Good Bedroom Colors For Small Rooms

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Good Bedroom Colors For Small Rooms

Good Bedroom Colors For Small Rooms

What updates are best for small spaces? As it turns out, the most effective thing is the easiest thing to change: paint color. If a room in your home is cramped and needs a refresh, Nicole Gibbons, founder and CEO of Clare Paint, has some advice. “Light, bright colors attract less attention and make a space seem larger – mainly because they disappear,” she says. “On the other hand, darker colors tend to look out of place, so a more saturated color on the walls can help push the walls apart and give the impression of more space.”

Best Paint Colors For Small Bedrooms

Atlanta interior designer Alice Kramers advises thinking about lighting before making a decision. “If there is good natural light, dark colors can be really beautiful,” he says.

Whether you’re planning a remodel or sticking with neutrals, check out these color tips and recommendations for small spaces from the South’s top designers.

Houston designer Kathy Davis of Kathi Davis Design added depth to a client’s bathroom using Benjamin Moore Lead Gray. “The key was the overall color and, of course, other decorative elements connecting the lampshade, such as the tiles and the sink.” He adds that rich colors work especially well for architectural objects, such as wainscoting or decorative moldings.

Houston designer Jennifer Barron of Jennifer Barron Interiors recommends Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe, which she describes as a warm, dark gray. “It’s the perfect color to visually enlarge a small or cozy space,” he says. “The depth and darkness of the color are attractive, but they make the space seem much larger than if it were painted a lighter color.” Barron recommends Down Pipe for any small space because it makes the room feel cozy and comfortable, he says.

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The classic Benjamin Moore White Doveto by New Orleans designer Hattie Sparksturns brightens any space. “This white is my favorite, mainly because it doesn’t reflect yellow or blue like many other shades of white,” she says. “It’s a clean, fresh and bright shade that helps keep a space fresh and airy rather than dry. It looks great in any shade of light and in almost any room. In my opinion, white is truly the most universal.”

Philip Thomas Vanderford of the Thomas James studio in Dallas selected Benjamin Moore’s Onyx for a contemporary client office. “By painting the walls and ceiling black, we managed to create a home office design that is engaging and allows you to focus on everyday tasks,” they say. “We used emerald for the window treatments and trim to give the space a natural feel while adding the perfect hint of color.”

Vanderford encourages readers to play with patterns and colors, such as Coral Dust by Benjamin Moore, even in tight spaces. “Even though this space is small, it is full of joy. By choosing light but attractive shades of pink for this home workspace, we managed to create a lively and bright interior that will inspire you to work.” “We always advise our clients to choose a light color for smaller spaces; it’s the perfect opportunity to be brave and show your personality.

Good Bedroom Colors For Small Rooms

Charleston interior designer Megan Molten says her favorite paint color for a room is Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. “I used it so much that it became my signature shade.” It is actually light white – creating the perfect base for the clean and spacious interior of my clients’ homes.”

Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas For 2024

Sherwin-Williams Meander Blue works wonders in children’s rooms, says Morgan Farrow, principal designer at Morgan Farrow Interiors in Dallas. “This aqua shade was the perfect choice for this little girl’s room and really added an extra layer of excitement and personality,” she says. “I think when you’re designing a small space, the color you choose can completely change the overall feel. Now this bedroom feels bigger and provides a happy place to grow.”

Principal designers Anne Scott Gates and Allison Smith of Mason Studio Whitby recommend Sherwin-Williams. “It has enough blue-gray tones to provide some contrast against the true white, allowing any millwork or detailing to stand out without ruining the space,” says Gates.

Interior designer Julie Dodson of Dodson Interiors in Houston transformed a client’s office using Benjamin Moore’s Pashminaat 50% Intensity. His best advice to readers? “No matter what paint color you choose, in a small space it is best to give the room an overall feel.” Paint the trim, walls and floorboards the same color,” he says. “Immediately the room got bigger.”

When designing a small space, interior designer Gene Liuen encourages clients to use a dark color, such as Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Blackby in a glossy finish. “Contrary to popular belief, painting a room a dark color and minimizing the contrast between the walls, ceiling and floorboards can make the room appear larger and taller than it actually is,” he says. “We love the impact it has on this little library.”

Best Bedroom Colors For Small Rooms To Transform Your Space!

Designer Kathy Davis of Kathy Davis Designer Houston refreshed this space with a splash of color. The magnetic Greibi Sherwin-Williams is a favorite due to its versatility. “When in doubt, go paint,” he says. “Adding color to a space, especially cabinets, instantly adds ‘joy’ to a room.”

Charleston interior designer Megan Moltenoff painted the shelves and walls the same color in this small room, choosing Benjamin Moore’s Normandie Blue. “You wouldn’t normally think about introducing a darker color into a smaller space,” he says. “It creates depth that makes the room seem larger when you speak.”

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Good Bedroom Colors For Small Rooms

11 paint colors that the best Southern inns can create a hospitable home 6 paint colors for children’s rooms that you will love The best white colors that will make your room spacious and bright. Southern designers determine what color a room can be painted. Find the best decorative colors for beige walls quickly! So when someone asked us for advice on the best colors for small spaces, we couldn’t say no. One of the biggest myths about arranging compact apartments is that you cannot use bold and dark colors. We’re here to prove why that’s not true. From Kelly green to cherry red and smoky lilac, we’ve rounded up the best small plate colors, straight from our small space woes!

Bedroom Colors That Work Every Time

Make an unforgettable first impression with Kelly Green lacquered doors that will brighten up the neutral ground floor of a small Toronto home.

A light pink wall is neutral in this modern bedroom inspired by the sherbet colors of the Caribbean. Fill it with the blue head and the rest of the mint.

This tiny kitchen got a modern makeover with a layer of muted greenery (for less than $600, we might add). Green kitchens are in fashion now and it’s an easy way to breathe new life into your wardrobe!

Designer Cynthia Ferguson will certainly have no trouble falling asleep in her unforgettable bedroom. The black walls highlight the beautiful architectural details of her home, while the colorful draperies, headboard fabrics, and ceiling wallpapers add a dreamy feel.

Grey Bedroom Ideas: Tips To Use Grey Colour In Bedroom

This bold entryway may have only been three feet by three feet, but that didn’t stop Cynthia from rocking the paint. The front door is a great place to take a bold design risk!

Tess Ciarloni created a DIY headboard to give her master bedroom the focal point it deserves in her 350-square-foot apartment. “Sulking Room Pink is the right mix of rich, muted and dusty. I really like the effect of this color,” she said.

A barn door designed by Workbench in 1925 looks like a torch in this compact mudroom.

Good Bedroom Colors For Small Rooms

The smoky lilac-gray color gives this small bathroom serious style and echoes the beautiful mosaics.

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