French Style Living Room Decorating Ideas

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French Style Living Room Decorating Ideas – We share the best home decor ideas, furniture ideas, cool items and interior design tips from America’s most beautiful women.

Are you looking for French dining room ideas to inspire you when decorating your French home? Look no further! We bring you the most beautiful French bedrooms you can find online.

French Style Living Room Decorating Ideas

French Style Living Room Decorating Ideas

When it comes to the living room, you want to create a comfortable and relaxing space for your family and guests. The living room is a place where you mingle with family and friends, watch TV and chat constantly. At the same time, you want it to match your taste, decor, and home decor.

Gorgeous Gray Living Room Ideas For A Stylish Neutral Space

French country decor combines the comfort of a country house with the elegance of French design. We hope these hotels will inspire you as you plan to decorate your French hotel.

Here we have a real French teahouse in the French countryside! It’s open, spacious, and has French decor at its best. From the cream walls to the patterned curtains, the frame of this room is warm and inviting.

Antique paintings hang on the walls, ivory sofas surround a tea and coffee ottoman, a French coffee table doubles, and the space is lined with a vintage, oriental rug. Crystal chandeliers illuminate the space. The house is very luxurious and good for seniors without children.

Here we have a slightly rustic French hotel with a slightly rustic French decor. The central crystal lamp is the perfect focal point. In the background, two gold mirrors lean against the wall. The sofa itself is clean and minimalistic in design. A vintage wood coffee table with a few tones and a bucket of pink flowers! A very well designed place, although very ‘French’.

Living Room Ideas From The Homes Of Top Designers

I love how this space is decorated with French whites, but I especially love the blue striped fabric throw in the corner! The French love their stripes, and this blanket is the epitome of their decorative style.

Does this round marble table look like an authentic French bistro table you’d eat at in a brasserie in Paris? I have this table and I can tell you it looks amazing in front of your eyes! You can buy it here.

The coffee table is an important element of the living room. This beautiful vintage white coffee table defines French furniture design. I like that it’s bare except for the little vase. It helps keep the space airy and clutter-free! A blue sliding sofa adds warmth to the space.

French Style Living Room Decorating Ideas

This blue glass door cabinet is the perfect storage solution for a French living room. It opens and closes with a signature French iron twist. Inside, old books and decorative items are not placed on regular shelves.

Modernizing My French Style Living Room With 4 Simple Updates

These woodworking tools include many things you will need around the house. From extra containers to leftover fabric, there are many ways to use this material. If you’re looking for a great French wardrobe, check out our post on the best French furniture with charm.

Fill in the dead space by placing dead baskets and wooden pallets to increase the height of the space. In this room, they have neutral sofas and white metal tables. Honey wood floors make this place look good.

A round gold mirror is the perfect French accent on a wall in a bright white living room. Other gold accents are found throughout the space, such as beautiful gold side tables with marble accents. Lots of white French fabrics on the chairs and sofas that make this place look heavenly! We have Paris mirror ideas online.

For a more elegant French look, go with black and gray sofas as a living room accented with dark rugs. Colorful beamed ceilings and thick wood furniture make this place very rustic! Anyone going to the French Alps?

Modern French Country Christmas

The Louis Chair is a French chair design that you must include in your French inspired home!

I love that this place isn’t afraid to make bold decisions like adding orange zest. Two gingerbread table lamps on either side add to the uniqueness of the space. Antique paintings and elegant French furniture complete this traditional French setting.

Have more flowers in your living space! Store them in glass jars, bowls and containers – you’ll be glad you did!

French Style Living Room Decorating Ideas

A wooden wall clock will help you keep track of the time you’re spending on your French cabin sofa.

Shabby Chic Living Rooms

If the rule of thumb is to stick to just one sentence per room, this is the yellow flower vase!

Ever since French actress Brigitte Bardot famously wore gingham skirts and dresses in the 1950s, gingham fabrics have been incredibly popular according to the French. You can use them on your throw pillows like here. Don’t just stick to green, I’ve seen cute gingham patterns in reds, blues, pinks and yellows!

These photos will make your space feel upscale and French. It should contrast with the color of the sofa or bring out the secret, this green room has French furniture. Vintage wall art and a wooden coffee table help round out the space.

Woven furniture goes well with European antiques and many French interiors. You can use the tufted accent chairs as a pair or on their own!

Neutral Living Room Ideas That Are Anything But Plain

These gold side chairs are used as the focal point of this white French living room – a bold choice that adds warmth to a cold and chilly space.

This French modern accessory is perfect to leave as a decorative piece in any space in your home. Unfinished French furniture around the room gives the room a deliberately understated, relaxed look.

Most country houses use ottomans as coffee tables. The tray on the top creates a smooth surface to store flowers, candles, books and more. This Ottoman is a family treasure that reflects their personality and style.

French Style Living Room Decorating Ideas

Vintage cabin sofas and gold-tiled mirrors complete this elegant European-style living room. A straw basket filled with market flowers sits on the floor. I can only imagine how fresh this room smells!

Updated French Country Living Room Decor Ideas

Finally, simple white or gray furniture is very popular in French homes. When it comes to French living room design, it’s important to have enough space for a large family or entertaining guests. You don’t want your space to feel cramped or cramped. A bigger, better sliding seat will help you stay comfortable and look good.

I hope these French bedrooms inspire you to live the perfect French life! As you can see, there are some basic elements of French country decorating, but you can experiment and mix it with your current home design and style. There are many ways to give your home a French look. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

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I looked at my style and thought it was more modern than French Country and gave it a monk. Then I looked at “Modern France” and the pictures seemed to fit my style. Confirmation!

So, actually, I can’t say for sure if modern France is a popular style or not. But I know what it is.

French Style Living Room Decorating Ideas

Here I come together to create my interpretation of a modern French residence.

White French Nordic Decorating & French Interiors

Perhaps the only noticeable thing that separates France’s new twist from the world-famous style is the color, or lack thereof.

France’s national decorations are earthy, with small stripes of red, mustard yellow, and pale blue. The trees are dark, the fabrics are busy, and the roosters are everywhere.

To get a modern result, the first step is to remove patterns and types. I use it a lot

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