Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

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Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours – Scandi Color Rainbow – Made of 4 pieces of Painted wood to create the perfect Scandinavian style design. The soft, hand-picked effect of the design works perfectly in a nursery or children’s room.

Choose the colors you want to complete your rainbow: make each arc of the rainbow different colors, or use a combination of 2 colors, or have the same color. like it! When ordering, leave a note: from the largest spring to the smallest.

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

A variety of color matching paints are available from Farrow & Ball. These are made from 5mm thick MDF, then sanded, primed and hand painted with beautiful Farrow & Ball paint colours. See the color chart in the pictures for a list of 18 available paint options.

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Installation We offer 3M strong removable double-sided tape and wall plugs, which we consider a quick and easy solution for wall mounting. If you want, you can use any other mounting methods. We do not take responsibility for the placement of our members on the surface.

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

Customs and Duties are handled and shipped from the UK. International buyers (including those from Europe) are responsible for customs duties and taxes that may apply upon arrival. What are the most popular colors in Scandinavia? Are they mostly shades of white, black, and gray? If your only experience in Scandinavian design is typical Nordic minimalism, you would be forgiven for thinking that the range of colors in this country of design is limited.

British Nordic paint brand Farrow & Ball is keen to show that there is more to paint than grey. Choose from 132 colors of their “Nordic Edit” brand, as well as colors specially designed to match the Nordic landscape and urban architecture.

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

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Danish art collector Sara Lysgaard’s home is painted with a palette chosen to show how these colors can be used in conjunction with Scandinavian art and design. The results are ethereal; It is clear that space and light play a big role in finding colors in the interior of the house.

We spoke with Jannik Martensen-Larsen, owner of Tapet-Cafe and creator of the Nordic Edit Farrow & Ball, about Scandinavian color misconceptions and how to use strong paint colors at home. Also check out Sara Lysgaard’s colorful house:

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

For many years I have dreamed of finding unique and modern colors. I enjoyed working with colors in the Farrow and Ball archive and thought it would pay off to check out this hidden option. In a modern way and influenced by Scandinavian architecture and design, I wanted to show our market the endless possibilities that can be achieved when using Farrow & Ball paint colors.

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I have created a color scheme that can be used in modern Scandinavian homes as well as in traditional and traditional spaces.

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

The Nordic Edition is an essential tool for showing how to create a colorful new look. I want it to be a vehicle for the future, but with a timeless feel, not driven by trends.

Please tell us a little about Tapet-Cafe and what you do there. Located outside Copenhagen’s Tapet-Cafe, the space is a showcase for design, a home for color and pattern. Founded by my parents in 1974, we have created a world of exquisite interiors specializing in fine paint, wallpaper and textile design.

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

New Coating Of Danish For Farrow & Ball

We value working with artists, designers and consumers across generations. And in the last 10 years we have developed our own label: Helene Blanche – Wallpaper and Textiles, managed and designed by my wife.

What do you associate with color? How does color affect you personally? I am inspired by many things. I love beautiful houses, furniture and art. I love the unique colors of our Scandinavian nature; sea, forests, etc. I also love Scandinavian architecture. I am creative and love to play with colors and patterns.

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

What is it like working with a brand like Farrow & Ball? What is their interest in producing custom pallets?

Farrow And Ball Treron

It’s a pleasure working with Farrow & Ball. As the keepers of the Nordic Edit color card, they rely heavily on the choices I made throughout the process. There was only dedication and support. The collaboration between Farrow & Ball and Tapet-Cafe is great for me. It’s a dream come true and I’m proud of the result.

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

From left: Strong White No.2001, Schoolhouse White No.291, Hardwick White #5, Light Blue #22, Potted Shrimp No.9906, Sugar Bag Light No.29, Just Green No.219, Monkey Puzzle No. . .238

From left: Wall White No.58, Tunsgate Green No.250, Dyrehaven No.9819, Serge No.9919, Copenhagen Dam No.9816, Rate Black No.9920, Railings No.31, India Yellow No.66

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

Of The Most On Trend Farrow And Ball Nursery Colours

From left: Saxon Green No. 80, Danish Grass No. 9817, Pantalon No. 221, Etruscan Red No. 56, Terre D’Egypt No. 247, Babouche No. 223, Arsenic No. 214, China Blue No. 90.

You have over 132 colors to choose from. Did it seem impossible, or just a drop in the ocean when it came to color? For the past 20 years I have worked with Farrow & Ball paints and wallpaper. It was easy to choose some of my favorite colors like Hardwick White, Strong White and the base color of the color card. I use these colors all the time and they are my “essential colors”.

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

Over the years I have looked at the Farrow & Ball portfolio and recently developed a large hotel project. This project made me realize how many amazing shades they have in their inventory.

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Most of my inspiration comes from art, including the colors of Medieval artists such as Vilhelm Lundström, Franciska Clausen, Willumsen. Another inspiration is the unique Scandinavian architecture and design; for example, houses in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

The Scandinavian color palette is considered limited. Where do you think this idea came from? This is the main reason I wanted to do this color scheme. I think that in recent years Scandinavia has become known for the cool “Nordic look”. But we stand for more than that. There are many new and vibrant shades from our amazing character and amazing artists. I think we are very colorful and if we look at history we have more to offer than white and gray tones.

What are the interior design trends based on colors? What should people consider when choosing colors that won’t go out of style in a year or two?

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

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Nordic Edita should be a choice of trendy colors. I don’t want to follow trends; instead, I want to create an endless edition of inspired colors and functionality rooted in Scandinavia.

With this tool, I look backwards and forwards. I don’t like to follow a lot of rules or follow routines. I believe that interior design is more than considering the actual room, the character of the design and who will live in it. You should try to do more creatively, boldly and personally. That’s why I never created the same look. Every room is different and every customer comes with a different story. Nordic Edita is not considered an independent tool, but an additional editor that helps to create a stylish and colorful interior.

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

Is quality paint really important in a house? Why or why? This is very important. The richness of the pigments and the matte finish typical of Farrow & Ball paints make all the difference: they give a deep and historic look.

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How can paint color play a role in interior design if furniture and accessories can’t? What about people who only have white walls but want to make a splash with color?

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

In my opinion, paint color is a wonderful tool in interior design. A good color combination creates a visual calm and is an important basis for further decoration of the room. When I create a home, I always start with a color scheme. Once this is established, furniture, art, etc. It is very easy to install.

One thing that I think is important in design is the idea of ​​drama. I think it’s very important to be generous with the colors. My general advice on color: have fun, play and forget the rules, especially the methods!

Farrow And Ball Scandi Colours

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