Exterior Stain Colors For Cedar Siding

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Many people like the look of cedar siding because of its natural and unique look. In the decades when cedar siding was used, home builders often painted it to give homes a more rustic look. The stain looked like paint, but held up differently.

Exterior Stain Colors For Cedar Siding

Exterior Stain Colors For Cedar Siding

However, cedar siding has declined significantly over the years. Home builders today tend to use cedar siding sparingly. This means that most of the cedar wood you see on the outside is likely from older homes and has aged to the point where it looks like it needs some TLC.

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So, how do you improve the exterior of a home with old cedar siding? Can you paint cedar siding? The answer is yes, and depending on your jeweler’s age and condition, you probably should. Applying paint to cedar siding will give it a rough cedar texture, but the paint will last twice as long as the stain. Although the paint and stain are similar to cedar wood, the paint will be stronger and last longer.

Before you begin any type of cedar siding painting, ask and answer this question: If you don’t know the answer, talk to your painting professionals who should help you figure it out.

This step is important for several reasons. First, if the stain has a translucent style and you want to keep that natural look, you need to stay translucent. You can go with a translucent stain which will give you more color and depth while allowing the natural grain of the cedar wood to show through. Translucent is fashionable on antique cedar because it gives a richer, more colored look than translucent.

But if the stain is currently a solid color, you can stay with the solid stain or move on to staining. The hard stain will fade and peel as it weathers. Typically, a hard stain will last 4 to 8 years depending on how exposed it is to the cedar surface. But in most areas, the paint will last 8 to 10 years.

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Excessive moisture that occurs in the winter snow or rainy season can destroy your cedar siding over time. This is a great formula for treating wood rot and other damage. In bad weather, your cedar wood siding will be exposed to the elements and this will take its toll over time. This is especially true if you live in an area with severe weather such as high winds, heavy snow, or heavy rain.

If the old paint or stain is chipped or cracked, it’s easier for insects to find entry points into the cedar wood underneath. But when professionals apply a thick coat of paint to the exterior of your house, pests like termites are prevented from gnawing through the wood.

Rough sawn cedar is a beautiful product, but requires care. When properly cared for, cedar siding should last a long time, hold its color (whatever color it is) and maintain the appearance of real, natural wood on the exterior of your home. But the main thing is proper care. If your cedar siding is old and neglected, it definitely needs some love in the form of exterior paint.

Exterior Stain Colors For Cedar Siding

Seeing bare wood means it’s time to protect it with a fresh coat of paint. You may see hardwood or hardwood in the woods, but they both require the same maintenance.

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You may also notice bowing effects on cedar trim or siding as it begins to show its age from exposure to weather, sunlight, wind and rain. Bending sometimes causes the boards to crack or weaken. Fortunately, professional painters know how to apply nail polish to fill the boards before applying paint. This prep work is an important part of improving the condition of your cedar siding.

If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to any type of home improvement, a quick fix can turn into a much bigger or even more dangerous problem. Fortunately, Sharper Impressions takes care of all of that, giving you peace of mind that your home is updated the right way.

Rough weathered cedar should usually be given two coats of a high quality paint or stain to protect it. You can be sure that your cedar stain will last approximately eight years when properly prepared and applied by the team at Sharper Impressions.

Want to see how cedar siding looks when you repaint it? Our client in Nashville, Tennessee didn’t like how a brown painted cedar house got lost in the trees. They wanted to light up the whole house and make it more welcoming. Look!

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Our expert painters are ready to help you with your cedar painting or staining project. Contact us today for a free quote and expert paint color consultation.

‚ÄúThis is my third time using Sharper Impressions Painting Company. They did exterior trim and painting and garage door painting for us. Each time they coped perfectly. The exterior woodwork was repaired and replaced with care and skill. depending on the existing wood. The picture is clean, without brush strokes, without spots and drops. I highly recommend them for your next project. “Staining vs. staining cedar siding is a very common question for those who have cedar siding on their home. Should exterior cedar siding be painted or stained? Many other interesting questions; Find out what paint to use for cedar siding, or find out if you can paint sharp cedar.

When deciding whether to paint or stain your home’s exterior cedar siding. As an authority on the subject, we will cover the pros and cons of cedar veneer paint and stain. Not only have I been a painting contractor for over 40 years, but I also know first hand, having owned a cedar house for about 30 of those 40+ years.

Exterior Stain Colors For Cedar Siding

After reading this article, you will be able to make an informed choice about which way to go with staining or coloring your precious jeweler’s siding. Giving you my personal life experience in making this decision.

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The biggest and most important point is that cedar does not take paint the same way. If you have cedar siding shingles on your home and they aren’t currently covered in paint, don’t paint them.

Cedar wood veneer should never be painted, as it is cut and milled along beads that peel away from the wood as it ages. Another reason not to paint a cedar deck is the many pieces of wood that make it very difficult to paint all the edges, sealing them in water, which then lifts the paint.

With this article to the fore, I must warn you that you should not paint cedar planks. If you do, you will ruin their life with peeling paint. Repainting is required every two years to replace them with transparent ones.

Cedar wood panels such as 1″ X 6″, 1″ X 8″, 1″ X 12″ or two inches thick can be painted with a solid paint that does not require a primer, but painting cedar is still not recommended if . you can’t help.

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The main reason it is not recommended to paint cedar wood siding is because you are covering up the natural beauty of the wood. Cedar wood siding is not cheap to say the least, and will last for many years if properly stained, and even better with additional staining.

If there is no paint or stain on the cedar cover, you have to figure something out. Once you apply a solid body paint stain to cedar, it is nearly impossible to apply a translucent stain afterward. The reason it is necessary to remove all hard paint is that transfer stains do not cover but only strengthen the cedar wood.

You can always use a strong body paint stain on a translucent stain that has dried and hardened over six months to a year. However, do not go back to translucent when using a solid stain.

Exterior Stain Colors For Cedar Siding

The answer is yes, you can paint over stained cedar, but with some experimentation and long-term commitment. You should make sure the stain is dry after using the best deck cleaner, which is also good for cedar decking. A good way to test this is to spray water on the stained cedar. If the water penetrates the wood without repelling it, there is a good chance that it is ready for paint stains.

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Long-term loyalty to painting on cedar, because once it is painted, it cannot return to a normal transparent stain later.

Note that I keep using the term “Paint Stain” because the paint stain leaves a layer a mile thick on the surface, acting like paint, but also penetrating the cedar, unlike 100% acrylic exterior paint. Your typical exterior paints that are 100% acrylic are not designed for cedar siding where paint stains are tough.

Hard paint stains look like paint, but

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