Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House – Choosing the best exterior house colors for 2022 can be difficult. As a homeowner, painting the exterior of your home is a big investment. Accordingly, you want to find a timeless, yet modern house color that will retain its appeal for years to come.

Our expert team has selected all the trendy colors and classic house combinations to make your work easier. We’ve found the top 10 exterior colors from popular brands like Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

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Modern Gray House Exterior Color Schemes

Now, from trendy to classic neutral tones, here are 10 exterior home colors that made our list for 2022.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Our professional designers have selected exterior colors that are popular and durable among our home painting customers. In our experience, today’s color trends do not necessarily mean that you will be satisfied with them in the future. That is why our criteria include both modern and classic house styles, with the emphasis on versatility.

We offer a wide variety of color ideas, from off-white and dark gray to dark blue and onyx black outer covers. Ultimately, our goal with this list is to help you avoid regretting choosing the wrong paint color for your home.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Exterior House Trim Colors: Coordinating Your Exterior Facade & Trim

To this end, we provide color photos of real painted house exteriors. These real home pictures are a great way to find out what colors you like and don’t like, new trends or anything else.

At the end of the list, we’ll show you exactly how to choose a color scheme for your home. So without further ado, let’s start with the best house paint of 2022, Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Alabaster is one of Sherwin-Williams’ most popular exterior colors in 2022. Alabaster (SW 7008) is timeless and trendy for warm, off-white looks this year. It’s undoubtedly a rare combination for any modern exterior or interior paint color.

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As mentioned, it’s a warm off-white color with some beige undertones, but in most cases it doesn’t look yellow. It’s also the perfect neutral exterior tone, best suited for lighting up homes with lots of shade. The versatile shade can be conveniently used as a trim or body color, as well as a contrasting upholstery color.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Additionally, alabaster white is an option that works well to update exterior brick and traditional siding. This classic color contrasts beautifully with dark roof shingles, navy blue shutters, black trim or a charcoal front door.

The last important feature is the versatility of alabaster. Accordingly, this cream color blends beautifully with existing stone, metal or brick trim.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Best Colors To Update Your Exterior Trim

Moving up the cooler off-white exterior color spectrum is Benjamin Moore’s White Pigeon. This very popular shade of white has gray undertones that put it on the cooler side of things compared to Sherwin Alabaster.

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Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

However, White Dove (OC-17) is still considered a warm, soft off-white color. As an exterior paint, you can use White Dove on the siding or siding of your home. Like alabaster, this trendy color is best for brightening up shady homes. The color really shines when surrounded by greenery and contrasted with black shutters or slate-toned windows.

Gray House Color Schemes

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black (SW 6258) is another popular color traditionally used as an exterior accent for doors and shutters. Black exteriors are trendy these days, and Tricorn Black is a modern choice for a house or facade color. In fact, painting your house black is an option for more modern home styles.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

For all of us, Tricorn Black can add a touch of sophistication as an exterior, window, front door, gutter or shutter color. This color pairs very well with off-white colors such as Pure White or Rarefied Air (SW 6258).

In terms of color tone, Tricorn is a true black that belongs to the neutral family. Respected as the favorite color of many designers, black is a versatile shade due to the lack of basic tones. This means it pairs beautifully with warm or cool toned white, gray or even deep dark exteriors. I have seen it used as a black window tint with wonderful results.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

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Sherwin’s Pewter Cast (SW 7673) is a cool, muted gray tone that works well with exterior stucco, siding, or cedar shingles. For homes with dark gray shingles or black roofs and stone or brick, the versatility of this gray exterior color is key. It can also be combined well with white exterior colors, such as zircon (SW 7667).

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Here, gray shines if your home has decorative brick or stone with cool tones. It is often rare to find a gray color that matches these elements. Pewter Gray is the perfect deep cool-toned exterior shade for work. Pair these shades of gray with wood accents and navy or brown front doors for a sleek, modern exterior color palette.

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Polar Bear 75 is Behr’s best-selling exterior paint, a classic cool white with a slight warm pink undertone. Therefore, it can be used well as a decorative color that highlights the natural tones of the wood and highlights the brown border.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Behr’s polar bear can be paired with dusty blue shutters or cladding for a classic yet modern farmhouse color palette. It also looks good on planks and slats. And if you don’t have a Sherwin or Ben Moore paint store nearby, you can find this off-white neutral home paint at Home Depot.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn (SW 7674) is a very popular dark gray exterior house paint. While it may look dark on deck with fans or as a sample paint, this gray accentuates an exterior that gets plenty of natural sunlight. This rich, modern color is a fashionable alternative to cedar siding that is durable.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Front Door Colors For Gray Houses You’ll Love In 2023

Peppercorn is a cool shade of gray with slight red and blue undertones. This is great as a primary shade for homes with red front doors or brick chimneys. Again, if you choose pepper as your exterior color, make sure your home gets plenty of light.

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Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Finding the best light blue house paint for your exterior can be difficult. The Sherwin Williams Poolhouse (SW 7603) simplifies this process. It’s a stunning mid-light blue color that’s both timeless and modern. If you’re afraid of dark blue exterior shades like Hell Navy, you’re not alone. Externally, the pool house becomes a warm and cool mid-blue shade when combined with white or off-white decorative colors.

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Note that lighting plays a big role in this understated blue house color with a hint of green. As a traditional craftsman or historic exterior color, it looks spectacular with lots of lighting. As a result, a pool house can add a modern twist to any traditional Victorian home color scheme.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Another premium exterior blue is Naval (SW 6244). A popular medium or dark blue house color is on the warm side of the outdoor color spectrum. Compared to Benjamin Moore’s “Hell Navy”, Naval is a classic navy with less gray undertones.

Navy was the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year for 2020, and for good reason. It can be used as a dark blue shade for an entrance door or as a beautiful accent color for a bright exterior. As a versatile, neutral color option, it can also be paired with the dark blue pink front door for a pop of color. As you can see in the photo above, the dark gray floor on the front porch works well with accent colors like Sherwin “Grey Shingle.”

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

What Color Door Goes With A Gray House

Looking for light gray or gray house paint that warms you up? Then Worldly Gray (SW 7043) could be a great choice. This exterior gray shade has a very passive green undertone and has an LRV of 57, which is on the low side. A low LRV or light reflectance value means you can see better outdoors with lots of light.

Worldly Gray is a more saturated, slightly darker version of the popular Agreeable Grey. As an exterior color, it creates a soft and earthy feeling. The earthy shades of world gray go well with the pearly white house decor, accented by black shutters.

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

Another popular dark outdoor house shade that is gaining in popularity is Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. This trendy color is described as a rich, dark gray that looks more like deep charcoal than black.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Exterior By The Phinery

In comparison, iron ore (SW 7069) is peppercorns and a shade darker

Exterior Trim Colors For Gray House

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