Different Painting Styles For Walls

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Different Painting Styles For Walls – Lately, we’ve been redecorating rooms in our house, slowly working our way through each one and choosing themes, aesthetics, and decorating schemes that are different from each other, but still fit the space as a whole. It’s a tedious process that involves a lot of decision making, but it’s so satisfying when we finally settle on things like main colors and basic decor elements! Through this process we learned that although wall painting is a fairly permanent thing, it can also be one of the best ways to create visual interest in a room that really adds to the look and impresses visitors. However, you can do more with a large blank wall than just paint it a solid color or give it a simple contrasting decor. Sometimes a blank wall that is ready to paint is a great opportunity to create a great piece of art in the middle of the room.

If you’ve been feeling as daring as our paintings lately, here are 10 great wall art designs that are full of color, texture, pattern, and overall style, and they’re not that hard to create. Create what they look like!

Different Painting Styles For Walls

Different Painting Styles For Walls

Are you stuck between the idea of ​​creating a bold geometric pattern and the idea of ​​creating a beautiful color shade that will allow you to enjoy different shades of your favorite shade at the same time? Well, since you’re the one doing the decorating, technically no one can

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You choose between the two! Instead, we found a way to combine the two and give you a beautiful star-shaped ombre wall. Take a closer look at the design on the projector!

Different Painting Styles For Walls

Is your idea of ​​wall art a simple stencil made with a roller, until you find a print or pattern you really like? We don’t blame you; Stenciling is one of the easiest techniques on our list, but it’s also one of the most satisfying because it gives you such a clean, neat edge when done right. Beautiful Havens has great tips and tricks for you! The best part is that her tutorial teaches you how to make your own stencil from scratch, instead of just buying one, meaning you can completely customize it however you want!

You’ve always been a talented artist, especially when it comes to hand painting designs and patterns, and you’d absolutely love to use those skills in your wall painting scheme, but you’re not sure how to incorporate the things you have. Imagine the room without looking too wild? So we have a feeling you’ll love this incredibly brilliant and detailed advice on home designing! Painting around a light switch or electrical outlet gives the room a unique twist without making the bright details overpower the rest of the decor and take over the entire room. It’s like hanging an eye-catching picture somewhere, instead of just having it painted on the wall!

Different Painting Styles For Walls

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Have you always been an avid traveler and love to tell all your friends, family and visitors about your latest adventures, watching them keep your word as you recount the experiences of each new place? So why not make your love for world travel immediately visible in your decor? I love how Cosmos Up created this stunning hand-drawn world map as a centerpiece on their wall, using a spongy technique to add a terrain-like texture to the continents.

Have you always loved the idea of ​​making your indoor space look like your outdoor space, but your work schedule is so busy that you know you’ll never be able to keep lush green plants alive and thriving in the transition? So try painting some plant life in your room instead! Sure, you can get some fake silk or plastic plants, but the artist in you will enjoy painting things like this beautiful cherry blossom branch from Sbajema and more.

Different Painting Styles For Walls

When you started thinking about creating a creative wall in your home, did you really envision something a little more abstract or something that looks more like an actual painting technique that you might find on a painting, paper or fabric? So maybe it’s time to put those old water skills to good use!

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I’m more interested in the idea of ​​giving your walls some kind of visual texture, even if you want to keep it all one color so things don’t look out of place.

Different Painting Styles For Walls

Crazy? In this case, there are almost countless ways you can make little creative marks on the paint to make it appeal a little more than a simple full paint job. One of our favorite texturing techniques is this idea of ​​using a braided broom to create very thin brushed lines! It’s as simple as brushing a broom across the walls from ceiling to floor before the paint dries completely.

You were very intrigued by the idea of ​​painting delicate plant life on your wall, but you liked it so much that the cherry blossom branch he showed you earlier wouldn’t be enough because you wanted to.

Different Painting Styles For Walls

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From that? Well, there’s nothing stopping you from painting flowers and vines on the walls, right? We love how The Creative Imperative did it, but we’re especially grateful that they added more flowers than you’ve seen before and artfully twisted and twisted things, showing that it was clearly hand-drawn. This design is a great opportunity to use a few colors to brighten up the space!

Are you thinking about the stenciled text wall art shown to you earlier in this post since you saw it for the first time and even though the world map concept is not for you, do you want to create something? Cool, beautiful sound art on your wall? Then check out this amazing feature on Home Design! Instead of creating shapes with individual words, they chose a beautiful cursive font and a beautiful and meaningful quote and painted it above the bed as a second headboard.

Different Painting Styles For Walls

If you’ve never seen a molded paint roller, you’re in for a big treat! Stamped rollers are paint rollers that have small stamp-like designs and patterns printed on the surface. Next, there is another roller that dips into the paint. The patterned roller, which contacts the wall, also rubs against the secondary roller to pick up the paint and then imprint it on the wall as it moves back, as you can see here in DIY Make It’s wall art. This is a great way to create a smaller, more detailed pattern than a stencil, and it makes it easier to repeat the pattern more evenly!

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Do you know a creative person looking for ways to make their next paint job more unique? Share this post with them for some inspiration! A few interior updates can transform the look of your home as quickly and effectively as a fresh coat of paint. And when you use creative wall painting techniques, you can create an interior aesthetic that is unique to you. Even better – many wall painting techniques do not require artistic talent; A few supplies and a spare afternoon can transform any room in your home.

Different Painting Styles For Walls

Whether you want to add subtle, sophisticated texture to your look or make a bold style statement, the following painting techniques can help you refresh your home’s interior style.

Color washes involve applying two colors of paint together to create a textural effect. Generally, this technique works best when you combine lighter and darker versions of the same color, such as light gray and dark gray, or complementary colors. If you choose mismatched colors or shades with too much contrast, the wall can look clumsy.

Different Painting Styles For Walls

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To achieve this look, paint a solid, semi-glossy base coat, then use a brush or sponge to sweep your two colors randomly, revealing bare spots and brush strokes. Keep your top colors from drying too quickly or getting too thick by mixing them with frosting to thin them out and keep them moist longer.

Sponge painting is another dynamic painting technique that requires no artistic skills. Not much time to run yet. Depending on the look you want, you can add an existing wall color or use it in a new color.

Different Painting Styles For Walls

All you need is a sponge paint roller or natural sea sponge and the color of your choice. Then dip the sponge in the chosen color and dab it all over the wall. You can build a thin layer for a subtle effect or a thick layer to make a stylish, textural statement. Avoid putting too much pressure on the sponge when applying and use a smaller sponge for touch-ups when needed.

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Similar to sponge painting and color washes, rolling rags are a great way to add color

Different Painting Styles For Walls

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