Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

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Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors – This material has become the leading product for contractors for quick repairs. The very fast curing time reduces the downtime associated with traditional repair epics.

Very low viscosity designed to penetrate the bottom of the crack and weld the crack back together, unlike surface repair (bonding) which doesn’t last long.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

1 gallon kit = 1/2 gallon part A and 1/2 gallon part B  Typically fill +/- 180′ of the crack prefilled with very fine repair sand.

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2 gallon set = 1 gallon part A and 1 gallon part B  Typically fills +/- 360′ of a crack pre-filled with very fine repair sand.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

CFS-Fast Set is a very low viscosity, very fast curing two-part hybrid polyurea repair product. Can be mixed with dry sand to form a very fast setting mortar. Ideal for filling cracks and surface irregularities. Ideal for emergency repairs in areas that cannot be taken out of service for a long time. Ideal for fast moving warehouses that cannot be locked. Can be used for quick repairs on warehouse floors or any interior concrete repair. Withstands forklift traffic within 30 minutes of placement. Use in a well-ventilated area.

The volume ratio of the product is 1:1. Mix only the amount of material that is enough in 1 minute if mixing by hand. Mix in a ketchup bottle and pour onto the cracked surface. The material will release from the crack and harden in a few minutes OR mix in a small container, add sand to make an epoxy grout. Put the splash on top, spoon it evenly, let it set for a few minutes. Sand for 15 minutes to get a smooth surface. Make sure the surfaces are dry before use.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

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Add 1 Liter Ultra Fine Repair Sand (+ $49.95), Add 2 Liter Ultra Fine Repair Sand (+ $95.00), No ThanksRegis Coatings has a range of great floor repair products for a variety of situations and uses, including floor cracks, expansion joints, cracked or worn concrete floors.

For helpful advice on repairing a damaged concrete floor, call us on 0800 542 542 or email sales@

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Regis Coatings supplies the New Zealand construction industry with a wide range of building maintenance products including clear epoxy resin, concrete repair epoxies and two component epoxy paints

Concrete Bonding Agents: Why You Need Them, How To Choose

Regis Coatings products are developed for many areas such as factories, warehouses, hangars and garage floors. Our products are environmentally friendly and ideal for both commercial and DIY applications.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Our concrete epoxy repair compounds are quick curing and paintable and are compatible with our industrial epoxy floor paints. You can buy epoxy products online according to the end result you want. We stock New Zealand semi-gloss, full-gloss and clear epoxy resins.

Our industrial strength epoxy floor paint for concrete is manufactured in New Zealand and maintains high standards at a competitive price.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

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We are a trusted, New Zealand owned and operated online supplier of epoxy products. Order now or contact us if you have any questions, we can provide you with practical information and tips.

Regis Coatings is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of waterproof concrete paints in New Zealand. Use waterproof epoxy paints and foil paints for any bathroom tile project. Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, find out why it’s so important to fill cracks before applying epoxy and how to do it. Learn about common floor crack repair products and their benefits.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

One question many people ask themselves when repairing cracked floors is whether it is necessary to fill the cracks before epoxy. The answer is yes. It is very important to fill all the cracks in the floor to create a proper seal.

Ctm Epoxy Crack Filler Two Component

Once the crack repair has dried, your floor is ready to be sanded to a smooth floor surface before the epoxy floor covering is applied. Sanding the floor surfaces also helps to hide cracks after the epoxy is applied.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

This article explains the steps involved in filling cracks before applying epoxy, why it’s important, and how to do it most effectively.

The durability and beauty of epoxy floors are a great option for any room in the home. It is easy to maintain as it requires little maintenance or cleaning, so you can only enjoy years of glory!

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Epoxy Or Polyurethane

Epoxy is a floor covering where the floor is covered with synthetic resin. This flooring process involves several layers of casting resin on a concrete base. Epoxy flooring is a great choice for concrete floors in the garage, basement, office or any other space in the home.

Epoxy resin floor coverings are ideal for high-traffic areas because they are durable, wear-resistant and require little maintenance and cleaning to maintain their shine for years.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Thicker epoxy coatings offer the most durability. However, thicker floors also require more time to harden. So keep this in mind if you have the chance to complete your flooring project.

Pour N Walk™

Once the resin layers have dried, the epoxy floor coating acts as a shield to protect your floors and add beauty and character to any room. There are many different types of epoxy floor coverings and they can be customized to suit your preferences, style and room decor, such as:

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

With a shot blaster, you can significantly shorten the preparation time for the concrete floor. This process removes the top layer of aggregate and prepares us for our crack filler.

Sandblasting is an important step in the preparation of floor surfaces. Shotguns can be rented from local rental companies and will help reduce preparation time by simply sanding the concrete floor. This step removes the top layer of aggregate and prepares us to use the crack filler.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Tan Water Based Epoxy

Preparing the floors by filling all cracks before epoxy coating is an important step for the overall look of the finished project. Skipping this step can lead to cracked floors down the road, bubbles in the epoxy, or uneven floors.

Taking the time to ensure that the patch or filled cracks are sanded and well prepared will ensure a smooth surface with fewer bubbles and imperfections after the epoxy cures. While getting ready may seem like a waste of energy, you’ll thank yourself later when you stand back and admire your finished work.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Repairing concrete cracks is an important early step in ensuring that your epoxy floor covering is smooth and bubble-free and will not tear from wear and tear.

Epoxy Floor Coating Guide: How To Choose The Best Epoxy Floor Coating

First, inspect the concrete floor to determine where the cracks are. Most cracks are the result of shrinkage of the concrete during the drying process, defects in the concrete or incorrect curing times. Once you have determined the location of your cracks, you can start repairing them with suitable materials.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Again, we cannot stress enough how important it is to fill surface cracks if you hope to achieve a seamless surface.

Patcher paste is a great way to fill cracks and holes in concrete before applying epoxy. It heals quickly, so it’s easy!

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Lab Surface Epoxy Crack Filler 3 Gl Kit.

Concrete is a popular floor base because it offers longevity and durability. However, concrete is known to develop cracks over time. Some of the most common causes of concrete cracks include:

Fortunately, cracks in your concrete can easily be filled with the right crack filler. Patcher Paste is a resin-based crack repair product that gives excellent results for repairing damaged floor surfaces before epoxy painting.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

This easy-to-use product is suitable for filling cracks and holes in concrete surfaces and hardens well in 24 hours.

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Other crack sealants are also sold on the market, such as liquid cement cracks, polyurethane crack repair agents, sealant, fast-hardening cement, dry cement and plaster mixes.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Apply the desired crack filler and wait until it hardens. Depending on the sealer you choose, drying times may vary!

Before you seal the cracks, make sure your surfaces are free of dirt, debris and moisture trapped in the holes and cracks. We recommend blasting large holes before sealing cracks. This is another important step to ensure that the epoxy adheres to the floor surface.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Concrete Paint 2k

Then spread the desired crack evenly and wait until it hardens. Depending on the sealer you choose, drying times may vary.

Most commercial sealants take 24 hours to dry completely. If in doubt, check the product description labels to ensure that you allow enough time for the sealant to harden before proceeding to the next step.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Smooth surfaces make everything look better – don’t skip this simple but important step to achieve a seamless finish.

Industrial Concrete Joint Filler Dynaflex Jf 85 Is Fast Setting And Semi Rigid

After the crack repair is healed, sand the uneven material so that the surface is smooth and ready for the next step of epoxy application.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Leveling the surfaces is very important if you want a seamless look for the concrete floor in the garage.

Before applying the epoxy, wipe the area free of dust and debris. Using a workshop vacuum is also a good way to ensure that all loose dust is removed from the concrete.

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

Repairing A Neglected Stained Concrete Floor In Mckinney Tx

Now that you have prepared your site, you can start applying the epoxy. We have developed the following (simplified) steps to describe the process of installing a new epoxy garage:

Epoxies have two parts,

Epoxy Filler For Concrete Floors

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