Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

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Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib – FPR 14K Gold Ultra Flex Nib Writing Sample (Paper: Rhodia 5mm Grid Notepad; Ink: Ostrich – Brook Blue)

I have to say that Fountain Pen Revolution really lived up to their name and impressed me once again. Their 14k gold Ultraflex (UF) tip came out last year. I’ve been watching it since it came out, but I was hesitant to pull the trigger because there weren’t many reviews/comments online.

Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

Until recently I had a vintage Waterman 12 PSF which is very stiff for maximum flexibility. I realized that I wanted a flexible tip that would make it very easy to bend. So I decided to try the new FPR 14k UF tip.

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This is not the first FPR pen I have ordered. I had 2 Himalayan V2’s with a steel UF tip. I already knew what to expect with the Himalayan V2, so I ordered the same model but with a gold UF tip.

Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

Judging by the name, it is not difficult to tell that the gold UF tip is related to its steel counterpart. When compared side by side, they look almost identical. One difference I have noticed is that the iridium tip on the gold UF tip is slightly larger than the steel tip. Another difference is the monotone gold color and 14K gold logo on the gold tip. For the rest, the curvature of the cut, the length of the bore and the thickness of the top of the two versions also look very similar.

As I refer to this tip as the Flax Monster in my title, there is no doubt that this tip has a large amount of flex. But how much do you think? 3 mm. I’m not kidding. It was so easy that I measured with this tip.

Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

Fpr Ambassador Black Fountain Pen W/ultra Flex Nib

But to clarify, my rating is based on my experience using the tips. It is not official. FPR officially declares that this tip has a maximum flex of up to 2.5mm. Since they are a company, this price may be on the modest side. For inexperienced flex users, take it as 2.5mm to be safe on the tip. Even with 2.5mm of flex, this tip is still a flexible monster.

For hairline, this tip is average. The groove on the gold UF tip is slightly wider than the steel UF tip. In combination with a large iridium nib, the smallest line width on Maruman foliate paper is between 0.4-0.5. It should be noted that this nib is very wet and writes exceptionally flexibly. Downward sloping ink collects easily on the hairline, making it look thicker.

Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

It can be difficult to keep the hair texture as thin as possible, but there are many ways to solve this problem.

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• Do not connect the downstroke and upstroke with a single stroke. Finish the bottom first, then connect the top and bottom separately.

Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

The gold UF tip is very soft. In comparison, it’s softer than the Pilot #10 FA nib and Bluedew Flex nib, but not as soft as my FPnibs Jovo 14k Gold #5 Semi Flex or CY’s Pilot 742 SM Full Flex nib. If I were to rate the softness on the previous flex comparison chart, it would be between 6.5-7.

Due to the flow of wet ink, his snapback was a bit difficult to identify. After trying different dry paints, I would say that the snapback on the gold UF is almost identical to the steel UF tip. But due to the problem of combining the same ink, it is difficult to make a very precise transition. I have to use some of the techniques mentioned in the hairline section to keep the stroke transitions sharp.

Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

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I ordered the Himalayan V2 model which comes with an ebonite feed. Ebonite feed can provide the necessary ink. I haven’t seen a maximum curved rail. In fact, it writes wetter than steel UF, causing ink pool problems. I’m not entirely sure if this is due to the wide slot.

This FPR 14k gold ultraflex tip makes wet noodle flexible tips legendary or unavailable. For price and flexibility, there is no modern or vintage fountain pen on the market that can beat this nib. For someone looking for very flexible tips, I recommend these.

Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

However, there are still many things about this pen that need improvement. The Himalayan pen model is not manufactured with superior quality or superior quality control. I have already ordered Himalaya V2 (over 30) for myself and friends from China. More than half of them are accompanied by deflation and/or discoloration. I don’t mind the pen as long as it writes, but these are small things that might bother others.

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Changing nibs from other pens is also difficult, as ebonite nibs only fit FPR pens. If you are not using ebonite feed, you are likely to have a rail problem. I have tried cutting the FPR ebonite feed to fit another #6 size bit set, or fitting the tip into the FNF ebonitejowo #6 body. They work well, but are still less than optimal. Changing nibs from other pens is a headache.

Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

When it comes to this thin hairline for calligraphy lovers, this is a really easy solution. You just send it to a nibmeister and re-sharpen the nib for a needle or Japanese EF to get the best out of this nib. Resharpening the tip should not affect flexibility. However, if you are looking for a pen for calligraphy, ink pooling should be considered. To maintain your hairline’s unique variation and expressive hairline, you should use one or a combination of the different techniques I mentioned in the hairline section.

Overall, this tip far exceeded my expectations. I found this nib to be a revolutionary product, unlike many flexible nibs or vintage, rare, or modified Nibmeister nibs that you have to wait a long time and pay more for. The best part about this tip is that it is readily available (at least for now). There’s no time to change it and you don’t have to pay a fortune to get a soft, super flexible (2mm+) tip.

Fountain Pen Revolution Ultra Flex Nib

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