Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022 – Don’t you wish choosing a color for your home’s exterior was as easy as choosing a lipstick? Not only is your home’s shade a great guarantee (unlike an empty lipstick tube), it can also be difficult to decide since there are different shades depending on lighting, textures and colors. Luckily, you don’t have to go too far with your exterior paint color combination. We asked some of the South’s most famous artists for their ideas to help you decide wisely whether you’re planning a beach vacation, have a classic idea, or just don’t know what you want. he.

“Charleston is all about the patina. As these colors wear over the years, they become more beautiful than when they were first applied.” – Mark Maresca, Maresca & Associates, Architect, Charleston, SC

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

“For an old American home, try a rich green or baby blue on the shutters and a light dark red on the front door. Paint any other solid doors to match the shutters. French doors should have trim that matches the opaque pattern of the broom.” The combination is light and fresh with great contrast and impact.” – Charles Hyde, Pack Hyde & Associates, Atlanta, GA

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“This cream palette has its roots in the colonial South, but with a twist: the interior’s tone-on-tone theme creates soft hues that highlight the contrasts of the home’s grounds texture.” – Ruard Veltman, Ruard Veltman Architecture + Interiors, Charlotte, NC

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

“This color palette is reminiscent of Boy Scouts at summer camp – dark clothing and light greens with collars.” – Bobby McAlpine, McAlpine, Montgomery, AL and Nashville, TN

“Dark and muted blues and greens reflect the colors of the ocean.” – Michael G. Imber, Michael G. Imber Architects, San Antonio, Texas

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

Trending Exterior House Colors For 2023

“We like the warm yellow paired with a classic tin roof and red shutters for projects in areas with a lot of red clay in the soil, like Middleburg, Virginia, to make it look better. A warm color palette lends itself to a minimalist farmhouse feel.” – Anne Fairfax, Fairfax & Sammons, Palm Beach, FL

“These colors have a lot of dullness and patina that reminds me of many of the large houses I grew up in in Florence, Alabama.” – Michael Franck, Franck and Lohsen Architects, Washington, D.C.

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

“This project is very simple, clean and perfect for home designs influenced by English and European styles.” – Hank Long, Henry Sprott Long & Associates, Birmingham, Alabama

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“Painted brick is a southern style with a side by side of different bars. The effect of this material is like a warm weather place.” – Bill Ingram, Bill Ingram Architect, Birmingham, AL

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

“A friend of mine insists that people are happier when they live in yellow houses. For a more traditional look, try a dark green trim color. For a less neutral color, we prefer dark red.” – Locations Jane Frederick, Frederick + Frederick, South Carolina and Georgia

“High-contrast color schemes look better on buildings. The color of the stone is used only on the front door to add a subtle pop of color to a contrasting theme.” – Norman Askins, Norman Davenport Askins, Architect, Atlanta, GA

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

Beach Aesthetic Exteriors For Coastal Homes

“This Wedgwood blue and biscuit palette just blends in with the big sky. Paired with a spacious front porch, this color palette conveys a classic Southern feel.” – Jim Howard, James Michael Howard, Jacksonville, FL and Atlanta, GA

Photo: Robbie Caponeto; Creator: Buffy Hargett Miller; Container arrangements: Tom Erickson/The Transplanted Garden; Location: The Cottages at Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

“White trim improves the overall look of a home and provides a great contrast to the color-coded side. Don’t be afraid to choose another fun color for your front door.” – Bill Curtis, Curtis & Windham Architects, Houston, TX

The Best Exterior House Colors, According To Designers And Architects

“These soft, creamy tones have the look of aged lime when combined with handcrafted bricks. We’ve been using them for years and they don’t look old or out of place. A classic palette found in high-rises from Louisiana to the lowlands.” – Jim Strickland, Design and Planning Project, Atlanta, GA

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

“Newer, more luxurious, smaller structures, such as weekend homes or outbuildings, lend themselves to deeper sounds that allow them to penetrate into the ground. With this color palette we are going for a monochromatic look. ” – Philip Dufford, Dufford Young, Charleston, SC

Think of Mother Nature’s neutral color (and complement a garden full of flowers) with bright green borders and green, almost black shutters. Use bright white to highlight decorative and exterior details. – Sam Greeson, Meyer Greeson Pauline Benson, Charlotte, North Carolina

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

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“This natural material goes very well with the colors of the slate and tiled roofs. It is visually ornate and fits well with the southern landscape.” – Stan Dixon, Architect D. Stanley Dixon, Atlanta, GA

“This palette represents the colors of Colonial Williamsburg, the earthy mineral colors used in 18th century Virginia decor. These colors are perfect for a modern antique home.” – Russell Versaci, Russell Versaci Architecture, Middleburg, VA

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

The 11 Best Paint Colors for Farmhouse Exteriors. These are the best exterior paint colors for 2023. 97 beautiful kitchen ideas to help you design your dream space. 14 Designer Paint Approved Colors for Bathrooms. 37 amazing interior design ideas. 12 Most Beautiful Haint Blue Shades for Your Porch 54 Gorgeous Designs We Want to Bring to Your Home You can’t find anything wrong with these gray paint colors.

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25 front door colors for a bright appearance. Best color for kitchen cabinets. Best light colors for the kitchen. Make your room spacious and bright. Best colors for beige walls. Home full of family furniture and beautiful new 50 Beautiful Blue Bedroom Ideas to Create a Calm Space 20 Warm White Colors to Create a Comfortable Space I think of beach houses, I think of blue, green, teal/green, coral and other fun ones sunny houses colors. A beach house is a place you don’t have to be afraid of. Every room should greet you with a cheerful color and remind you of the beauty of nature outside your four walls.

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

Here are my top picks for beach house colors, as well as tips for choosing the right color for your space!

Note: Most of these colors state that they are not suitable for outdoor use. However, don’t let this deter you when choosing a paint specifically for outdoor use. Simply tell them the color you want to use and ask them to pair it with an exterior paint product.

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

The Best Beach House Paint Colors

Coral is the ultimate beach color and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Coral works well with blues and blue/greens and fits well with a beach house color palette.

Don’t forget to combine coral with a shade of white without halving. Check out my post on the best white colors for your home if you need help choosing the right white.

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

It’s a nice mid-tone blue that’s not too light and not too dark, perfect if you want something middle of the road. Debonair doesn’t turn blue/green for you either. So if you want a deep medium blue, check this out.

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Perfect for a beach house, this calming hue is reminiscent of blue-green water. Mount Saint Anne is one of my favorite green blues. This color is more blue than green and changes throughout the day and depends on the lighting in the room.

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

Blue sky, Stardew is incredible. Even though this color is very blue, it reminds me of a lot of blue grays because it’s just a hint of gray undertones. Stardew looks really cool combined with gold lights and accessories, just to name a few.

Avalon is a bold shade that I don’t usually recommend because it’s too saturated, but it’s perfect for a beach house. I can imagine this adorning a wall in a powder room or a bedroom in a beautiful beach house.

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

The 15 Best Exterior House Colors Of 2023

Avalon is another tea tone on the darker side, made up of equal parts blue and green. Depending on your makeup, the color will be more blue or green. This color reminds me a lot of the Ben Moore Aegean Teal 2021 color.

This green reminds me of all the moss you find on the trees in Savannah. Cascade Green is a dark, medium green shade that is perfect for a beach house looking for a more minimalist look.

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

If you like the look of Cascade Green, check out my popular post for more gray-green colors.

Colorful Beach House Paint Colors

You’ll see that I recommend dark blue paint colors, but that’s because it’s us

Exterior Beach House Colors 2022

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