Fine Tip White Marker Pen

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Fine Tip White Marker Pen – Premium quality white acrylic marker with a fine tip and 1mm line width. High-quality tip and perfect ink for excellent coverage even in dark areas.

It is a sign with a fine tip made of porous fibers with a diameter of 1 mm. These types of points won’t bleed paint even on uneven surfaces. The round tip nib is perfect for beginning artists and creative enthusiasts who enjoy painting on a variety of materials, including stone, wood, ceramics, terracotta, and plastic. The marker colors will surprise you with their dimness that works best in dark areas. When dried properly (following the instructions on the marker body) you will achieve unparalleled opaque, luminous color.

Fine Tip White Marker Pen

Fine Tip White Marker Pen

Acrylic markers include innovative water-based inks that can be used on all types of surfaces. The markers ensure smooth color flow, high coverage and bright, consistent colors. Inside the marker body is acrylic ink and binder held together by balls that ensure the correct consistency when rubbed.

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The markers are filled with high quality Italian ink so they won’t fade. The nib is made in Japan and is guaranteed to have a long life. The resulting product is water-resistant and non-abrasive, so colors remain vibrant and do not fade.

Fine Tip White Marker Pen

High-quality inks produce vibrant colors that can be mixed together to create more color combinations. For example, you can use it when compiling: You can apply shading with just a marker or with water and a brush. This process will make your work perfect.

Unlike watercolor or alcohol-based markers, acrylic markers require activation. Shake the marker a few times (at least 10), then remove the cap and repeatedly press the tip into the marker body until the tip is completely removed and out of sight. Repeat this until ink flows from the nib. Your open tag is ready to use.

Fine Tip White Marker Pen

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Before each use, shake the marker with the cap closed and press the tip into the prepared paper or other substrate 2-3 times. This will ensure that the paint is thoroughly mixed and provides the best coverage. If you do not shake the marker before use, the ink will flow and become transparent, and will dry well without covering on non-porous materials. Even if it is black ink, mix carefully. Use caution, especially when using on porous materials that may decompose if used with a higher binder than acrylic.

Due to their unique properties, acrylic markers can be used on both porous and non-porous materials. Shake the marker well before use to ensure the color is consistent and you achieve the correct opaque effect. Paint on paper, wood, papyrus, plastic, glass, porcelain, ceramics, leather, synthetic leather, stone, etc. When used on non-porous materials such as glass, ceramics, stone, etc., final processing may cause mechanical damage (paint on these materials does not wear off), so the final image must be adjusted accordingly. For porous materials such as paper, wood, or fabric, move the marker around to prevent damage.

Fine Tip White Marker Pen

Acrylic signs should always be kept flat to prevent the paint from drying, the ends from fading, and to make working on other projects easier. If you store it with the tip up, the acrylic will touch the bottom of the marker, making it difficult to mix and causing paint to not apply properly later. Likewise, this last method may cause the paint to dry in that spot. Keeping the marker down may block the pump path. For maximum durability, always store acrylic markers at room temperature. The ideal temperature should be between 15 degrees and 27 degrees. Symptoms should not go beyond frostbite.

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Some types of surfaces require acrylic sticks to be glued in place to increase durability and prevent mechanical damage to your creation. For more information on mounting in various positions, see:

Fine Tip White Marker Pen

Acrylic markers can dry out due to improper use. Acrylic is known to dry quickly, so exposing the tip of the marker to the air can cause it to dry. The tip of the marker does not allow paint to enter the tip, and the paint does not bleed near the tip or at all on the body of the marker. This can be easily prevented by always keeping the marker closed as recommended and avoiding exposing the tip to air. Always check the marker with the cap off. The marker may appear closed, but it may not be. A good seal will prevent the marker from drying out.

When cleaning the marker, remove the tip of the marker with a tissue (to prevent contamination) and then soak it in warm water. Wipe the tip clean to remove any dried paint on the marker. After cleaning, dry the tip, place it back in the marker housing, and reactivate the marker.

Fine Tip White Marker Pen

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You can purchase tips, and if they don’t meet your needs, you can simply change them.

If the paint coming out of your marker is watery and has poor coverage, it’s because the paint wasn’t mixed properly. Close the marker and shake it several times (at least 10 times). Then, by pressing the tip of the marker several times, you can paint again with perfect blending once the paint already has the desired consistency.

Fine Tip White Marker Pen

Note: Acrylic markers are not toys and are not intended for children. Tags contain small parts (tips or caps) that may be easily removed by children and may cause choking. The paint on the marker is not waterproof after drying, so there is a risk of staining clothes, furniture, etc.

Pentel White Marker

When working with acrylic markers, be careful when brushing and make sure the cap is closed to avoid staining not only your clothes.

Fine Tip White Marker Pen

Under no circumstances should the paint come into contact with food to avoid the possibility of swallowing it.

Sending to export locations is not recommended when outdoor temperatures are unfavorable (above 25°C and below 5°C). Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on items damaged due to weather.

Fine Tip White Marker Pen

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