Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

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Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes – If you’re planning to renovate your home and looking for ideas and inspiration, you’re in the right place. In this roundup of home exterior trends for 2024, we look at the styles and design elements, paint colors and more that will be popular next year. We point out.

To create this list, we looked at the top trends of the past year and what we plan to do moving forward. We have also considered the most common customer requests. Finally, we looked at what was trending in the industry. Some trends are plain and simple, while others are abstract and leave room for creativity.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

Not sure how to incorporate the latest trends into your home’s exterior design? We can help! Or if you want a timeless look, we can help you present it. We work with homeowners of all styles and preferences to help them achieve the curb appeal of their dreams. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

This 1950s Mountain Cabin Gets A Dreamy Makeover

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Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

Brutalism, an architectural style that originated in the 1950s, is making a comeback. Brutalist buildings are known for their lack of decoration and use of simple geometric shapes. This utilitarian design style emphasizes raw materials such as concrete, brick and steel and often uses a neutral color palette.

The above design features dark gray neutral tone earrings with a rough, textured finish. Stone is featured in another neutral gray, while black accents and wood elements are used throughout. We removed the shutters to make the facade look softer and simpler.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

Straw Colour Paint

If brutality isn’t too cool or glamorous for your taste, don’t worry. Another soft, cozy design style will also be popular in 2024. Organic modern design is a part of traditional modern design that is more pleasant and warm.

As you can imagine, organic materials and natural elements such as wood and stone are characteristics of this design style. Color palettes feature soft neutrals and earth tones, and curves and curves are common, mimicking the smooth edges found in nature.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

Many homes designed in an organic modern style feature floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors to create a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Organic accents are also key and include things like planters or woven furniture.

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Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

From light, beachy hues to deep, dark hues, we expect to see an array of blouses worn outside the home in 2024. Three of the top 14 exterior paint colors for 2024 are shades of blue, and our top pick for the new year is Cool Charcoal with a hint of blue.

Additionally, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams chose blue as the color of 2024 (Blue New and High, respectively).

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

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Well-designed outdoor spaces have been essential for years, but having a deck with a grill or fire pit in your backyard isn’t enough. Today’s homeowner wants an outdoor space that fits their specific needs and lifestyle. We’ve had clients add cucumber yards, log cabins, boat docks (below) and more. We have seen requests for the design shown.

In addition to the sitting area, fireplace and dining room, there is a separate outbuilding in the lower courtyard, which serves as an art room.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

We have also seen an increase in requests for backyard pool designs. Pools, also known as splash pools, are a smaller alternative to traditional pools, so they’re ideal for homeowners with limited outdoor space. They are more economical and easier to maintain, but still offer all the fun and benefits of a regular sized pool.

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Given how popular hot tubs have become among online health and fitness influencers, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a surge in interest in these tiny pools.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

Want to add a water feature to your yard, but don’t have the space or budget for a pool? Shop our favorite fountains here.

The wellness real estate market is poised for astronomical growth in the coming years. (According to the Global Wellness Institute, this is expected to grow from about $400 billion in 2022 to $887 billion by 2027.) Homes are being built left and right to support the health and well-being of the people who live in them. – This is just the beginning.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

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Rain showers, sensory gardens and cool pools (mentioned above) are just a few of the wellness features and amenities people are incorporating into their homes. We receive all wellness inquiries from clients. The above design includes a sheltered area that the owner plans to use as a yoga room.

We’ve always believed that your home should be your happiest place, and we’re excited to see people prioritize health in exterior design.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

From hurricanes and wildfires to blizzards and tornadoes, there are many natural disasters that can threaten your home. As we experience an increase in these devastating environmental events, many homeowners are taking steps to protect their property.

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For example, many of our clients who live in areas prone to bushfires require the use of fire resistant fasteners in their exterior design. We’re big fans of impact-resistant, moisture-resistant and fire-resistant fiber cement siding (shown above) in general. Concrete and steel are also weathered building materials.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

There are other ways to protect your home from the elements that don’t require replacing all the siding. Bahama blinds used in the above design are a good choice for homes in hurricane prone areas.

If you want to experiment with color in 2024, but don’t want to repaint the entire exterior, consider using an unusual shade in your trim. Black and white are classic decorating colors and are always a safe choice, but we expect an increase in traditional colors used for decorations in the new year.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

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The Tudor-style house above is decorated with stucco and German brick stains—Benjamin Moore’s Carolina Seagull—off-white in trim, wall coverings, facades, and windows.

Similarly, we are seeing more and more homeowners opting for colorful colors for their front doors. We love blue, green and yellow. We also made houses with pink doors. The front door of the house above was designed in coral perfection by Sherwin Williams. The design below shows Benjamin Moore’s shell over the door.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

The minimalism trend has gained momentum over the years, but all good things must come to an end. While we don’t expect this relaxed aesthetic to become completely ruthless, we expect many homeowners to adopt a maximalist approach to exterior design in 2024.

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We see clients inject personality into their home exteriors with unique colors as well as fun touches and decor. As more people continue to travel after the pandemic, many vacationers are also taking home inspiration from their vacations.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

In 2024, we’ll see a lot more glass – from glass walls to floor-to-ceiling windows and mostly glass doors. As people continue to prioritize good indoor-outdoor flow (one of our top trend predictions for 2023) and a strong connection with nature, glass will become popular as a building material.

Large picture windows and folding glass walls blur the lines between the home’s exterior and interior. It makes the space feel bigger – no extras needed.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

What’s The Perfect Mid Century House Color?

As we discussed earlier about the modern organic trend, many homeowners are mixing design styles to best suit their preferences. For example, Japandi, which combines the rustic minimalism of Japanese design with the familiar functionality of Scandinavian style, is a relatively new trend that we have noticed an increase in customer references.

We often see clients describe their design style as a mix of several styles. The homeowners above wanted a mid-century modern beach look for their vacation home. The home’s clean lines and wood paneling are mid-century modern, and the color palette is mostly coastal.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

This concludes our list of top exterior design trends for 2024. From practical ideas like weatherproofing your home to freebies like swimming pools, we’re excited about all the outdoor trends that will be popular next year.

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Do you want to incorporate one or more of these trends into your exterior design? You don’t have to wait until 2024. Start your exterior project today with brick and mortar.

Exterior Paint Colors For 1950's Homes

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