Decorating With Purple And Gray

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Decorating With Purple And Gray – When done right, purple can be just as versatile as regular colors like gray and blue. Light shades like lavender and mallow add a sense of calm, bright crimson and lilac liven up any space, and deep plums and aubergines emphasize romance. In fact, purple is often associated with creativity and luxury, both qualities that are positive in your home.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out these purple bedrooms for ideas on how to incorporate this beautiful color into your space. Whether you’re looking for subtle ways to liven up your small bedroom (like wallpaper and patterns or rugs), or you want to give your bedroom a complete makeover with a fresh coat of paint, curtains and decorative accents. From gothic and moody to bohemian, all the bedrooms on this list will set you up for a restful night’s sleep.

Decorating With Purple And Gray

Decorating With Purple And Gray

Just a shade or two darker than the wall color, the fabric-covered headboard really stands out in this purple room.

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Floral wallpaper sets the stage for this understated chic space, accented by a cylinder-shaped chest that doubles as a nightstand between the antique twin beds.

In addition to the purple velvet cushions, this room is full of soothing shades of gray, from the wallpaper to the tufted headboard.

Enhance even the smallest bedroom with a bold accent wall. In this case, the wall behind the bed becomes the focal point of the room with adhesive wallpaper.

Warm up the room with a headboard and cushions upholstered in soft woolen fabrics in rich shades of purple, gray and mustard.

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Get as much color as you can from this garden-inspired accent wall, including lavender and purple variations.

Balance the mood of the eggplant walls with bright cushion covers, blankets and lamps.

For a purple mesh motif, leave the walls bare and let the ceiling do all the heavy lifting. Complement the top design with a fabric-covered bed frame, bedding and decorative accents in a similar shade.

Decorating With Purple And Gray

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What Colours Go With Purple? ( You May Be Surprised ! )

This image from the hot new furniture company Perch and Parrow recently landed in my inbox and caught my eye because it’s mostly gray and I’m not usually a fan, but I love what the stylist put together with it. Purple. Such a great match. Purple can be tricky for me because I lived in the Laurence Llewellyn Bowen era. And then there was the “all eggplant” phase. Violet runs the risk of looking dated, especially when paired with its partner in crime, velvet. But at the same time, it smells luxurious, so it’s good to have it in your toolbox if you want to create that look. And I’m obsessed with velvet upholstery right now, so I honestly can’t go wrong with the colors.

For me, holiday gray really softens everything in a positive way. I think it’s like layering over a tulle skirt top and then pairing it with sneakers and a tracksuit. It just looks cool, not awkwardly fancy. So if this room was a fashion statement, I think it would be. And I’m all about low maintenance style!

1 First, what a beautiful shade of gray. Has a heat element, French gray from Little Gray would be similar. The paint is picked up and passes through the picture rail to the floor and ceiling. A great idea if you have an old property with these details but want a more modern look. The beautiful window and high fenders were highlighted in dark gray. You should always aim to make the room as good as possible.

Decorating With Purple And Gray

2 The wooden floor goes well – it looks like chalk, echoing the yellow color of the oak, which goes well with the gray color. However, the warmth of the wood is very important as it helps to warm up the otherwise cold background color.

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3 Go over that couch. Purple and velvet equal glamor. But the clean lines keep the look fresh and modern. No sliding weapons!

4 This carpet! This is a genius addition to me. When you put an ethnic carpet rug, the whole look bends and stops taking itself too seriously. A geometric pattern adds interest and creates a focal point in the center of the room. Carpets are an indispensable complement to hard floors in living spaces in the Northern Hemisphere.

5 Armchair and side tables are mid-century angular with tapered legs. If you’re hoping for an eclectic look with different styles to match, it’s good to have harmony, and choosing a few key pieces from the same period will give this room a sense of cohesion.

6 It is very picturesque to have an exquisite decorative hanging lamp, nice and low above the coffee table. This design looks like this, with a beautiful accent on the table and beautiful elegant objects.

Using A Purple Room To Create A Mood

7 Three is the magic number when it comes to arranging objects. You’ll notice that the decorations and objects are grouped in different sizes and heights to create a loose but pleasing look.

8 This scheme has a lot of interesting texture that gives it richness and depth. From reflective velvet, silver silk, gold and marble to woven fabrics, rugs, rough cut floorboards and red linen curtains. If all the fabrics were shiny, this scheme would lose its easy charm.

9 There is a drinks cabinet that should be an addition to every home.

Decorating With Purple And Gray

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. Unsurprisingly, I’d love to see more patterned pillows on the couch and a nice piece of art hanging above the drinks cabinet to accent the gray wall. Or at least a colorful shade on that lamp base.

Purple Bachelorette Decor

I’m wondering what you think of this scheme and if you could live with purple. Please leave your comments below. If you want me to share your space please do. a good clear photo of your pride and joy to [email protected]. I promise I won’t be angry!

Image credits: Jay Drinks cabinet £825, Paul’s triple Sloe Lane deepest velvet from £1,400, Joan Fotell in Send Rioja spotted cotton from £499, all Perch and Parrow. A purple and gray bedroom? i know what you mean really? Purple has grown in popularity in recent years and is actually one of the biggest trendy color combinations with colors like gray and yellow.

Purple may seem as bold as adding black or gray to a bedroom, but it’s how it’s used in the room and the shades used that make or break this interior look.

If you want to update your room with this unexpected interior color, these 15 amazing purple and gray bedroom ideas are definitely what you want to try in your home now.

Purple And Grey Baby Room

I want to show you that a purple and gray bedroom can give your interior a completely different dynamic without feeling like a child’s room. Point indeed.

We may think of purple as a bright, shiny, unreal color, but these are shades. Eggplant purple is perhaps one of the more mature takes on purple and gives this shipyard bedding set such an understated and elegant feel.

One of the best ways to bring purple into your bedroom is to subtly introduce it in a few well-placed spots.

Decorating With Purple And Gray

An effective way to do this is to introduce purple with beautiful canvas prints. This will help

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