Essie Nail Polish Fall Colors

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Essie Nail Polish Fall Colors – I’m so excited to share the new Essie Fall 2023 nail polish collection with you today. This is a six-piece collection made of soft and sexy colors, perfect for autumn. I bought it from Ulta. (affiliate link) They will also be available at Beyond Polish. (Affiliate Link) My affiliate code for the Beyond Polish 10% discount is BIV10. This helps support my channel and blog, so if you choose to use it, thank you.

Back to the polish, keep reading if you want to see swatch photos, or watch the video below for live swatches and tons of comparisons.

Essie Nail Polish Fall Colors

Essie Nail Polish Fall Colors

“Dance ’til Dawn” is a “soft white nail polish with pink undertones.” This is a really nice cream polish that doesn’t show up after 2-3 coats. I noticed that there were some dark spots after the second coat, so I decided to do a third coat. It’s a really nice cream polish and I love that it’s a little soft to fall on.

Cozy Fall Nail Polish Colors

“Step Out of Line” is a “rich dark indigo nail polish with red undertones.” It’s another creamy finish, but it’s almost a one-coat wonder. I used two coats here to get full opacity and I really like it. Very bright, perfect. Be sure to use a base coat to prevent smudging, as many blue nail polishes wear off easily.

“Lights Down, Music Up” is a “soft purple-brown nail polish with red undertones.” This beauty cream is an opaque cream that only requires two coats. I guess I have to say it’s my favorite of the series because it’s the most unique of the series for me. The formula is very smooth and a must have.

“Full Blast” is a “rich and dark ruby ​​red nail polish with blue undertones.” I love deep reds like this for fall. I met a con man very close to it. It is a fraud in the color and the way it is applied. It is 2 cotter and beautiful. The only problem with “Full Blast” is that even with acetone, the cuticles will stain when removed. You have been warned. ha ha

“Underground Ball” is a “dark burgundy nail polish with red undertones.” This is a cream polish that goes opaque after 2-3 coats. Purple nail polish is always my favorite. I’m sure I’ll find many dupes, but I’ve only found one nail polish that comes pretty close.

Essie Fall 2023 Collection

No fall nail polish collection is complete without olive green nail polish. “Meet Me at Midnight” is a “dark olive green nail polish with yellow undertones.” This is another cream polish that goes opaque in two coats. I will say that this polish looks almost black when not shown in bright light, so keep that in mind.

What do you think of the new Essie Fall 2023 nail polish collection? Personally, I’m a fan. Essie has included some of my favorite colors for fall wear in this collection. Sure, this isn’t a super unique collection, but it’s a solid set of polishes to add to your collection.

Check out our other fall nail polish collection reviews here. I also reviewed the OP Barbie collection here. My thoughts on the Essie Fall 2019 Collection Happy Tuesday! Now that Labor Day is officially behind us, it’s time to dive into all the happenings and scares! As you can tell from the title, today I bring you six new limited edition Essie autumn 2019 shades.

Essie Nail Polish Fall Colors

It’s time to go back to your roots and explore your home country with six nail polish colors from essie’s Fall 2019 collection. When the leaves start to fall and the wind outside picks up – it’s officially sweater season. This limited edition nail polish color is sure to make you drink sparkling cider. This collection is inspired by rustic America and I feel inspired in all these colors. When I first saw this, I knew I needed it! Both are perfect for fall and are exactly the kind of color I want in fall.

Essie Step Out Of Line Fall 2023

Essie has done a great job helping me with the last few collections… As always, I bought these from 8ty8Beauty for $6 each.

Growing House | Home Grown is a gorgeous golden peach nail polish with pearls. It immediately reminds me of some of the polishes in my collection – you’ll see how they compare later – but especially Touch of Sugar from the Acey Spring collection. What I love about “Home Grown” is the dark peach color used to transition into fall colors. It’s easily opaque with no visible nail lines in just two coats.

About Bright Cider | I mean, the moment I saw it on my nails, I thought it was like caramel on an autumn apple (or in my case, an apple-flavored lollipop covered in caramel… .. ). I absolutely love this fall color and it has such a great formula. It is very buttery and completely opaque in two coats.

Easy Suede | Easy Suede is a warm gray nail polish with taupe undertones, and while it’s not the most exciting color in the range, I think it’s a great fall staple polish. Essie has been on a roll lately with their creamy formulas, and this one is no exception. I got full coverage in two coats – but be warned: this nail polish is slightly darker on the nail than in the bottle!

The Essie Fall 2018 Nail Polish Collection Is Perfect For Sweater Weather

Hey you. Hay there breath, buttery yellow nail polish with red marks! Finally Essie beautiful yellow is available in its traditional range! If you know me, you know I love a good yellow, and I love any color, especially this pale yellow. This polish looks like buttered corn on the cob – screaming drops! I was impressed by it. I can’t rave enough about this polish – I got full coverage in 2-3 coats.

Rust-Eligible | Rust-Worthy is a warm, burnished copper color with a metallic finish. Again, it’s not the most original color in the world, but it’s a beautiful finish and one of my favorites from Essie. I can now picture this matching all fall outfits… again the amazing formula of this polish makes it completely opaque in two easy coats.

Weather Sweater | Well, if you have to take one from this collection, it will be sweater weather – bright green forest. This is a stunning piece and may be the highlight of the series! I mean look at that aqua/gold shimmer! It is very beautiful. It’s buttery and completely opaque in two coats!

Essie Nail Polish Fall Colors

Final Thoughts on Essie’s Fall 2019 Collection Oh my gosh, look at these polishes! Fall is always my favorite time for polish and this might just be my favorite collection!

Nail Polish Colors You Need This Fall 💅🏻🍂

I love the inspiration for this collection and now that it’s September, I’m so excited to wear these nail polishes!

My favorites are Sweater Weather and Hay, but Rust-Worthy is up there too… Tell me your favorites below! If the product is marked *, it is a PR sample but sent without obligation to check. All links in this blog post are affiliate links. –

Essie is one of my favorite nail polish brands, and whether you’re new to the brand or a long-time wearer, I think there’s still an Essie color to be found. Today I want to share five of my current go-to-fall colors in hopes of inspiring you for your next manicure.

The lightest one is Ladylike *, which is a nail polish color that I have been repurchasing. The classic fuchsia color looks great all year round, but this color reminds me of the colder months. This is my go-to when I don’t want to wear anything dark in the fall because it’s not as bright as muted colors. It has a long service life and can withstand considerable force without chipping.

New Essie Fall 2023 Nail Polish Collection Sneak Peek

Angora Cardi is not only one of my favorite fall nail polish colors, but it was also voted the most popular nail polish on Pinterest, so it’s understandable that it’s loved by many. It has a deep raspberry shade which is a great safety net when I’m not sure what color to choose.

I’m debating whether to go with fishnet stockings* this round because while I love red this time of year, it’s brighter than the other colors on offer. For me, I like the red mailbox when I want something eye-catching, but sometimes I do

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