Decorative Items For Living Room Shelves

Decorative Items For Living Room Shelves – When you look at a large empty shelf, you may feel like a painter staring at a blank canvas or a writer staring at a blank page. Ideas for organizing more shelves, with fewer words. And it’s hard to know how to start. How do I arrange everything so it looks good? How to collect items? Should I sort by size or color?

If you’re like us at The Cutes, here are the home decor questions that keep you up at night. Luckily, we’re here to give you some insider tips to eliminate your shelf decorating nightmares and give your home a sturdy, inviting look.

Decorative Items For Living Room Shelves

Decorative Items For Living Room Shelves

While this may seem like an easy and obvious step to most people, it is a rule that is often forgotten or ignored in decorating shelves. edit Get rid of any clutter that needs to be thrown away, get rid of what you no longer use, and donate anything that might be good, but you no longer like. A common shelving mistake we see is organizing with too many (often small) items.

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Think of it this way: the more items you have on your shelves, the less impact each item has. Some pieces are large and dramatic enough to stand alone on a shelf. It’s okay to have a few small decorative items that you like when styling your shelves, but make sure you have a healthy mix of decor and don’t keep anything more than you need, especially when it comes to living room shelves.

Now that you’ve cleaned and edited everything, consider the bookshelves before you begin. Don’t like what you’re working on? Browse our collection of standout bookshelves and display cases for a shelf update. Brentley, Oriana, and Worthington are some of our best-selling favorites!

Or, if you have a built-in bookshelf, try replacing the back of the unit with paint, fabric, or wallpaper for a stunning makeover. Drawing attention to the back of the shelf creates a sense of depth that might otherwise be lost, and provides a complementary or contrasting element to the shelf decor. Check out the photos above and below for inspiration!

Whether you’re an avid reader with a library full of feel-good novels or just a few favorites that you use for styling, decorating your shelves should start with the books. How to start? Gather your books into small stacks and place them vertically and horizontally in the same color for a casual yet unified look. Grouping by color is an alternative method, but this styling technique only works if you have a lot of books on your shelves and enough books in each color to stack them in bulk.

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It’s also better to categorize by color to organize shelves that contain mostly books rather than vignettes of disparate items. The number of books in each stack will vary based on the size of the books and the height and width of your shelves, but stacks usually contain at least three or more books. More than twelve or fifteen books is probably too many. We also like to play with the arrangement of the shelves: some shelves are all vertical, some are horizontal, some are even mixed up!

Since shelves offer a lot of space to fill, balance and visual weight play a big role in getting them right. Make sure your shelves aren’t so full that they look like a New York City china shop, but too few and your decor will look lost in empty cubes.

When arranging shelves, large sculptural pieces can definitely stand on their own, while smaller sculptural items should be broken up into pairs or serve as accents to vignettes or stacks of books. Your wardrobe should also have symmetry. Check out the shelf designs we created for recent clients:

Decorative Items For Living Room Shelves

Note the symmetry between the top left and right shelves and the bottom left and right shelves, creating four strong corners that frame everything. You can also see how each column and row includes heavy decorations (black books) and light decorations (black and gold objects).

Shelf Decor Ideas To Help You Style Yours Like A Pro

As with most things related to interior design, it’s important to have a clear and consistent color palette when arranging shelves. Look at the photo above. White books and cream-colored shelves create a rich, airy feel. Mix nickel and steel metal trim and the room looks truly sophisticated and effortless.

As you read this post and scroll through the photos, whether bright, neutral, or moody, the palette for a well-arranged shelf usually contains a base color followed by a metallic accent color. This is generally a good practice, but don’t be afraid to try breaking the rules and incorporating a third complementary color into it.

Art is an often overlooked accessory that can work wonders on a shelf. This adds personality and lets you express your design creativity. For more of a “library” look at backing up one piece or hanging a larger piece over the molded cross section. This artwork draws attention to the back of the shelf and allows for a visual layered look that has depth.

Keep in mind when arranging shelves that art takes up a lot of shelf space, so this is the best solution for large shelves (rather than large shelves with lots of small items).

How To Decorate Your Shelves: The Minimal Style

This is the part that makes shelving so fun! Browse our decoration collection and add all your beautiful things! Objects, statues, collectibles, tools, flowers… you name it. The main thing is to provide a healthy combination and artistic thinking, especially when working with bookshelves. A tip we love at Kathy Kuo Home is to use organic materials for a really refreshing look, like petrified wood pieces or beautiful shells.

Well, now you have all your shelving needs covered…but that’s only half the battle! The final step is to easily combine all the tips above for a fresh, cohesive look. Mix textures, sizes, and patterns, but make sure to stick to one color palette or style.

For more styling tips, check out our moody bookshelves in black and gold for example. Move them around to see how they look in different places and spend time playing with different groups (pro tip: odd numbers look better in groups than even numbers). The honest trick to making shelves look perfect is to take the time to organize and edit until everything is just right!

Decorative Items For Living Room Shelves

Feeling inspired? Apart from being a source of beautiful and high quality furniture and decoration, Kathy Kuo Home has a team of professional interior designers who are ready to help with all your interior design needs. Our service offers a variety of layout and design options for any room to suit your style and budget. You’ll work with a team of designers and project managers to help you love where you live. There are many ways to organize shelves, but styling them is harder than it seems. Knowing what to display and where to display it becomes very easy. But with a few insider tips and tricks, you’ll be successful in getting beautiful sketches. So, check out our list of the best shelf decorating ideas to get you started!

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Even if you’re not sure how to decorate your shelves, you can design open storage well. With some simple and modern shelf decorating ideas and tips, you’ll be able to create a magazine-worthy look.

Often people collect a lot of items over the years and arrange them on shelves in their living room. As a result, the theme and organization are lacking. So, the most important step is to improve yourself! First, remove all decorative items from the shelves and estimate how much space you have. Always, start with a blank canvas and then change the shelves.

Once you know how much space you’re dealing with, you’ll have a fairer idea of ​​how to use that space. The next step is to figure out what type of storage idea you need. Chances are you still have ugly items that need a place to get rid of. Baskets and boxes provide differentiation and storage while adding visual appeal to your shelves.

One of the most important bookshelf decorating ideas is to achieve a balanced look. However, that doesn’t mean you have to use the same decorative items. Use textural elements that are similar in length, volume or color to achieve balance. For example, a tall lamp on one side of the shelf can be offset by using a candle or tall vase.

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