Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors – Learn how to easily paint your metal front door in a few simple steps. Video tutorial included!

I am happy to announce that this is the first time I have repainted this particular metal front door. I have done this several times, mostly within two years, but this, my friend, is the first time! Here i am

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

It’s not a terrible color, but it annoyed me when my husband insisted on getting a color similar to the one we chose for the deck.

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Unfortunately at that point I had trouble choosing another color and I was broke. smell

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

However, I will not cry about it anymore. I turn over a new leaf, put on my big girl pants and paint the door the shade I want.

1. First things first, as with any surface you want to paint, you need to clean it.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

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Fortunately, the surface of my metal front door was neither chipped nor chipped, so it didn’t need to be sanded or scraped.

2. I just used an all purpose cleaner, my outdoor hose and a roll of paper to clean the dirt and debris that had accumulated on my door.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

My door has several windows, so it was very important that I do a good job of filming. It may sound like a pain, but trust me it will save you a lot of time in the end.

Peeling Green Paint On Old Metal Door Paint Peeling To Reveal Grey And Silver Metal Underneath Dark Green Color Paint On Exterior Building Wall Stock Photo

4. After taping your metal front door to your liking (including: door handles, hinges, frame and window) it’s time to paint!

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

5. Be sure to shake the paint before use, and remember that the key is to paint everything in thin, multiple layers.

6. For this particular door, I have not used the foam and roller cap to paint, but I highly recommend it if your door has no window.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

Professional Exterior Metal Door Painting

With this particular color I needed two full coats and then I saw some areas through the windows with a third.

Use your scissors to trim off any paint that has dried too thick on your ribbon. Let me show you.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

Wasn’t it too simple? I told you it wouldn’t be so bad! Cleaning was also a piece of cake.

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If you​​​​like these ideas, you will definitely want to check out some of my other DIY projects, which are also full of step-by-step tutorials and tons of freebies! Can’t wait to see you again! Learn how to paint metal doors. Do your metal exterior doors need an update? Paint is the easiest way to freshen up your home. Get easy tips for painting your doors without a brush stroke.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

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I’ve painted a ton of doors in my life, but metal doors are probably the hardest.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

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Perhaps this is because they are usually exterior doors (or doors leading to the garage) and are more commonly used than interior doors.

This is the most important part of painting metal doors. Primer is applied with a chip brush, not your expensive brush.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

The door I painted was flat with a window. Most people leave the plastic window trim painted, but this is a personal pet peeve of mine because it looks unfinished.

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If you have this design, it should also be done in advance. Be careful not to hit the window.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

If you have a metal paneled door, paint the interior first, as instructed in this article on painting exterior doors.

I also chose to paint the trim in this room the same color, but in most cases this is not necessary. In this small office space, the white was too distracting, so I painted it to blend in.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

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It will take about a month for your newly painted metal door to fully cure, so be careful with it during this time. (By the way, all colors take this long to fully cure.)

If you have dogs that read doors, try to keep them away from the door as much as possible.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

Amy is a vintage obsessed mom of 2 DIYer who loves to share inexpensive solutions to everyday problems. You don’t need a big budget to create a beautiful home. Read more…I won’t lie, I thought I could show off my yard now. But progress is very slow. At the beginning of July we had expected to put the fence on our deck. Well, the pieces finally arrived, but right now the crew is busy with another project, and we’re behind schedule on this one.

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It is hard to look out the window and see a project that is almost finished. Originally we planned to tackle some DIY projects after the full crew was done. But after so many weeks we figured we might as well take advantage of the downtime and do some DIY projects.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

That first project? Paint the metal door leading to the garage. Now that the yard is so pretty, our rusty door sticks out like a sore thumb! I have painted doors before (you can see 5 tips for painting a front door and painting your front door here), but I have never painted a metal door. So this was a new project for me!

As you can see, the whole side of the door started to rust. Not good at all. It just looked very dirty and worn.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

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While we updated the keyless lock on the garage door entrance (more about that here!), the rest of the door was quite shabby.

And whoever painted it for me didn’t do a good job. They just painted over the hinges and found a lot of white paint on the weatherstrip. oh

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

Here is a photo of the wood trim around the metal door. It had seen better days too. I found that while I was working on the door, I might as well touch up the trim.

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First, you want to make sure you choose a day with good weather conditions. It rained a lot in July, so it was hard to find a day to cover this project. Luckily I have a dry day to tackle this DIY project. This project actually only took a few hours to complete from start to finish, so I’m sure you can catch up on sleep if you need to!

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

The most important part of this project is using the right colors. If you just pick a standard exterior paint, it may not go well with the metal and finish. I wasn’t sure what paint to use for that, so I went to my local Benjamin Moore and talked to one of the experts there. Yes, I have one within walking distance and it is a life saver! I took some photos of the door beforehand, especially the rust spots, and we went over our paint options. This is in no way sponsored by Benjamin Moore, but I understand that their staff always know about what color is best for your project. When in doubt, I refer to them.

Helpful seller Benjamin Moore said to go with his Ultra Spec in low-key colors, which are more like “satin” in traditional terms. It is a paint and primer in one and provides rust prevention and control. It seemed perfect for my project and I only needed a quarter for my door.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

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As for the color, I decided to match the metal garage door to our front door. From here I chose Benjamin Moore’s “Blue Note” color and it is amazing. The perfect blue! I’m all about repeating colors and elements in your home to keep things cohesive, so using this color was a no-brainer for me!

As with any paint project, it’s all about preparation. To do this I started with a very aggressive stone carving of the door. I used my mouse sander and went with 90 grit paper followed by 150 grit. This removed a lot of rust (wear a mask!) and smoothed out the uneven surface.

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

Next I used a Crud Cutter, but you can use any type of degreaser to really clean the door before painting. One more door cleaned and I was ready to paint. Then I took masking tape and taped the door cross and the lock. You can also remove them if that suits you.

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To solve this project, you can simply remove the door from the hinge and place it on a work table or horses. Being seven months pregnant, I didn’t want to lift anything heavy and keep the door as it was. To prevent the door from swinging

Exterior Paint For Metal Doors

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