Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

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Take a look at our Colonial Exterior Paint Colors for fun before and after photos. You won’t believe the difference in painting our cedar and brick pieces

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

Learn more about these beautiful neutral exterior paint colors and why they work for us. Who doesn’t love a before and after makeup look?

The Best White Exterior Paint Colors

As we begin moving into our new home, I have a lot of things I’m most excited to share about our new home. I’ve saved a few gems for the not-so-cool times!

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

What I’m especially excited to share is how we chose traditional colonial exterior paint colors and used them to give the house a completely different look.

– I’m a big fan of hip from cedar shakes. Unfortunately, I got a price of $36,000 to live in this house. No. I quickly moved on to painting, and I’m very happy.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

I collided with a brick. Normally, I’d paint the outside of the brick (unless it’s whitewashed), but brown brick just works for me. OK, let’s get started…

Choosing paint colors can be difficult… maybe even painful! I’m going to overturn and worry until I’m done. In fact, I chose a completely different color than I originally intended.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

He simply could not deviate from the traditional colors of colonial painting. Bright white doesn’t work all around, and gray isn’t great because of the color of the ceiling.

The Delightful Home {exterior, Paint Colors + Landscape}

These are all things to consider when choosing your paint color! To see the exterior paint colors on our current home, check out Tudor Paint to see all the before and afters.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

Valspar DuJour and Woodlawn Colonial Gray Thanks to your help on Instagram and the tips above, I chose Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Gray 6004-1B for the main exterior and Valspar Du Jour 7002-6. I wanted a soft, creamy white to contrast, and these worked well together.

If you’re looking for similar options, check out the more affordable Beige, Real Beige, or Pale Oak, which are no longer included in the Valspar line.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

Home Exterior Makeover Before And After Ideas

We chose pale white and cream for the walls, chairs, windows and doors. Colonial style homes are very popular in North America. With so many styles of colonial homes, it can be difficult to decide on a color scheme that will highlight your home’s best features. Let’s take a look at the different styles of colonial homes and decide which colors to use, whether you want to stick to a historic palette or create a more modern look.

Colonial-style homes are so-called because they were built by immigrants based on the style of homes in their home country. The styles of these homes were influenced by the different materials that surrounded them, which in turn influenced the classic color palette.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

Early colonial homes were relatively simple and lacked many decorative details. These homes are built with practicality in mind and this is also reflected in the typical color schemes used. For this style of home, you’ll typically see dark browns and earthy colors. This was mostly due to the limited choice of paint during the colonial period: most colors were limited to those that could be derived from natural elements: sienna, rubber and coral. Additionally, many crates are simply painted with glue, and natural wood beams are left to naturally darken (hence the dark brown).

Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

For a more modern twist on this classic style, try darker neutrals like gray or darker brown, paired with green or dark red on top.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

A Dutch Colonial house can be easily identified by one distinctive feature: the mansard roof. This home style often has more neutral tones as this feature is more prominent and unique. For Dutch colonials, the most classic pair is a navy blue or white piece with black trim. However, you will often see warm purple as a base color with white. To modernize these classic combinations, try painting the curtains a different color than the other curtains: choose a darker color.

These homes are inspired by the classic house style found in Spain and Mexico. This home style lends itself to playing with bright colors. Since they often have pitched ceilings, it’s best to keep the exterior color neutral, such as creamy white or soft pink. Bright colors are where you can really have fun! Trim, door and window trims are bright and bold, yellow, turquoise or dark red.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

Paint Color Accents

Most of these houses are made of brick. For these rooms, it’s best to choose accent colors that show off the natural color of the brick. Keep it simple with a creamy white finish that really brings out the natural tones of the brick.

Brighter colors are more common for the wooden version of this house style. Consider white trim and dark green or black shutters, or yellow with white trim and dark brown or red doors.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

This new version of a classic design style lends itself to experimentation with color. If you want to stick with neutrals, try a more modern mix of mushroom gray with white trim and navy blue.

It’s Time To Paint Our Exterior

If you want to play with color and limit yourself to neutrals, avoid the electric shades you sometimes see in Victorian-style homes. Stick to the classic shade of dark lids with blue, pale yellow or dark red and classic white trim.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

You can also try different gray tones: medium gray for the main color, classic white trim and dark gray upholstery. Then you can add a pop of color with a bright red door.

We go the extra mile before you leave and check in afterwards to make sure you’re satisfied. Our work is backed by a 2-year warranty! Finally, let’s paint our house. A few months later, after some renovations. We washed it, which actually made it 1000 times better, but that’s it. and The time has come! I have a few ideas floating around in my head and would love your input. JB is color blind, so the decision is mine. I am especially grateful to have this blog because I can ask you.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

Inside A Serene, Inviting Colonial Style Home In The Midwest

Our appearance is now pale pink. Makes people wonder, but it is what it is. It has a lot of touch colors where people can touch. We have black skirts, red doors and white trim. I have to say that I will be sad to see the Red Door go, but I’m not 100% feeling it yet.

A special selling point is the white trim and white exterior. But it’s the cabinet and door color I’m looking for. What do I need your help with? If you did a white/white trim combo, I’d love to know what color/brand you used.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

I fell in love with this house. We don’t have much in common. But I like the color of the cabinet/door.

Top 3 Exterior Color Schemes

This is probably the most “me”. But I want to dare to cover with this curtain. via via Martha Stewart.

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

What were you doing I feel like a classic choice, maybe I’ll never get bored, but I’m still willing to take the risk. Any new compasses you recommend? American colonial architecture dates back to the Mayflower. We’re talking the 1600s here! Centuries later, it is still a style that inspires modern architects. Architectural historians typically characterize colonial-style homes with symmetrical, concentric doorways and rectangular shapes. Of course, colonial architecture has evolved a lot over time, and there are many ways to personalize and modernize it. We’ve rounded up 14 charming colonial-style homes with renovations for inspiration.

If you have a colonial home that needs some TLC, brick and mortar is here to stay. Our virtual exterior designers will customize a plan based on your goals and preferences. They provide a list of resources for you to point and click. Get started online now!

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

Painted Brick House Ideas

Not every Colonial owner will inherit a home with a spacious porch like this one. However, now is a great time to invest in a porch with the trend of outdoor living spaces! A virtual exterior designer can help you choose everything from columns to awnings. When adding a porch, you can decide to stay true to the era with soaring columns or modernize with wood or industrial steel.

Just looking at this room, we assume that the shorter side was added later. Indeed, colonial houses

Exterior Colors For Colonial Homes

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