Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

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Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof – Are you having trouble choosing the right exterior paint color for your home? I’m here to help and guide you every step of the way in choosing the right paint color combination for your home’s exterior. I’ll make it super easy for you, I promise!

The number one paint question I get asked over the years is about choosing exterior paint colors, as it is one of the most difficult paint decisions for your home. You want your home to have a nice look and you don’t want to make mistakes with colors. If you follow my seven steps below, I promise you’ll avoid common mistakes and be able to make better decisions about your exterior paint color! Stay with me on this one!

Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

The first thing you want to do when deciding on a paint color for your home’s exterior is to choose a shade first. When I say “shade” do you want a light, medium or dark color on your home? At this point, you don’t have to think about anything other than deciding whether you want a light color or white, a medium color or a medium color, or a dark color.

House And Roof Color Combinations We Love

For most of you, choosing a shade is an easy decision and you will know right away whether you want a light or dark colored home. However, some of you may not be sure and open to which shade and need some help making that decision. It’s a good idea to search Pinterest for exotic homes to get inspiration to decide which shade will suit your home For example, if you have a farmhouse-style home, do a Pinterest search for “farmhouse-style exterior” to see all the different color options that inspire you.

Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

Before you proceed with your color decision, you need to consider the color of your home’s roof. If your color scheme is a neutral black or gray, you don’t have to worry too much about color clashes. Unfortunately, I have a dark brown ceiling with a slight red undertone, so colors like green or blue wouldn’t suit me and might clash. For those of you who have a roof with red, brown, green or blue-gray shingles, you’ll definitely want to consider your roof color when choosing an exterior paint color palette.

If you’re like me and have a dark brown roof with red spots, you’ll want to stick with a true neutral main color to keep your home safe. If you have a green or blue-gray grain, you have a little more space and if you choose a color that is neutral or has a slight harmony to your grain color it will blend in and avoid color clashes. Complementary t war. When you have a blacktop, you can do almost anything.

Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

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If your home has stone or brick, you should consider any strong undertones of the brick or stone. If your house is all brick and you only need to choose one trim color, I would match the lightest, medium or darkest color in the stone/brick and use that as the trim color.

If your home is not all brick/stone and part brick/stone or you only have brick/stone accents, you have more freedom in choosing colors for the exterior of your home. As long as your skin tone is somewhat reminiscent of the brick/stone base color, you shouldn’t have any clashing issues. For example, if your brick is a warm color and you want to paint your house gray, choose a light, warm gray instead of a cool gray. Thus, it is the warmth of the gray that will bind/blend the new body color to the brick. sentence?

Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

Next, after considering your roof color and selecting a color, you need to consider the effect of light on the exterior paint color, which is different from choosing an interior color. I’ll save you a lot of time by telling you that daylight/sunlight will dramatically make your exterior color cooler/bluer than it is to paint colors when there’s plenty of light. Although it may sound crazy, you need to warm your exterior color at least 2-3 times to get a balanced color that doesn’t look cold or blue. Show me what I mean.

The William Exterior Finish Palette

When it came time to paint the outside of the pool house kitchen, I had to choose a color that was about 3 times warmer than the finish I wanted. I wanted a Sherwin Williams ‘On the Rocks’-like finish, but with so much light affecting the exterior paint colors, I had to choose three times warmer colors to keep the color from turning blue or cool.

Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

Yes, my pool house is painted Burmese beige, but the light makes it look like Southwest on rocks.

Isn’t it strange what light does to exterior colors? So, when choosing colors, choose colors at least 1-2% warmer than the color you ultimately want. My final color turned out to be three times warmer. Remember that if you want a white exterior, you should choose a warm white, otherwise your home will have a blue tint.

Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

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As you narrow down the shade by considering the color of the roof and knowing that it needs to be warmer due to the abundance of light outside, you next need to determine the actual color of your home’s exterior. It’s helpful to look for similar lifestyles to see the possibilities. I have a Pinterest board here of all the exterior paint colors that can really help you visualize the color.

Now that you’ve chosen a color, there are so many variables that affect your exterior color, including the direction your home faces and how much shade your home has, that it’s impossible to choose an exterior color safely. It is sampling and research. Morning, noon and evening in your sample. This is an important step, especially when choosing exterior paint colors, because the sun can bring out strange tones that you wouldn’t see in a paint scheme.

Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

I tested several paint colors on my stucco walls to find the right color for my pool house and stucco walls. I was surprised how hot I had to go. At this point it’s important that you do the same and test colors on a poster board or directly in your home so you can play it safe and get a color that you’ll thoroughly enjoy for years to come.

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Once you’ve made your final decision on your body paint color, you’re ready to go ahead and choose your exterior trim and accent colors. First, let me tell you when it comes to choosing trim and accent colors: less is more! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with clients who have a lot of architectural details on the exterior of their home (strips, shutters, lots of changes in roof angles) and who want to paint each detail a different color/shade because they think it will detract from the architecture and add to the look. will do However, too much contrast and color/shade changes have the opposite effect, and the eye stops at every color and architectural details no longer stand out.

Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

Last year I worked with a couple who built a beautiful new home on lots of trees. They wanted the greenery of their house to blend in with all the plants. The house had various exterior touches/elements including clapboards mixed with traditional siding, some dramatic changes in roof angles, lots of woodwork, stone accents, etc. First they wanted to paint all those exterior accents in a different shade. Color I encouraged them to stick to one main color and one color for the body as it would make all those beautiful architectural elements stand out and not get lost in all the color changes. What people don’t realize is that wood veneers and colored stones are also colors. Below is what the house looked like when we were finished.

Imagine how busy the exterior of the house would be if we used a light green shade for the top, a dark green for the traditional bottom, and a completely different color of wood (chicken feet) at the top of the roof line.

Exterior House Colors For Light Grey Roof

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When I choose exterior finishes and accent colors for my clients, I do that 95% of the time

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