Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

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Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors – S! These shades are the perfect way to maintain a neutral color palette while adding some color and personality to your space!

It’s no secret that I love decorating with blue. Almost all of our house is blue or blue green.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

According to the psychology of colors, blue is calming and relaxing. I mean, you probably want your house to look like this, right?!

Farrow & Ball’s 10 Best Blue Paint Colors

Bright and neon blues may be too much for the walls. If you’re not careful, even pastel blues can read super “Nursery Boy 1995.”

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Blue-grey color is somewhere between blue and gray. However, I think blue is more important than gray.

Gray is used to reduce the brightness of blue and make it more calm.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

The 75+ Best Blue Gray Paint Colors For Home In 2023 (for Interior & E

Gray is considered a cool color rather than blue.

An easy way to make any dark color work better on the walls (or all the walls in the room) is to choose a lighter shade.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

For example, you can find a color you like in a color deck fan and instead choose a shade in the same bar but 2 shades lighter.

Sherwin Williams Passive

Another way to reduce color is to choose a color with shades of gray. This makes the color look more “flowery” and less oily and bright.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

These undertones can appear in light or dark colors, but this means they are more neutral in color.

Light blue without any light gray – even if it’s not pastel – looks like baby blue. Compared to the softer, more muted shade of blue-grey, this shade is more muted and endlessly on-trend.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Bathroom Paint Colors

Today I have collected my favorite blue-gray colors for you. The blue color gives them a bright and cheerful shade, which is very fashionable at the moment. However, the gray color prevents them from being too bright.

There are a lot of colors here – but I think seeing them side by side helps to draw attention to the subtle differences between them.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

The great thing about blue-grays is that they’re neutral enough to use anywhere in your home, but they add interest and color that isn’t too neutral.

What Blues Look Good With Agreeable Gray?

In general, the bathroom is attractive for having a spa-like feel. Go for a light blue-grey color. Look for shades of blue rather than gray! Something a little green is also good.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Light Blue Gray Decorating is easy. It’s always good to start with one color – although I always suggest swatching 3-5 colors before committing to one! Colors look different in every space.

Hale Navy is a deep saturated blue. Using this color will have a great impact on your space!

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Shades Of Blue And Grey Living Room

Maybe this color is not for all the walls of your house, but the selective use of it can be really beautiful. The gray tone does not make this blue look like a military uniform.

Stained glass is actually a dark green color, but muted with gray. While imagining blue walls is really overwhelming, stained glass makes it very cozy and comfortable, especially in a light and bright space.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Blue Note is a deep navy with an almost oceanic beauty. Green tones are felt in the depths of muted blues. It’s a deep pure blue, but has a distinct gray undertone that prevents it from feeling too blue.

The Best Dark Paint Colors

Polo blue is a rich, masculine and true navy color. It is very dark and moody and has a great impact in any space. It is a beautiful choice for the exterior of the house.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Gentleman’s Gray is actually a strange name for this color because it’s not so much gray as it is dark green. However, the gentlemanly epithet is correct – it would be lovely in a study, library or man cave with manly accessories.

Water’s Edge has an almost green undertone. It’s medium dark and looks nice on your walls, but it’s also great for painting furniture. Blue-green colors give a very coastal feeling.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Colour Combinations With Blues

Thundercloud is a medium toned blue shade with almost reddish undertones. It has the ability to get greasy quickly, but has enough mud to keep it from getting out of hand.

Distance is a shade of blue that reminds me of my favorite denim. It is warm, welcoming and inviting.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Thanks to the gray color, it has a completely worn look. Pair it with metal or keep it rustic with wood tones – it can really work in many ways.

The 25 Best Calming Paint Colors

Alotin worm felt is a shade of blue. It’s darker than sky blue, but not quite opaque, and the earthy undertones help it feel calm and relaxed.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Providence Blue is a medium-toned blue-green with muted undertones. It looks almost green, but not quite green.

I think this color would look great in a room with intricate wall moldings. Oops!

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Best 8 Porter’s Paint Colours For Your Walls

Van Cortlandt blue is a combination of green and gray. It has a beachy feel and looks great on the master bedroom walls. I pair it with crisp whites to make the color the star.

Boothbay Gray is a very muddy gray that is heavy on the blues. It is very clean and pleasant and works in any space from the kitchen to the living room.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Daphne is a true blue between sky blue and sea blue. This is a very nice shade to use on walls, furniture or anything else on accessories. Many things are possible with this shade!

Best Gray Paint Colors 2023, According To Interior Designers

The granite peak is a deep charcoal gray with an icy blue undertone. This color belongs to blue gray category. It reads as a very cool gray and can feel more blue depending on the environment.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Brace Blue is awesome and Gray Blue is perfect! It’s saturated enough to feel really cozy and homey, but still has shades of gray that don’t overwhelm the space. This is a great way to bring the color blue into your home!

Dockside Blue is a blue with a floral gray undertone. It is rich and colorful, but medium in darkness. This color is simply beautiful and the more you use it the bluer it looks – so keep this in mind if you’re planning to paint the whole room.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Beautiful Blue Green Paint Colors Designer Love

The calyx is almost reddish blue. It has shades of gray that prevent it from reading too purple. It is the middle tone.

This comet is a dusty, snowy gray shade reminiscent of the solar system. It has blue and purple undertones that work well in different types of homes.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

It really is the perfect blue-grey combination, equal levels of each for a balanced look that’s not too blue and not too muted.

Best Blue Paint Colors To Make Any Room Pop

Bachelor Blue is a deep, muted blue-grey. It has a delicate feeling and goes well with warm colors and other cold colors.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Stillwater is blue-lilac with a gray undertone. It’s really rich and vibrant and will make a big impact in your home.

The mineral alloy is an almost denim blue shade. It’s very happy and cheerful, but the gray calms it down a bit.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

View The Most Popular Blue Paint Colours & Schemes

Tranquil Pond is very purple-blue-grey. It has a lot of red pigment that gives it a purple look. This is a very traditional color that can read blue if you put it on a wall, so keep that in mind.

The sky is a beautiful blue gray color, clear and happy. It looks like aqua to me, all big and complex. It looks like a sunny and cloudless day and makes your home really warm and cozy.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Ice is a very light blue with a strong gray undertone. It’s almost blue – but they’re all muted gray so there’s nothing pastel about it. Ice is neutral enough to cover all the walls of your home and still be interesting.

Is Gray Paint Totally Out?

Brittany blue is a light gray color, sharp and cold. It has an icy undertone, but it’s definitely blue. It’s almost sky blue, but with shades of gray hiding UNC-Chapel Hill.

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

The ice is very blue with a gray undertone. Close to sky blue and one of the truest blues on this list. Pair it with cream colors instead of white or gray so it doesn’t look too blue.

Lake Placid is a bright blue-violet color. It’s cold and icy while still retaining a lot of blue pigment. This is a great modern version

Dark Blue Grey Paint Colors

Our Favorite Blue Paints

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