Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones – If you’re a beach lover like me, then you’re no stranger to the navy. It’s the perfect neutral to help a space feel grounded and complete at the same time, and I love using it instead of black in my home and design.

Marine paint has become very popular in the world of home design in recent years and can be used in a variety of ways, from the exterior of the home to cabinets and walls. Read on to learn all about my personal favorite marine paint colors and the best places to use them in your home.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

The world of paint can quickly become overwhelming. When you start hearing about LRVs and tons, it’s easy to throw in the towel. But I promise to break things down in an easy to understand way that will have you choosing your perfect marine paint color in no time.

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LRV is “light reflectance value” which means how light or dark a paint color appears on a scale from 0 to 100 (black to white). This is calculated by how much light is absorbed or reflected by the color of the paint. LRV is important to understand when viewing different paint colors and settings in different lighting in your home. You will find it in the manufacturer’s description of each paint chip.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

Most marine paints have an LRV of about 4 to 10, with 4 being closer to pure black. Because of this low LRV, it is important to consider the lighting in the rooms where you plan to use marine paint. If you use too dark a color in a room with low light, it can look almost black, but if you paint your walls a dark color in a room that gets a lot of sun, you can end up with a blue that looks more regal or grand .

Choose carefully! That’s why I tend to use navy more as an accent than in the whole room, whether it’s for the cabinets, half-wall navy or backsplash and skirting, or doors and shutters. However, sometimes I like dark navy paint for an office or study to create a moody and cozy atmosphere.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

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Colors consist of two components: the mass tone and the undertone. The mass tone is the color that is perceived first. Undertone is the second color that is perceived and is the result of mixing colors together.

For example, most marine paints only look dark blue at first, but when you look closer and start comparing them, you can clearly see that some are more green or gray while others are purple. These shades are very important when choosing complementary colors for your home.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

There are many popular marine paint colors on the market today. Here are my favorites and the best places to use them in your home.

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Navy is so versatile, that’s one of my favorite things about it. As you know, I tend to go for neutrals in my home. Some of my favorite paint colors that go well with navy are:

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

Ready to go and try marine paint in your home? Go subtle and paint your front door SW Naval or go big and try SW Dark Night in your office. Let me know how you feel about the current home design trend and write your favorite nautical paint colors below. Home → Best Paint Colors → Colors → Blue Paint Colors. 2 types and where they work best

If you’ve been trying to choose a blue paint color for your walls but can’t settle on a favorite, I’m sure I know why. Either your room isn’t suitable for blue (which we’ll discuss below), or you’re seeing the wrong kind of blue.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

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Blue likes to beat two ways, green or purple. So depending on where your favorite blue sits on the color wheel, it slides into either blue-green or blue-violet.

Mixing with green or purple – This is mixed with yellow (blue + yellow = green) or red (blue + red = purple), but sometimes it’s easier to call it as we see it.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

And there are some blues that are quite blue, but they can be easily influenced by the surroundings as well as by personal perception, so today we focus on one blue-green and one blue-violet.

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Do you see the old blue, blue-green, or blue-purple in the bathroom photo above? If you guessed blue-green, you will be the winner of the chicken dinner. You are looking at Benjamin Moore Ocean Air, a beautiful soft blue-green.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

Although blue-green is “technically” cooler than blue-violet, we know that not everything is technical when it comes to color perception. Blue greens feel softer and slightly warmer than blue violets. And btw, this little detail can be very important if you’re thinking of painting “some rooms” blue, which we’ll get to shortly.

So when you look at blue-green, you must first see blue mixed with green. Now if you add more and more green, you start to reverse these scales and eventually you get green-blue, which means. This is a green paint color that leans blue (think mint or aqua). In the last photo of the bedroom, you should see that the blue is a beautiful gray that is common among the most common blue paints. However, it is actually blue-green – soft, named after Benjamin Moore, Mount St. Anne.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

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The simple shot above shows Benjamin Moore’s Rock of Gibraltar, a beautiful blue-gray-green aqua blend (see more in this blog post).

This next photo with the rocking horse shows Benjamin Moore’s starfish in all its blue-green glory.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

Again, blue-violet should technically be warmer than blue-green, but it’s cooler in a room, especially if it’s in a room where it’s not meant to be. That’s right, just because you want to paint a room a certain color (ie blue) doesn’t mean you have to, and we’ll get into that in a bit.

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Now the interesting thing is that I’m rarely blue-purple in my E designs; it just doesn’t suit many rooms/styles. And since I only use images from my E-design client on my site, I don’t really have many good photos of the blue-purple projects. I rarely see them.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

However, that doesn’t mean it won’t fit in your room, and in fact most of the photos I have are in my house; well, our last few houses actually…

Benjamin Moore’s steel wool is a great example of blue-violet (with gray undertones). I can’t even tell you how many people love this weird color.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

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When you look at blue-violet paint, you should see blue, absolutely, but don’t be surprised if most people see purple.

In one of our homes, I’ve been playing around with Dark Blue Atmosphere by Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray, a deep blue that’s a little purple…

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

Here’s the Ally McBeal deal (I know I keep hitting on myself), the blue in the north facing room is a pretty tough sell. because Well, blue is a cool color. The Northern Lights are a cool gray light with a blue tint. Put these 2 together and you have a cool room. Northern light will enhance the cool tone of your blue paint, making things look a little dull.

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Here’s Anchor Gray again at our last home, which was way up north (and colder than Tim’s ex-girlfriend’s heart).

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

Blue-green, although cooler than blue-violet, is softer and warmer and more suitable for a north-facing room than blue-violet.

The romantic farmhouse bedroom above features Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue, which is often mistaken for “blue” when it’s actually blue-green.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

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And btw, I can say the same for east facing rooms. While they don’t have particularly cool copy, they’re generally not warm rooms and generally prefer blue-green (so I’m told…or maybe it was the wine).

If the blue-purple feels uncomfortable, you’ll want to add some texture and softness to the room to balance the cool-cold look.

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

Notice how the red rug and gold accent pillow balance the steel wool look. In the Anchor Gray photos, you see the same golden color as well as a texture that helps balance the cool color and exposure of the paint.

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“Mmm Kyle, you’re telling me that north-facing rooms don’t always go blue-purple, but you painted a north-facing room blue-purple.”

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

True And the funny thing is that I’m not a fan of blue-violet at all, although when I paint a room it’s not always what we want, but what the room wants.

For example, let’s look at my Anchor Gray family room. Note the carpet, gray with a soft purple tone. Also note the stone fire with its gray-purple veins…

Dark Gray Paint With Blue Undertones

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