Good Color Combinations For Living Room

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Good Color Combinations For Living Room – Your living room is probably the busiest room in your home – Whether you’re entertaining or just relaxing on the couch with your family on the weekends, it’s where people gather. And with open floor plans, spaces increasingly connect the rest of the home—kitchen to dining room, foyer to entryway—which can present unique challenges when choosing a color palette. Ideally, the living room should feel separate, with its own design and aesthetics setting it apart from the rest of the house. But also the color, shape and design used in the space should be in harmony with others, because you will probably see the room from another. What can a brave home decorator do?

Short answer: it depends on the tried and true paint colors chosen by the designer. Whether it’s neutral and understated or accentuated with bright, bold colors that really define a space, this essential color palette is loved by professionals for a reason. They rely on some of our personal favorite colors (think: blue, gray, red-red) to create a calm, compact space where everyone can relax. And – as you would expect from a professional designer – they are easy to use (and close at hand) throughout the home. Pull in a few select colors in the kitchen to tie things together, or borrow a color or two to bathe the hallway to echo your aesthetic. However you use them, these color combinations are guaranteed to create a happy home.

Good Color Combinations For Living Room

Good Color Combinations For Living Room

Orange gets a reputation as a difficult color to wear, but we firmly believe that it is not. A few hints of burnt orange liven up this neutral living room in the best possible way, giving it personality and pop. “Many materials and natural tones make this living room airy and spacious,” explains designer Claudia Afshar. “Black metal-framed windows and doors create a striking contrast to the bright interior and make the beautiful outdoor garden look like a work of art. For a colorful look, we chose cushions and furniture in a contrasting shade of orange – a warm color . not like a neutral palette,” he said.

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Best of all, since most of the colors in this space come from accent pillows and cushions, it’s easy to change the look of the space as the seasons change – or tastes and trends change.

A neutral palette with plenty of personality, this living room by Robin Strickler of Design Works is modern and livable. “It’s a fun experience with a neutral color palette,” she explains. “We used a combination of patterns and colors to make it interesting and not boring. Terracotta, real leather, light wood, brass – it looks timeless, but still feels current and stylish.”

Some animal prints help complete the look with a playful touch – and also combine genuine leather and fur details.

The living room should feel calm and comfortable. So lots of blue is an obvious choice, but to make the whole feel unique, Caitlin Whelan of Whelan Design House suggests layering different colors from the same color family.

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“We keep coming back to this ‘blue mélange’ color scheme in interior design,” he explained. “It works in all climates, and its unique calming effect is just one reason why customers want shades of blue in their home. We want to combine the lightness of powder blue with teal or dark turquoise, but in a dense fabric. like mohair. Combining the value of soft and hard is a way to light up spaces and create complexity.” Planting plants – in the form of cactus-patterned pillows and real greenery – helps achieve a zen atmosphere.

Some of our favorite spaces are designed around a great look – and that seems to be the case in this beautiful living room. Neutral upholstery pieces are complemented by jewel-toned carpets and high ceilings of warm wood that seem to mirror each other.

“Contaminated wood is coming back into the mainstream,” explains Cortney Bishop. “We’ve always been fans and tend to mix all kinds in one room — walnut and oak, maple and cherry.” Different wood colors (as seen here on the furniture) coexist well and add color to the space with dimensions and layers. “The woods play beautifully with the jewel-toned fabric, creating a beautiful organic space,” says Bishop.

Good Color Combinations For Living Room

“Terracotta, taupe and warm wood tones are part of many of our 2021 palettes,” says Kate Lester. And it’s easy to see why. Paired with denim-y blues and stark grays, these colors exude a sense of ease and comfort that’s hard to argue with—and easy to flaunt on a night in front of the TV. The vibrant terracotta outfit adds a bit of fun that feels fresh and modern.

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Sure, jewels are bold—but that’s why we love them and why designers return to them again and again, decade after decade. “Be bold or go home!” says architect Maureen Stevens. “Fuchsia and navy are a great color combination for a living room that needs a fun and exciting vibe.”

Accents spare no detail, drawing rose quartz wallpaper, amethyst upholstery and glittering gold details complete the “jewel box” effect of this unique living room. Nothing transforms a room like color, and what better place to let it shine than in your living room, where your family gathers most often? You want it to be a warm and inviting space that feels right for the people who spend time there. Here we have great living room color ideas and plans to inspire you.

When it’s time to design a space, color combinations guide many of the decisions you make. Before choosing one, think about how the color will affect the color of the walls or curtains, curtains, fabrics and carpets. Consider unexpected colors to add excitement to a room, or popular colors like Pantone’s Viva Magenta or Savannah Magno Green. You can always go classic also in white. From green to purple and colors from all sides of the color wheel, the possibilities are endless.

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An abstract painting by Belgian artist Jean-Marc Louis dominates the white-walled living room of architect Paul Bates’ Birmingham hilltop home, with a moving black-and-bronze Italian chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling. Green sofas and wooden chairs emphasize the space.

In this Lucy Doswell-designed Upper East Side townhouse, a plum tufted corner banquette brings the room to a more intimate level with a black look accented by a green deck. Party fabric and wallpaper, Holland & Sherry

In Liz Lange’s restoration at Gray Gardens in East Hampton, the gray stripes of two vintage Mastercraft chairs complement the upholstery of an Arbre de Matisse Reverse (Quadrille) sofa in honor of Billy Baldwin.

Good Color Combinations For Living Room

In this Naples, Florida renovation, Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier chose a tropical grisaille mural (Ananbô) to headline the living room. As in the rest of the house, the fabrics and carpets have the same earthy colors and tones. Sofa, Promemoria

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Burnt Orange blankets and fabric from Logan Montgomery Textiles surround a wall of windows in designer Palmer Weiss’s California home, and the color scheme is accented by yellow pillows and chairs. Ottoman, Lee Industries

Decorator Garrow Kedigian took color inspiration from the timeless interior of The Carlyle for his own home in the iconic New York building. The bright yellow walls pay homage to the velvet sofas in the lobby, while the black decorations echo the steel doors and millions of windows.

Instead of looking at the walls, designer Fran Keenan decided to bring color to this Los Angeles family room by hanging khaki curtains. Soft, light upholstery and copper-colored carpets (Fibreworks) make the room elegant and relaxing.

In Summer Thorton’s townhouse in Chicago, an oversized orange sofa creates a warm apricot hue in the living room. The woven stock border (Samuel & Sons) adds a lovely touch to the velvety mohair chair.

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Floral linens from Blithfield cover a comfortable sofa and upholstered armchairs bring soft pinks and pale blues to this Block Island living room. Designer Miles Redd sprinkled white terry-covered oak swivel chairs and a rattan drum table throughout to add a beachy vibe.

To complement the spacious rooms on the Upper West Side, designer Anthony Barrata played with interesting colors and furniture. Tomory Dodge’s American design and custom floor lamps with additional dimensions take advantage of the height of the capacity. Plaster and marble objects, including amphora lamps,

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