Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors – If you agree with painting the exterior of your house blue to brighten your eyes, the trend has begun. Since blue color is available in different colors and you will not regret choosing one, you should know what is available and what suits your needs. In addition, some shades of blue look so beautiful on the surface, they fall apart when you see them in real life.

Before you do your research, the following list contains tried and true blue colors for the exterior of the house. Each option has several paint colors from different brands to help you get started. Whether you want a light shade to match the sea or sky, or a dark shade to warm your home in winter, you are sure to find a shade that matches your chosen look.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Although you may see darker than light blue on buildings, the former does not mean that it is not a go. This security will make you feel comfortable especially before entering your home. Not to mention, it’s perfect for everything from the backyard to the mansion, and pairs well with white accessories like windows and doors.

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This signature color can look great in any home, not just on the beach. It works well with both dark and light exteriors, so it’s something to keep in mind regardless of the color scheme of your environment. In addition, it can help reduce your electricity bill in the winter as water penetrates and absorbs heat from the sun.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Turquoise is one of the best exterior paint colors if you want to go outside the box. Even if you’re down to earth, this tone of blue-green decor will give your home the feeling of an island paradise. In addition, the large effect makes the house look smaller than it actually is.

This dreamy shade of blue is perfect for homes in cloudy climates. If you don’t see the real heaven, why don’t you see it in your house? This exterior color takes its name from San Francisco’s iconic Queen Anne building, but is perfect for Mediterranean and contemporary homes.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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The blue sky is an indoor and outdoor space. Because it’s simple and at the same time neutral, it’s perfect for those who want a pop of color without overpowering. Whether you’re using it to enhance the look of your home or refurbish old furniture, it’s hard to go wrong with blue color ideas. In particular, this shade is one of the best paint colors for colonial homes.

When in doubt, this classic shade of blue will always get you the results you want. Because it adapts to many conditions of the month, and can be the same on cloudy and sunny days. In general, avoid pairing it with white or light colored jewelry.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Tea is another color that will make your home stand out no matter where you live. Slightly darker than turquoise and green, it will fill your block with color without overwhelming it. In addition, it combines well with dark blue and navy accessories such as ridges and shutters and is suitable for different home styles – from colonial to Spanish style.

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Give your palace a shade of blue like indigo. This color works well around the whole house, but it works best in areas like the roof or the garage, especially when combined with a contrasting white cover. If the cost of painting the outside of the house, even something as big as your roof or garage, is out of your budget, this paint is still a good idea to try the doors and windows.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

This blue sea gives you the opportunity to see the sparkling Mediterranean Sea without taking a plane. Although it’s simpler than some of the options on this list, you’ll find great additions to everything from a Victorian house to a beach, Cape Cod country home.

This combination of blue and green is softer and more gentle than other colors that combine the two colors, such as teal and turquoise. It is a negative color that is almost on the gray side, it makes a bright color when used as a neutral. It’s perfect for wooden houses that want to stand out on a cloudy day by mimicking the tone of leaves but blending in at the same time.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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Out of blue and blue Pop up Pop up pop up pop up pop up pop up pop up pop up pop up Light blue is perfect for adding drama to your home. It blends well with white house paint colors, and you will be successful if you paint your blue side with white trim or vice versa. And if you don’t want to do your own project, remember that you can hire an outdoor painter near you to take the work off your hands.

Having lived in California, New York, Germany and now France, Audrey Bruno does not know how to work in other countries. Whether it’s in a studio in the city or a quiet country home, it shows how his years spent exploring the world of home improvement came close. Her articles cover a variety of home and lifestyle topics and have appeared in publications such as Domino and SELF. With so many colors to choose from, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect exterior color. We’ve got you covered.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

In this guide, you will find the perfect color combination to bring depth and beauty to your home’s exterior. From enhancing appeal to choosing paint and finishes, Benjamin Moore is here to help. The choice of product is also important: you need exterior paint to decorate and protect your home. Benjamin Moore’s line of premium exterior paints, including Aura® Exterior, Regal® Select Exterior and Element Guard®, are all up to the challenge.

Behr Premium 1 Gal. #s H 580 Navy Blue Urethane Alkyd Satin Enamel Interior/exterior Paint 793001

The natural environment, nearby color schemes, exterior color schemes, and personal preferences all play a role in choosing exterior colors for your home. From grays and neutrals to bold pops of color, the exterior of your home reflects your personality.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Homeowners use three to four colors when creating an exterior color scheme. When planning your exterior paint scheme, consider trim, windows, garage doors, shutters and other exterior features. Colors found in brick, stone and roof colors will add to your outdoor palette.

Start building your palette using the color guide of various exterior elements such as roofs, stones, bricks and landscaping. If the exterior tones are warm, consider colors like Swiss Coffee OC-45, Yarmouth Blue HC-150 and Case Collection AF-45. If exterior accents are more colorful, try colors like Gray Owl OC-52, November Sky 2128-50, and Silver Lake 1598.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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If your house has a wide lawn or lots of green plants, cool blue shutters will make your space more attractive. Try this combination to see how it looks:

Colors vary in different light conditions. For example, a color under the shade of a tree may appear darker than a color outside in direct sunlight. The style of your home will affect the color scheme.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Using color modifiers to see color options in different lighting can help you decide which color to use.

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Your home should be a reflection of you. If it means good colors – why not accept it?

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

The color white acts as a blank canvas. Shown here, the all-white exterior gives you access to this green front lawn and stage door.

A black exterior can do wonders. Dragon’s Breath 1547 is a dark brown color that breathes the atmosphere, especially when combined with bright topiary. Some of our favorite browns for outdoor sports include:

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

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The black color makes this house stand out, especially when it is surrounded by a lawn. Get this eye-catching look and:

Create a blue-grey exterior. Gray and blue make a statement, and keep it cool. We like.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

On this front porch, Reflection AF-395—a mix of gray, brown, and green tones—brings an interesting depth to this home’s exterior. Check out these deep paint colors we love to highlight architectural details:

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The secret to painting the exterior of your home is more than just getting the exterior color. Finding the right combination of colors for exterior, decorative and home details such as garage doors, window shutters and the front door.

Dark Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Our colorists and designers have created about 14 small tablets.

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