Decorating Ideas For Big Living Room Wall

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Decorating Ideas For Big Living Room Wall – We all yearn for bigger rooms and more space, but let’s be honest, a lot of space can be a challenge. Even though “bigger” looks better, it’s often difficult to fill the entire space in a way that’s pleasing. It feels cohesive and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Luckily, we’ve got 10 great living room examples (and planning tips) that are sure to help you make the most of your space. Take notes and be prepared to rearrange some of the furniture.

Decorating Ideas For Big Living Room Wall

Decorating Ideas For Big Living Room Wall

In a large room and especially in open concepts. There is no separation between rooms. When differentiating between areas Everything seems intentional. A large area rug creates a threshold and visually closes the room. So that the design doesn’t interfere with other areas of your home.

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Although a small room may seem full of decorations, But large rooms can withstand a high design. This charming living room has a red upholstered sofa, printed rug, chandelier and decorative coffee table set. Bring everything together using colors and tones that complement each other, like a red sofa, coral, pillows, and pink lighting.

A large living room is not suitable if dark corners fade into the background. Use lighting wisely to ensure your large design concept is illuminated from all directions. This living room has beautiful ceiling lights and gallery lights along the walls to ensure that every part of the room gets the attention it deserves.

Even if a large living room can accommodate a large L-shaped sofa, it is better to replace it with two small sofas instead. The layout feels more modern and fills the space in a way that encourages conversation.

Place them facing each other. It has a coffee table in the middle and two chairs on either side. To create as much (if not more) seating space as in the living room.

Living Room Wall Art

Buildings can use a lot of space. But if you have more space Now is the right time to put a custom design together. Modern entertainment centers like this one, decorated in wood and marble, hide all the wires. And there’s plenty of space to store and display your favorite decorations.

If one seating area doesn’t fill your space enough? Let’s add another area. This eclectic vintage living room has two separate living areas with their own sofa, chairs, coffee table and rug to complement the large space.

If your living room has a lot of space Play with proportions and add elements that will lengthen your space. A long console with a long sofa and features like a tall fireplace will accentuate your already spacious living room.

Decorating Ideas For Big Living Room Wall

A large living room and entertaining go together. Because we know your large space will quickly fill with friends and family. We therefore always recommend having additional seating available to accommodate your guests.

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An ottoman under the console table and built-in window cushions will make your guests feel at home even if bed space is limited.

Printed images may clog small spaces. But lucky for you and your large living room. You have lots of room to play with the prints. The large space gives you the freedom to mix achromatic patterns with leopard prints, checks, and abstract art. in a large area More is always more.

When space matters Texture is always a good idea. Elements include greenery, pampas grass and potted plants, as well as textiles such as curtains and cushions. Pair it with natural elements like wood and concrete. warm room and prevent them from looking empty or dry. Now combine them all in one room and you get a designer-approved living room like this. If you’ve been staring at the bare wall in your living room for a long time and wondering what to do with it? One of these 6 living room decorating ideas should help!

Are you like me and have a large open wall in your living room? I don’t think every bare wall needs to be decorated. But I feel like this wall needs something. I’m not sure what it is! looking for inspiration So I’ve rounded up 6 of my favorite living room wall decorating ideas to share!

Ways To Decorate A Big, Blank Wall

To the right of the bare wall in the picture above. You’ll see the solution I used to decorate the four largest walls in my living room: wall art! I used 10 framed art photos in an evenly spaced grid around the media console and TV:

Sources: TV console (similar) | Chandelier (satin brass) | Textured white pillowcase | Artificial fiddle leaf | Rug | Pair of floor chairs | Art print (Details in   |  Acrylic coffee table (similar)  |  Coffee table tray (28″ square)  |  Black and white striped box (on the coffee table) | (on the coffee table) | Gray Blanket (similar) Style | Book: Putting the Home together | Book: Emily Henderson Style | Book: Dogs

My art is sold in an 18″ x 24″ matte brass frame. You cannot purchase each frame individually. (My art is pre-ordered.) But these frames are very similar and are available in the same size and larger. Look at the picture if you want, I don’t want it to be big.

Decorating Ideas For Big Living Room Wall

The grid-like gallery wall can be used on a large wall behind a sofa without removing the center frame. Just like we used to mount the TV. You can also create a gallery wall with a more unique look. Just like in our office Check out these tips for creating your own wall!

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Another great option for a large living room wall is to hang two or three pieces of art, such as:

I love this look and the fern pattern is so eye-catching! If you are looking for a cheaper option See if you can make your own frames for less. I think it’s a good idea to create a series of frames with a single continuous image, like a beach style house:

A large rug is a great idea to decorate your living room walls. Because a single piece of fabric can fill a large wall while adding color and texture to your room! You just need to pay attention to how you hang your rug. Because some rugs can make your room feel like a dormitory. This might not be what you’re looking for. I prefer hanging them on a more refined looking pillow hanger, such as a cotton clothes hanger:

I’ve seen amazing transformations of empty living room walls. Large with built-in bookcases But what if that’s not in your budget? Single bookcase Big size can make you look the same! It is eye-catching:

Unique Artistic Wallpaper Designs

It also comes in a narrow width and format to accommodate a television. Using two endpoints is enough:

A large floor mirror can look amazing on an open living room wall. This is especially true if it is opposite a window and can reflect light into the room. It is very eye-catching and has a traditional design with a modern touch. ​​So it goes well with a variety of interior styles:

Living rooms usually have a lot of angular elements like coffee tables, TVs, media consoles, etc., so adding a few round baskets on the wall breaks things up and adds more texture and softness. I love the look of the group of basket shapes such as:

Decorating Ideas For Big Living Room Wall

Then I found this basket. (Mine is large) which sits on a shelf in our living room in North Carolina:

How To Decorate A Large Wall (10 Ways!)

Instead of using many small baskets, you can use 2-3 large baskets, such as:

I bought it to hang on the wall in our master bathroom and hung it in that spot for a while until I moved the furniture there. But I love it right at our entrance! Our entrance was the next room I managed. Now that we don’t have a contractor walking around the room, I’m finally ready to hang onto the wallpaper I’ve been working on for over a year. Stay tuned…

What is your favorite blank wall solution? I usually keep my baskets on an open wall. Because not only do I like the look, But I also feel like I can find a place for it to be easily recycled in my future home. What do you think; What do you think?

Do you need ideas for decorating other rooms? In your house? Check out my post about Dining room wall decoration ideas! Don’t know how to decorate a large wall? Instead, think of it as a large empty space that needs to be concealed. Think of it as a blank canvas, a space. Today I’m going to share 10 wall decorating ideas and examples of wall decorating ideas in our homes. Along with tips and things to consider when starting your project!

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Now we’ve covered the basics and what I’m trying to do.