Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

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Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos – If you’re thinking about changing the exterior color of your home, consider choosing a shade or color combination that will make people want to visit your home and make you smile every time you step out onto the front porch. Fortunately, inviting colors come in a variety of colors. While yellow and orange make you think of the warmth of the sun, blue has long been considered a calming color – and invites relaxation. While all people react differently to different colors, Psychology Today points out that blue light is known to make people feel calm. But, blue is not the only color that you can feel comfortable in your home.

Below you will find 30 different paint colors that will liven up any home. From bright, fun colors to soft tones, there’s something for every taste. And if you don’t want to go all white with accents, there are some great combinations.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

A color like barn red may not be the first color that comes to mind when painting your home. However, as you can see, it makes this house stand out in a sea of ​​white, gray and pale blue. This is the first house people see on the block.

How To Choose An Exterior Paint Color

If you want a blue home, choose a shade of blue that pops and feels cheerful, like this medium blue, the same color as your favorite jeans. It certainly looks more fun and inviting than the pale blue you see in some homes.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

If the last shade of blue is a little too dark for your taste, this brighter shade may be more suitable. Combined with dark shutters, it also creates a kind of denim feel, but also has a bright and attractive tone that pops out of the white and gray.

Here’s another blue house that invites you inside. This dark blue has a purple hue in the right light and pairs well with gray stone accents and ceilings.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Paint Schemes For Your Home’s Exterior

While a gray house with white accents may not stand out in the neighborhood, a home with a striking orange door and orange window accents will get people talking. Orange is a warm and inviting color that adds something extra to a soft color palette.

Unless you’re a vampire, black isn’t the first color you gravitate to when painting the exterior of your home. However, this patio has a classic look that is inviting and not intimidating.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

If your home stands out as a bright ray of sunshine in your neighborhood, yellow is a great choice of exterior paint color. When people can’t help but smile with this colorful color.

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Turquoise is a popular color indoors, but it can also be attractive outside of your home. It goes well with colorful flower beds.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Bright green or lime, whatever you want to call it, gives a lively look to the house. While this seems like a good color for a shed, it’s also a great color to make your home stand out and be the talk of the community.

Warm yellow comes in a variety of shades and this pale yellow looks like a comforting bowl of custard. Adding a green door makes this beautiful home even more appealing.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Exterior Paint Ideas For Inviting Curb Appeal

Pale purple is a great color for dollhouses. This beautiful home looks like a great place to visit and the turquoise accents make it even more inviting and artistic.

While comfy rocking chairs can add to the ambience, this shade of mint green certainly gives the home an inviting feel. To give things some character, dark blue doors and shutters help bring out the greenery and make things look classy.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

The pink color gives the house a unique and attractive look. It gives a feeling of security, comfort and love. To compensate for the chewing gum, beautiful plantations full of greenery and flowers make this place a home worth visiting.

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There are many shades of yellow to choose from for house paint. This is very elegant and is made even brighter by the blue combination of the door and window. A cloudless sunny day is a sight to behold.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Red is reserved for brick and adobe houses, even a wooden or clapboard house will look very warm and inviting in red. This red color is not too bright and will look especially beautiful during the holidays.

Blue goes with almost anything and the bright accent color chosen for this pink house really makes the lighter shades of pink stand out. This beautiful place looks like a great place to spend time.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Amazing White Modern Stucco House Colors Ideas

Orange is another color that brings sunshine and warmth. This attractive color makes guests feel welcome and invited, even if they are staying with you.

Bright and bright colors that are considered “warm” are very attractive and soft tones. This pale pink house has a nice look and the peach colored door gives it an extra pop of color.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

While dark and vibrant shades of blue stand out, lighter shades of blue are also warm and inviting. Blue is a happy color and this snow-lit blue house in this image really stands out.

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Whether you call it cream or white, this house looks like a delicious gingerbread house in a way. A pale yellow tone goes well with a brown roof. They all have an attractive feel, as long as you don’t think there’s an evil witch inside!

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Like black, gray can feel a bit dark, but it’s also attractive. If your home has beautiful stonework like this, gray is a great choice. The dark gray accents really add to the elegance.

One of the advantages of light but not completely white colors is that they do not show dirt easily. This light gray color is very nice and the blue doors make it even more attractive.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Classic Southern Paint Colors

The house is a pale shade of turquoise which is very easy on the eyes. This home doesn’t scream for attention, but still feels like a place you want to visit and spend time.

Want something darker but black is a little sickly for your taste? The dark brown color gives off an air of mystery without looking dark. The brown tone is very attractive and looks amazing next to the green grass.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Another warm and attractive shade of brown is this gray. It looks beautiful next to this beautiful brown door and beautiful green fence.

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You can add fun colors to the exterior of your white house. The reddish accents are beautiful in this home. The house looks pink instead of white.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

This beautiful shade of green makes even a small home feel cozy and inviting. This green looks great combined with white or dark brown doors, but that’s it.

Just as yellow is warm and inviting, this beige exterior home color is cool. The dark gray roof makes the color stand out even more.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Exterior Color Schemes

Consider painting your home in fun, crazy colors. Even the brightest color combinations give an attractive atmosphere, and these color combinations are amazing.

If you like the calm of a white house, consider brightening it up by pairing it with some dark accents. You don’t have to go all black – this rich dark door and almost black shutters look stylish. You should see the looks I get when I tell people that choosing exterior paint colors is an exciting opportunity to give your home a uniquely personal look. …

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

It’s a series we call the Sweet Sixteen, where we explore popular home styles and give them new life with the same 16 colors from our Exterior Color Palette card to show you how to update your home and add your personal touch. We breathe.

Best Ideas For Picking Exterior House Colors

Let’s start with this simple craftsman style small bungalow. Also known as the Arts and Crafts style, Craftsman style architecture has British origins, but has been one of the most enduring and popular styles in the United States since it first appeared in the late 1800s.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

Let us know if you would like your home to be included in this category. Email our Color Marketing Manager Shannon Kaye at [email protected] to be considered. You need to project professional images right across the front of your home. The extra detailed photos are nice too! We’ll feature your home in these 16 plans on our blog and tag you (and your photographer, designer, etc.) on social media.

Our Sweet 16 series is over 20 years old.

Exterior House Colors Ideas Photos

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