Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

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Exterior Brick Colors For Homes – When building a new home, builder Brian Disney says using brightly colored brick gives you more options for color and accent materials. He talks about having completed his own home and how he designs and guides his clients.

As a framer, Brian Disney has hands-on experience with the physics of home building and is also adept at the aesthetic aspects of designing homes and assigning color to clients. He will help you choose styles and materials.

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

Disney grew up building houses. His parents’ business, Disney Homes, has been building for more than 30 years in Greensboro, North Carolina, so he learned how to build homes early on.

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After graduating from the University of North Carolina in 2005, Disney worked for a time in his family’s business, starting a framing and woodworking business that he eventually remodeled and eventually built a new home.

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

Today, leading Brian Disney Homes, Disney’s focus has expanded from frame construction to full home design, including spending a lot of time giving customers exactly what they want in their new home.

“I have a lot of customers, I have a color scheme, and it’s my job to figure out what they want and make it happen,” Disney said. “But many clients have no starting point. Part of my job is to help them get their bearings.”

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

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Disney takes a grounded approach to home design. Brick, which is used in almost every home, is one of the first color and style decisions he says his clients make. Please suggest some research first.

“There are so many combinations of bricks, roofs and decorations that we encourage people to view, drive and take pictures online to see what their taste is,” Disney said.

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

Modern versions of French country homes are now popular in the Disney market. It is made up of brightly colored bricks and mortar. For this purpose, some customers prefer brick paint, while others prefer white brick. The recently completed Disney home shown here uses Chesapeake Pearl brick, part of the Tidewater collection.

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“I’m going that route,” Disney said. “When applying white plaster, we use white on the soffit and eaves and add copper gutters to soften the white. “So you can choose bronze windows or white windows.”

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

This approach makes it easier to choose colors and materials for different homes. This is because there are many elements that can complement lightweight bricks.

“We used brightly colored bricks like Chesapeake pearls and oyster pearls,” Disney said. “Personally, I love this color because it can be combined with any style or color and goes well with it.”

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Disney explains that you can choose between green doors and gray roofs, or brown doors and tan doors. Light-colored bricks can add variety and won’t clash with the exterior of your home.

But not everything is white brick at Brian Disney Homes. Disney was also built with traditional brick colors. He completed his latest build not far from his home in French County using Old Yorktown, a broken red sandstone brick in the historical tradition, lined with chocolate bricks to add chocolate depth. He joins the Khaki Mortars. When using earthy colors and red bricks. The range of complementary colors is more limited. The townhouse is your home away from home in signature Disney style. Made with a darker palette.

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

“We used a lot of clay bricks, but we had to match the colors so there was less room for error,” Disney said.

Bringing The House Into The Light — Linda Murdock Photography

Disney townhouses have fewer accents and more unity. The former Yorktown had bronze windows that matched the charcoal roof. It goes well with the exposed underside. khaki plaster; The windows and ceiling are the same color.

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

“The white brick is my personal favorite,” Disney said. “But when building with mud bricks, there tends to be more of an overall earth tone.”

Disney for his own home. With a truncated gable roof and pointed eaves, Chesapeake pearl brick with stone accents couldn’t be a better choice. We are two interior designers trying to find the house we want our home to be. And I’m so glad you’re here.

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

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We’re making some improvements to our overall exterior curb appeal, and we’re looking at bright white trim more and more, wondering if it might blend in better with nature. We didn’t change the exterior of the house and found the red brick to be incredibly attractive and timeless. I don’t want to clean the bricks

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

It would be fun to update the white trim and window frames. and… I asked her talented sister Andi to “test” exterior paint colors that would go well with the red brick.

Stunning Exterior Paint Colors For Brick Homes

From the 2023 project list; I heard that we will be able to replace all the windows within this year, and I think it is possible. It will take some time to order and manufacture the windows, but we are starting down that path. The good news is that some experts look at your windows and say you can save thousands of dollars by replacing just your windows (the panes and grilles) instead of the entire window. I went to look at window options and there were a variety of colors to choose from so I thought I would explore down that road.

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

One of the most useful things you can do before deciding on a paint color is to try it out digitally. There may be a paint app that can do this, but Andi usually opens Lightroom to fix the colors. If you’re interested in how to do it, there’s a full tutorial here. I will try to fit more colors into the paint palette so I can get a better idea of ​​what color I want. First, we are changing the bright white to a soft ivory.

I think this ivory color is more classic and warm. White has slightly more contrast than other finish options.

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

Exceptional Trim Colors To Elevate Your Brick House Aesthetic

Another option I like is the freshest one. I love the gray paint, and I think it will blend beautifully with the red brick.

Or you could go for a darker blue, which I like. There’s something about those colors and tones that really excites me and makes me feel for the brand.

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

. My fear is that I will reveal all my secrets before anyone comes in 😉

Brick Colors And Textures

The taupe color may be considered outdated, but we’re here to tell you that it’s back. There is a reason for this. I think this goes very well with the grout color and is timeless. My only question is – do you remember the first time you painted the outside of your kitchen? There have been times of the day that I absolutely hated, and I’m afraid this will be the same.

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

Changing your taupe color to a darker shade may be the right decision. I love how the color of the mold blends in better with the background and highlights the beautiful red brick. I can totally see choosing this option.

The good news is that you can save a lot of money by just replacing the leaves and painting the edges the same color. The leaves inside the house are white. They said it had to be wooden or black. I’m debating whether it’s wood or black… but I think I’m leaning more toward black. Let’s wait and see!

Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

Tips On Choosing Exterior Paint Colors For Homes

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Exterior Brick Colors For Homes

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