this house is over a hundred years old, so you don’t want it to look new.

We painted the eaves and rafters to match the colors and decorations of the facade, keeping the same palette that was painted before. Previously, it was the color of the siding, but adjusting the shades makes it look richer.

Craftsman Home Paint Colors Exterior

Exterior Paint Colors For Craftsman Style Homes

I would say the thing I was struggling with was the light.