Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

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Choosing the right exterior color for your feng shui home is one of the most important decisions you can make as a homeowner. The exterior of your home is very important as it makes a visual statement around the world. Exterior feng shui home colors also have functional and aesthetic effects that are felt beyond the color of the walls. This color sets the tone of energy for your home. The right color can help you attract the best opportunities and bring more wealth and abundance.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

Choosing the best exterior house colors is necessary, but it can be a confusing process. Different experts use different methods to choose the best feng shui exterior house colors. In the end, the color you choose is not as important as going through the process and making thoughtful decisions about your home and its surroundings.

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It is important to choose exterior home colors to consider Feng Shui principles, the location of the home, the environment, and the specific goals and needs of the home’s occupants.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

When deciding on the best exterior colors, it’s important to consider the home’s surroundings. Feng Shui practitioners consider both the direction of the front house and the direction of the sitting house. Some schools of feng shui will emphasize one direction over the other.

To find the direction of your home, use a magnetic compass or a compass app on your smartphone. View the campus reading from your front door. This will show you the orientation of the house. The direction of placement of your house is exactly opposite to the direction of orientation. If the way your house is placed is west then east.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

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Another way to choose an exterior color with good feng shui is to consider the location of your house according to the bagua map. A bagua map is a way for feng shui designers to plan the energy space in a particular area. Determine the location of your home on the Bagua map. You can use colors that correspond to a specific area on the bagua map. This activates the energy in that area.

This is a useful technique if the area of ​​your home corresponds to the area of ​​your life that you want to use. For example, if your home is in the child and creative part of your area and this is the area you want to focus on in your life, use white on the outside of your home.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

Feng Shui design seeks to balance the five basic elements of nature: wood, earth, fire, metal and water. These elements also represent different qualities that can empower your life. Another way to choose a home exterior feng shui color is to choose a color that represents the characteristic element you want to attract into your life.

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The wood element represents growth and progress. This house color is suitable for those who are considering new endeavors in their life. The wood element also helps if you feel stuck in a certain phase of life and want to move on.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

The element of water is abundance, peace and prosperity. Consider using this color in your home if you want to generate more opportunities in your life and increase your peace of mind.

The fire element represents love, intelligence and active energy. This is a great outdoor feature for your home if you want to generate more inspiration in your life.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

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The metal element represents clarity, order and precision. This is a good thing if you need structured support and guidance in your life.

The earth element represents nourishment and strength. This is a huge strength in most homes as this is a place where you want to feel safe and secure.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

Good feng shui is all about creating harmony in your space. You can use an exterior paint color to blend in with your natural surroundings. Consider both the natural and built environment, such as your neighbors’ homes and surrounding buildings, to choose a color that complements the environment.

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It is not a good practice to choose an outdoor feng shui color if you don’t like it. Although it is a lucky color in feng shui, your aversion to the color can create unwanted negative energy.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

Consider going to a certified feng shui designer to help you choose the right exterior color for you. These professionals will use your preferences, home guidelines, needs and goals to choose the best exterior color palette for your home.

Colors have a significant impact on our mood and how we create our image in the world. Learn the important color language of feng shui.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

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Red, as the element of fire, is love and power. This is the dominant color outside the house. This is a suitable color for a south facing house. Use red on your south-facing front door if you want to add active energy to your life but don’t want to overwhelm your home with color.

Yellow is a bright and cheerful color with many associations in Feng Shui. The dark shade of yellow represents the element of earth, so feng shui designers use it to symbolize stability and focus. Yellowish yellow tones represent the sun, which represents good health and vitality.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

Orange is also associated with the element of fire and symbolizes strength and love. Orange also has a special connection with creativity. Most people would not choose orange as an exterior color for a home, but shades of orange like coral and peach can work as an exterior color for a dark home.

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Feng Shui experts use the color blue to bring calm, peace and relaxation to nature. I also use blue to symbolize knowledge and self-improvement. Blue colors are compatible with many spaces around because it is a visible earth tone.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

Green is another dominant earth tone that works well in a variety of environments. Green symbolizes the element of wood and growth and high energy.

Black represents wisdom and learning. A color that symbolizes safety and stability. This is the perfect entry door color to enhance home security.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

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White is associated with metal elements and represents clarity and focus. You can use it to represent purity and cleanliness. It is better to choose a white exterior for a house with a western orientation.

Gray represents balance as it is the color between yin and yang energy. Use gray to support qualities associated with metal objects, including editing and clarity.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

Brown colors represent the earth element, so they symbolize strength and stability. Brown combines with many outdoor areas. It is a good choice for a side or front door to create space and make you feel secure. An east facing feng shui home is like an open front door inviting healthy chi. In classical feng shui, the east sector controls your health, and an east-facing house can generate good energy not only for health but also wealth.

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The first step in realizing the feng shui power of an east-facing house is to determine or confirm the direction. There are two ways in classical feng shui, using a compass or using the yin yang energy of your home environment. Using the direction of your home’s layout, you can choose the best color for the front door to activate the feng shui chi energy.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

To get the most out of feng shui repairs and improvements, knowing the direction your home faces is important. Using a compass to determine the direction of your home is a quick process and can be done with a basic compass or even a phone app.

In classical feng shui, one way to determine the direction of a house is to identify the side with the most yang energy. Yang energy is active, bright and healthy. If the Yang side is not in front of your house, you can use these feng shui tips to treat the front door on this side of the house as the front door.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

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East-facing houses use the wooden element. By painting with the colors of the wood elements you can activate the good chi and luck of those elements. Since the element of water is beneficial to wood, those colors are also a good option.

Since the east-facing feng shui home is associated with the element of wood, you don’t want to use colors that are destructive or degrading, this will reduce or destroy the positive energy that the east-facing front door brings.

Feng Shui Exterior House Colors

Don’t forget the exterior of your home when developing the incredible power of wood elements. Choose beautiful materials and wooden furniture for the veranda, patio or terrace. Potted plants, crowns and

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