Gel Nail Polish Glitter Colors

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Gel Nail Polish Glitter Colors – Everyone was wonderful on my vacation. There have been many days where I haven’t been able to sit down and relax, and for that I am very grateful. But now it’s time to be productive and do some posting! Palette reviews coming soon, as well as tons of comparison posts from all the previous holiday collections! 2020 will be all about organizing and getting my collection under control, so I’ll definitely have to get back to my comparison after the competition is over! I’ll be doing a post on my 2020 Goals blog explaining all of this, so stay tuned.

Now that I’m finally done reviewing all the holiday collections, before we dive into the spring releases (I know, already!), I want to talk about some other collections that have been sitting on my desk for a long time. Long among them is this.

Gel Nail Polish Glitter Colors

Gel Nail Polish Glitter Colors

This is the LA Colors Shimmer Gel Collection that includes 8 shimmery shades with holographic shimmer. The lovely Melissa from Accio Nails (check out her blog here , she posts amazing swatches!) made it possible by sending me 3 of these shades. I then had to pick up the rest along with a few other polishes from the LA Colors website! They are very affordable at $3 and ship quickly. I saw Melissa’s swatches and fell in love with them, so I can’t believe I waited so long to try them. But they were rejected for other collections. Now that I finally feel like I’m in trouble again, it’s time to get these guys out in the sunshine!

The Best Gel Nail Polish Colours To Wear This Winter

The brush takes some getting used to. It is definitely shorter because it has a shorter handle and the brush is very thick and wide. So if you have thin nails, you can easily cover them in one swipe, but it might look messy with a darker shade. It’s a bit hard to control so I have to use my brush to clean it. It’s not the worst, but it just needs more action.

First we have “vertigo”. It’s a light champagne color with bigger holographic shimmer throughout. It’s a sheer formula, so I needed three coats to completely cover my nail line. But since it’s a soft neutral, the sheer formula works really well. Even if a bit of the nail line shows through a coat or two, it’s still a soft “your nails, but better” look. It works no matter how many coats you put on, depending on your preference.

Then comes the hype. This is a darker brown version with champagne glitter and the same scattered holographic glitter. It has a darker matte base, so you can apply two thicker coats to achieve a matte finish. I ended up doing 3 thinner ones, just to make sure all the pieces were covered and smooth.

The word “happy” finally surprised me because I absolutely love it on my nails. It’s a light golden shade with lots of scattered holographic glitter. This is the strongest hologram, but its color is more unique.

Glam Gel Polish

It’s more of a sheer foundation, so it’s three coats to achieve a matte finish. But like “Giddy” it’s smooth and even with fewer layers and little nail line showing through, it still looks pretty. Favorite in the collection

“Crush” is a deep fire red shade with silver shimmer and numerous scattered holographic glitters. I wish it had a denser holographic shimmer like “Beaming” on top, but overall, it’s a lovely glitter.

Again, the color is lighter and the base is more matte, so it can easily be matted in two coats. Very easy to paint and super shiny.

Gel Nail Polish Glitter Colors

“Knock Out” is a light mauve pink with lots of pink shimmer and more holographic shimmer. This is another one that can be matte in two thicker coats, but I applied three coats with no issues.

Colors In 1 Solid Cream Gel Polish

“Burst” is a stunning purple base with larger silver holographic glitter. This one definitely has the most glitter and a thinner base, so overall the formula needs the most building and is a bit more textured than the others. But it’s still easy three coats and smooth on the nails.

Again, I prefer the shiny ones because they are so pretty. I mean I love them all, but this is just next level. Especially at this low price!

“Blast” is an example with a more diffuse glow, and while the finish is still beautiful, I wish it was more consistent with the holographic scatter. But don’t get me wrong, it’s still great and I’m going to love it. I just wish all these polishes had the same formula and finish as “Beaming”.

“Blast” is a dark purple foundation with silver glitter and scattered holographic shimmer. It’s the darkest shade in the bunch, so it’s definitely the most matte and easily mattes in two coats. This is one where you definitely need to clean up with this one because the darker pigmented base colors are messy to apply with a brush. Or just apply it more carefully than I do.

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Last but not least, we have “Rebellion”. It’s a beautiful blue shade with shimmer all over. It reminds me of the mermaid look on my nails and I can’t stop staring at it!

As the first shade in the range, it has a more clear gel base, so it lasts for 3 coats. But it is very convenient and worth it! Look at that light!

And shiny gel polish too! I think they are all really great and I love them all. I know my favorites are the ones with the denser holographic shimmer, but they all sparkle in a beautiful way.

Gel Nail Polish Glitter Colors

I think LA Colors has shown over the past year that with creamy neons, metallics and these shades are definitely a brand worth keeping on my radar. I love the products they release and they are very affordable and easy to recommend.

Unicorn Fantasy ! (precious Minerals Polarized Glitter Gel Nail Polish

(I’m on the lookout for the new gloss polishes they’ve released, hopefully they’ll be available soon!).

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Very suitable for nail art beginners. Get a salon-quality manicure in just 15 minutes and 4 easy steps. Our gel polish applies like regular nail polish and cures under LED/UV lights for a dual professional finish. The curing time of each layer of nail polish is only 30 seconds, which means minimal UV exposure. It lasts up to 3 weeks. No appointment required

Spar Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish Magnetic Soak Off Uv Gel Nail Polish Glit

We are currently updating our brand, so the bottle you receive may differ from the image shown. Don’t worry though, the color won’t change and it’s exactly what you ordered.

We worked hard to match the real glow to the image on screen, tweaking and editing until it was the most realistic representation of the shadows. However, the shades you see on the screen may vary from person to person due to natural light, screen brightness settings, and device differences. Just like choosing makeup, if you’re not sure about the authenticity of the shade or need help choosing the color you want, contact our customer service team and we’ll be happy to help!

Please note that if the color you receive does not match the color you expected or is slightly different from the image on the screen, this is not considered an error. For health reasons, all varnishes are irreversible.

Gel Nail Polish Glitter Colors

1. Before you start, make sure there is no oil on your nails, as this will shorten the life of the polish.

Temperature Color Changing Brownish To Pink Glitter Gel Nail Polish

3. Use a steel cuticle pusher for cuticle treatment. Before you begin, cuticle work is key.

4. Use the provided 7-way buffer and follow the 7 steps starting with step 1 and ending with step 7.

5. Before you start, make sure your nails are dry and free of chips.

6. Although UV exposure from our lamps is minimal due to the short drying time, if you are concerned, apply high SPF sunscreen only to your hands (not the nails themselves).

Best Glitter Nail Polishes To Add Extra Charm And Shimmer

7. Shake all bottles well before starting. Be sure to follow the clear baking time indicated for each coating. If the gel is left for less than the prescribed time, it will not dry and may irritate the skin.

9. Apply 1-2 layers of colored varnish, dry in 30 seconds. Note that the varnish remains

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