Furniture Arrangement Ideas For Small Living Rooms

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The living room really is the heart of any home, and a beautifully decorated room can change the look and feel of the rest of your home. But when you’re dealing with a small living space, creating the perfect foundation can be difficult. You have to think about how to fit all the furniture in the room while still leaving room to walk and spread out. If your living room has few square meters, it doesn’t have to have a short body.

Furniture Arrangement Ideas For Small Living Rooms

Furniture Arrangement Ideas For Small Living Rooms

To get some inspiration for organizing your small living room, we asked three interior designers to give us their favorite living room layout ideas for a small space.

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Layout: This layout is perfect for a very busy living room that requires room movement to get to the next room. It has a small section on the wall directly opposite the TV that has room for one side chair from the chair and a small coffee table.

Sofa: It may seem counterintuitive, but in a very small space, Gorsline says a sectional can be king. “[A sofa with a chair] gives you a chance to relax without having to move a big leg.” Just remember the length of the sofa you choose and make sure there is extra space on each side of the sectional.

Additional options: If you’re worried about visually taking up too much space with a sectional, Gorsline recommends considering curved or sectional furniture. “They can also work when the eyes and body take up less space,” he said.

If you don’t have room for a side table, choose the C table on the arm of the sofa instead.

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Layout: Arranging furniture in a small, open-plan living room can be a challenge. Here, two side chairs are placed on either side of the sofa to create a conceptual wall behind the chair. This helps separate the room from the dining area or kitchen beyond, but still feels open and airy.

Sofa: In this classic design, the sofa is regal and serves as the focal point of the room. It is placed directly opposite the fireplace or TV stand.

Pros: “The key to proper installation is to measure and make sure your furniture has room to breathe on all sides,” says Gorsline. Leaving a little space around the furniture can work in some small spaces, in which case you should choose some empty space around each piece.

Furniture Arrangement Ideas For Small Living Rooms

Layout: Not every living room revolves around a fireplace or TV stand. If you want your wardrobe to be the focal point of the living space, place the chair upright on a built-in bookcase or stand. Then place the two seat cushions right next to each other, facing the seat.

Small Living Room Ideas Interior Designers Swear By

Sofa: Since the sofa is off to the side in this layout, you may want to experiment with larger pieces. “Large pieces in soft colors mixed with a mix of white and acrylic accent pieces can help make a room feel larger than it really is,” explains Fenimore.

Extra options: Since your bookcase is the focal point of the room, consider wallpapering the back of the shelf to add design. “It also helps with design, as wallpaper can help complement the shelves visually and keep them from looking too modern,” says Fenimore.

Layout: In a classic living room layout, the fireplace really takes center stage. With this layout, you don’t have to move the sofa towards the TV, giving the fireplace more prominence. The bed faces the fireplace opposite the two sofas.

Sofa: Choose a sofa that is large enough to fill the space without overwhelming it. Beware of empty space on either side, especially if you have to pass through other adjacent rooms.

Small Living Room Ideas To Maximise A Tiny Space

Extras: Note that you want to do your best not to wander off the fireplace. Fenimore recommends the acrylic coffee table because it’s “the perfect piece for a compact living space like this because it doesn’t block your view of the fireplace.”

Layout: “Sometimes you’re not just creating spatial constraints, you’re creating a unique system to run—I see this most often in historic buildings,” Murray explains. To fix this, focus on furniture that fits the space—you might have to settle for an 80-inch rather than a 112-inch chair or a second accent.

Sofa: If you don’t have the perfect space for a full sofa, opt for a chair instead. If you don’t play too much, you can find a love seat with a lot of beauty that won’t overwhelm a small space.

Furniture Arrangement Ideas For Small Living Rooms

Extras: Don’t be afraid to put a seat in front of a window, as long as you leave enough space on all sides to let in the light. Floating furniture also works in small, tight spaces, but choose pieces with modern, streamlined edges that can stand alone.

Small Living Room Design Ideas To Transform Your Space

Layout: For very small living rooms (we’re talking maybe a-den size), Murray says, “I try not to do too much.” Keep it simple and throw the chairs aside. Focus on a comfortable couch that fits the space and add an oversized comfy couch for extra seating when guests arrive.

Sofa: Here, you should splurge on the sofa. Since it will be your only real piece of furniture in this small space, be sure to choose a sofa that has many people to serve as the focal point of the room.

Extra options: “To get a nice level in the room, I have an area rug that’s roughly the same parameters,” says Murray. Texture and color can help a room feel larger than it already is. With careful planning, a small bedroom can be attractive and functional. By taking the time to plan your storage and daily living needs, you can create a small but smart room that increases the enjoyment of your home.

“Make sure the furniture you choose for your small living room fits the space,” says designer Robin Wilson, CEO of Robin Wilson Homes in New York. “For example, avoid sofas with skirts. You want the furniture to be raised off the floor.”

Modern Small Living Room Ideas To Make Your Space Bigger

A tall lamp that lifts the eye and adds height to a room, or a stylish chair with gorgeous colors or an interesting backdrop are other tools Wilson likes to use to make a small space feel bigger. Other simple tips, such as using a space-saving flat-screen TV or hidden laptop instead of a standing desktop computer, keep the space clutter-free and allow traffic to flow in and out of the room.

But try to resist the urge to use only small pieces in your small room. Instead, consider an oversized chair that adds an unexpected dimension to the room, suggests San Francisco interior designer Jonathan Rahman.

“Larger wall art also expands the space,” says Rahman. “Using an accent wall widens and deepens a room. You can use a complementary color or something that creates contrast: you can have three neutral walls, then take the same color and use a deeper version of that color for the accent wall. . . .”

Furniture Arrangement Ideas For Small Living Rooms

Rachman believes in creating the illusion of more space. A nice rug can be used to mark a seating area, or you can paint a pattern on the hardwood floor, such as chevron stripes, to create borders to make the room feel more inviting. And just because you have a couch doesn’t mean you have to have a standard coffee table.

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“In a small space, you can use ottomans or stools that get out of the way when you need the space,” says Rahman. “Just be sure to consider how you need the space to function and if there are any special requirements. For example, if you need a pull-out couch for guests.”

When arranging furniture, think about the flow of traffic, but do not put all the pieces in one corner of the room. Also consider pulling the couch away from the wall. This simple step allows you to add a console table that offers open storage and a place to display your favorite collections.

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How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Living Room

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