Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

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Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore – Today I am sharing a place in my house that I have never shared before here on the blog. This is mainly because they are so small and difficult to photograph. I recently renovated my powder room, and I’m excited to share this little space with you. All sources are listed below.

The powder room is only 5 x 5 feet. It’s definitely too small, but I think that’s the norm for more than a half bath. It had “good bones” to begin with, so no major repairs were needed. All the good designs for millwork, boards and panels were there. It’s one of the things I loved about our house when we bought it 15 years ago. It’s a classic and timeless look, and adds a nice custom detail to our home.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

My inspiration was to add personality to the space. I only touched a little.

Dove Wing 960

I started by painting the walls a soft, soft white with a warm gray. The color is Benjamin Moore “Dove Wing”. It makes a small space light and bright, but still warm. I just love it! I use this color in many places in my house, which I will share soon. White can be tricky, and you need to experiment with any color in your space.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

There was a window ahead. I have slowly improved many of the window treatments in my home. The white wooden blind on this window was down and had seen better days. Honestly, I’m usually more than blind. It has served us well for 15 years, but it’s time to go! I replaced it with the same trendy shade I used in Sadie’s bedroom makeover. They are so beautiful, and add much needed texture to a white space. It is cordless and very easy to raise and lower.

As for the design, I found this beautiful jute rug at World Market. Very nice fringe and pattern!

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

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I added a little touch of amber glass for fall. Japanese maple leaves from my garden. It’s always nice to add a living element to any space.

Ritual room spray makes your bathroom smell like a spa. It’s amazing, and a great alternative to candles.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

The biggest challenge was finding a mirror that 1) I liked, 2) would fit in the tight space between the two sconces (only 21 inches), and 3) would be affordable. This was not an easy task. But I finally found an awesome mirror at Goodwill, and bonus: it’s a vintage piece! As usual, I took a measuring tape from my bag to see if it would work. In fact, it will be worth it! It’s hard to tell, but the mirror is very tall – about 4 feet. It works well with our 9 foot ceilings.

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The glass was originally brown, so I quickly replaced it. I glued them and then painted them to match the color of the trim. I think the mirror may have been part of the original vanity, but I replaced it in my bathroom.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

I replaced the lamps with these beautiful black and milk glass sconces. Even though it’s new, I think it adds a nice classic touch.

Art is a thrift store find. I also added a fun little gesture that appealed to the nurse in me.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

Santo Doves Wing Rocky Hill

This is a powder room upgrade! Thank you so much for checking in with me today. It means a lot to me that you stopped by my blog. Did you know that white has many faces? I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing this popular neutral paint over the past few weeks and discovered Benjamin Moore Dove Wing OC-18, a medium opaque white.

Dove Wing is part of the brand’s signature off-white collection, and while it’s not a popular color, I’m sure it will gain new popularity this year. Dove Wing is a beautiful creamy white color with distinctive silver accents.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

Most of the inspiration I found online favored dovetails for vintage and mid-century southern decor. I see them mixed with wooden furniture and accessories indoors, outdoors and indoors. Use Benjamin Moore Dove Wing if you:

Oc 18 Dove Wing

Benjamin Moore Dove Wing is named after the wings of a pigeon. The dove is a peaceful bird with creamy white plumage that looks like silver when it spreads its wings.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

Colorists can name their colors after real-life inspiration or fantasy ideas, and Dove Wing falls into the first category. If you look closely at the pigeon, you will understand why this color is called so. So, let me show you a visual representation.

A dove wing has a clean silver exterior with a soft liquid just waiting to be displayed in low light. When the silver color is on display, the color is sunny and quiet luxurious, resembling a family hug.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

Dove Wing Oc 18 (benjamin Moore): What Color Is, Review, And Use

You will understand the dove wing better after looking at its dimensions. Then I’ll share some scheduling and motivation tips before we get to work.

Let’s get to the root of Benjamin Moore’s pigeon by analyzing its dimensions. This table is an x-ray showing RGB, hex value, light reflectance value and undertone.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

A light reflectance value is set on a scale of 0 to 100 to determine how much light a color reflects. Pure white is highly reflective at 100 and pure black is absorptive but it doesn’t work that way with color. The scale reaches 3 – 97 because no pure color is produced.

Oc 18 Dove Wing Benjamin Moore

50 is center neutral, 3 – 29 is dark, 30 – 45 is medium dark, 46 – 55 is medium, 56 – 79 is medium light, 80 – 97 is light.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s dove wing has a medium-light color due to its 77.52 LRV. But it has a unique silver and cream color, which makes it lighter than most light colors. That’s why a dove wing can illuminate any room without natural or artificial lights.

But if you want to see the full extent of its heat, here’s how to take advantage of the dip.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

Dove Wing Paint Sample By Benjamin Moore (960)

Before we begin, yes, the dove wing has silver and cream tones. The pigments give it an off-white appearance because sometimes it doesn’t look white at all. You can follow it on the notes below, and I’ll tell you why.

When you create a unique color palette using RGB (a mixture of red, green, blue and pure black), you’ll get precise tones and accurate tones. This tone only appears when you adjust the brightness around said color.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

There are two walls with the same Benjamin Moore Dove Wing painting in this photo. But you’ll notice that the half wall with potted plants looks great in silver, while the far wall looks cream.

Benjamin Moore White Dove: Everything You Need To Know!

When using warm light (yellow, orange, or red bulbs), colors, including dove wings, appear more intense. A combination of warm lights and summer colors creates a golden glow. But if you use cool lights (blue and white bulbs) you will get dim light.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

If you don’t have artificial light, you can achieve these effects by controlling natural sunlight and the location of your room. Here’s how:

A southerly light reflects warm, bright light, especially from late morning to midday. Then heat moves eastward and shines until midday. By 4:30 pm, the sun has set and its light often fades.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

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Meanwhile, north-facing windows receive moderate sunlight throughout the day. For this reason, it is the most suitable room to preserve the white surface of the pigeon’s wing. If you can’t choose one over the other, you’ll get both tones in that space.

Use a compass to locate your room to make the best use of lighting. If you don’t have a compass, go old school and brush up on your grade school knowledge. Stand outside at sunset and point the sun towards the west with your right hand.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

Point to the other side of the east with your left hand. You will turn south facing north. Now let’s talk about it.

Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Flat (tinted) Dove Wing 3.78l

A Benjamin Moore dove wing will reflect a silver circle and illuminate a room when used under south and east facing light or cool lighting. It’s the purest display of color you’ll ever find and works great in any space.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

If you’re painting a dove wing in a modern-feeling space, this is your best chance of keeping it as cool as a loft bedroom. It has period features from its design to carpets, floorboards and windows.

But embracing the silver aspect of the dove’s wing with modern furniture and color palette gave it a funky look.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

Prestige Paints P400 P 960bm Interior Paint And Primer In One Satin Comparable Match Of Benjamin Moore, 1 Gallon, Dove Wing

Meanwhile, you will get a good look when you paint the pigeon wing walls under warm light or dim light from the west and north. This wall is a good example as you can see the clean white bottom wall and the cream top takes on a lighter shade.

The homeowner loves this low-key antique design to mid-century stationary bookcases and lamp holders. You can see the wooden cabinet visible in the lower corner of the photo.

Dove Wing By Benjamin Moore

Whichever choice you make first, one thing is certain – BenjaminMoore Dove Wing is a warm, rich, happy color. It’s not the whites of your face that make you walk on eggshells

Benjamin Moore Dove Wing Vs Wrought Iron Side By Side Comparison

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