Curtain For Living Room Ideas

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Curtain For Living Room Ideas – While buying furniture for your living room may be your biggest concern, there are many other important things to consider, and window treatments are not something you can ignore. When it comes to curtains, the options seem endless. But since they’re available in all styles and price points, you can really create a look that fits your aesthetic and budget.

From crisp white curtains to patterned black, floral floral curtains (that you can even hang on a wall without a window), we’ve rounded up our favorite designer-approved living room curtain ideas. You have started. After a quick look at these designs, you’ll have an idea in your mind. So you can start shopping for the best places to buy curtains. Oh, and once you’ve got it, be sure to check out our How to Hang Curtains guide for a quick and smooth installation.

Curtain For Living Room Ideas

Curtain For Living Room Ideas

Make your living room cozy with floor-to-ceiling curtains like √Člitis’s soft pink at Carice van Houten and Guy Pearce’s Amsterdam home, designed by Nicole Duman of Atelier ND Interior. A colorful Kooij coffee table and plush sofas enhance the room’s energetic yet cozy feel.

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For a cohesive look, match the drapery pattern with some of the furniture and accessories in your living room. In this Ashley Whitaker-designed space, striped curtains complement striped chairs and throw pillows in the same striped design and color scheme.

Revamp your windows or walls, like Eliza Crater Harris, Chief Creative Officer of Sister Parish Design, did in her living room with a vibrant floral print. Many of these patterns come in a variety of colors to match your aesthetic, including the Titania fabric seen here.

An easy way to make your living room look airy and light is with sheer or sheer white curtains. A simple treatment can even help soften the boundary between indoors and outdoors, as it does in this space designed by David Mann.

Instead of a solid color, consider getting curtains with a simple, understated design. In designer Arina Bethea’s North Carolina home, she paired these blue and white curtains with Martha Wash watercolor brushes. Interesting, but not weird.

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Warm up stark white walls and bold furniture with off-white curtains, as designer Andrew Brown did in the living room of this Alabama home. Make them work twice as hard by placing beautiful bookshelves on top of them so that the curtains can serve as a backdrop for an inviting environment.

Linen fabric with brown and gold accents is a rare option for colorful beach house curtains. To ensure that the owners of this Nantucket cottage can enjoy some privacy while enjoying the natural light, designer Kevin Isbell hung them about a quarter of the way from the window frame.

Ombre curtains allow for a very smooth transition from one color to another, which can give your living room the color it needs without being too in-your-face. The curtains in this Los Angeles home designed by Patti Lau almost resemble a curving waterfall.

Curtain For Living Room Ideas

Soft green curtains in this room by designer Heather Hilliard, set against green grass and vintage wallpaper with white trim, add sophistication. A floral sofa and brown coffee table evoke the natural setting of a California home.

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Cream curtains with fringed paneling add coziness to the living room of this Bahamian home by designer Matthew Carter. Pale pink walls from Benjamin Moore’s original botanicals reinforce the room’s warm yet elegant mood.

Make a bold statement with bright orange curtains and ornaments, like this room hanging by the same Shannon James for Whole House Beautiful 2019.

Light gray curtains are the perfect setting for a luxurious living room filled with luxurious furniture and scattered with metal and velvet accents. Add a plaid trim to the edges of the curtains for a unique touch.

Dreamed up by designer Tom Filicia, this room features black curtains with a cream lining underneath. They are perfect for creating a stylish and modern look in any space.

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If you’re having trouble deciding between two curtain colors, why not try them both? Color block designs allow you to incorporate one main color with another as a small border up or down, like this subtle neutral option in a small living room designed by Studio DB.

Make a subtle impact in your living room with curtains that match the color of your walls, as designer Philip Thomas did in this Upper East Side apartment. The bright red curtains go very well with the walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s ladybug red with a glossy tone, giving it a little softness.

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Curtain For Living Room Ideas

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Curtain Trends To Enhance Your Living Room Decor

Every Home Needs a Party Book 19 Best Coffee Tables for Small Spaces 70 Simple and Timeless Fireplace Design Ideas 34 Modern Low-Level Living Rooms We Love When you think of curtains, the heavy, colorful hues of your grandmother’s living room may come to mind. idea. However, the curtains have been lifted from the visions of your childhood memories. Can you believe us? We’ve rounded up 10 living rooms that prove curtains can still be cool.

But before we breathe in all its glory, let’s do a little lesson on curtains. Although curtains boast a light, shiny and airy quality, curtains are heavy and very dense, sometimes with a fabric thick enough to block out natural light. They are attached to a pole on rings, rings, hooks or a built-in fabric sleeve and hung from the floor, sometimes even from pools under a window. If you want to create the look of blinds over blinds or add an element of natural light control, then curtains are the best option.

While curtains can often be used to add dimension and contrast to a space, we love how this tonal living room makes practical use of curtains while keeping it minimal. The brown fabric on the wood grain walls adds just a little texture when open and blends into the walls when closed. All in all, she creates her own beauty by letting light where it belongs, in that alluring marble palace.

Because they are tall and boast straight pleated lines, curtains can elongate any room. Our favorite trick to make a room look taller is to get your drapery as close to the ceiling as possible, no matter where your windows are. This trick makes the eye think the room is taller than it actually is. It’s a very simple design trick, but it makes a big difference to the outcome of your design.

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Whether you’re renting or just prefer not to disturb your clean white walls, curtains could be your answer to adding floor-to-ceiling color without a can of paint. This room has a soft pink color according to the patterned curtains, but when the curtains are closed they are a great alternative to the pink wall. A bold pair of curtains is perhaps the easiest way to give your living room a whole new pop of color, and the best part is that it’s temporary, so feel free to switch things up seasonally when the weather hits.

Designing patterned curtains can be difficult, but when you find a print that works, it can be the difference between a beautiful room and a stagnant one. When working with patterns, it’s important to consider other color schemes and prints used throughout the room. By doing this, you want to create a cohesive design and not make the space look too busy. Notice the geometric cream and black pattern of these curtains and how well they blend with the colors and shapes of the pictures hanging on the adjacent wall.

Curtains are a great addition to living spaces that double as media rooms because of their ability to block out natural sunlight. While we love light and airy spaces, it’s impossible to miss your favorite TV series when the sun is shining on your TV screen all afternoon. Add heavy curtains to all the windows in your living room to transform your space into a room with a beautiful view if you so desire, but take comfort in knowing that you can simply draw the curtains when you want natural light to flood in.

Curtain For Living Room Ideas

While the topic at hand is curtains, the rod you choose to hang your curtains is just as important as the fabric you choose. Although this is a hardware requirement,

Living Room Curtain Ideas For Style And Privacy

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