Gray And Red Color Scheme

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Gray And Red Color Scheme – Choosing colors for your home is one of the most fun parts of interior design. And whenever you incorporate red into your color palette, you’re adding uplifting energy.

But depending on the colors you pair with red, your home can create a farmhouse aesthetic, a bohemian haven, or a modern look.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Gray And Red Color Scheme

In this article, we’ve come up with some recommended colors to use. Some are iconic shades you might recognize as the Pantone Color of the Year. Others are a different shade you’ve never heard of. used with red before!

Color Palette With Five Shade Shuttle Gray Stark White Red Violet

If you want to keep up with color trends, you might spot it as Pantone’s color for 2022. Pantone describes its boldest colors as “a bold presence that encourages personal exploration and creativity.” Trends in the digital world play an important role in this color choice as many digital platforms adopt shades of cool purple and periwinkle blue.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Most pears have spring locks, so try pairing it with raspberry red or another similar color. But that’s not your only option; If you want a bold contrast, try pairing it with a deep red You can add a fairy tale accent wall to the room with red furniture Or for something more subtle, Let’s add some red accents to the room next door

You may be surprised to learn that many interior designers recommend combining mint green with red.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

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Mint is versatile enough to pair with a wide range of reds. For a modern and lively feel, try pairing it with reds like coral or coral. Or for a vintage-inspired look, Combine it with a deep red bed

If the mint green you choose is bright enough, it can also serve as a neutral in your color palette. It’s a great choice if you want a light, airy feel with a bold red accent or two. Depending on your exact preferences, you can use any mint green color.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Red goes well with any neutral, but the exact neutral you choose has a big impact on the overall feel of the room. Cool white offers a more modern aesthetic, but if you want a softer, more classic feel, choose warm white.

Fresh Red Tulips

One of the most interesting ways to combine these two colors is to use shades of tomato red (summer red) with warm white. A red and white bed spread across a neutral room Alternatively, you can choose a warm white room with a red door or red accent wall. However, a warm white room with dark red furniture is always a safe choice.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Warm white also pairs perfectly with weathered red or farmhouse red. When combined, these colors create a classic, cozy aesthetic. This combination is also a good choice if you want tone down the overwhelming energy of red a bit.

Even if you combine warm white with a vintage-inspired color scheme, the combination of warm white and red still looks very modern.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Color Matching Palette From Autumn Background With Orange Pumpkin And Red Leaves On Gray Concrete Stock Photo

The combination of red and black is classic and impressive. But because this contrast is bold and heavy, it’s best to use it relatively sparingly. Basic red looks very attractive next to pure black, but if you want something a little softer, try a warm black with rose red or raspberry red.

For a modern aesthetic that still feels relatively open, incorporate cool whites, soft grays, or other cool neutrals. A living room with mostly white walls, a gray wall, a red couch and a black table or two will give you the perfect combination of black and red without too closed.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Mixing red and bright orange is not for the faint of heart. But if you want a lively, energetic room, this is a great combination. A special blend for cooking, orange is associated with Creativity and joy Red is associated with the idea of ​​stimulating love and appetite

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A patterned wall or wall paneling in red, white and orange looks especially impressive. If you want to avoid the patterned aesthetic, an orange wall with red kitchen accents (kitchen towels, etc.) will still give you the benefit of both.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

If you like the general idea of ​​red and want to tone down the warmth a bit, a room that’s primarily orange is also a good choice. Orange is warm enough to be an energizing color, but it’s a little less dramatic than red

Turquoise is another shade that pairs well with coral red, but it looks surprisingly good with deep red. For a fresh twist on a classic aesthetic, try a matte red and white accent wall in a room with opaque turquoise furniture. Or for a bold look, combine red and turquoise furniture!

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Design Your Bedroom With Best Color Scheme.

If you want to create a calm atmosphere with some bright accents, choose turquoise walls in a room with red lamps and/or curtains.

Or if you want to create a memorable kitchen, try pairing turquoise-finished appliances with a red teapot, other kitchen accents, or a rug. Most importantly, it’s a non-traditional color combination so if you want to get creative, it’s a great choice!

Gray And Red Color Scheme

If you love red with warm neutrals, go a little bolder and create a memorable look with red and bronze. The combination of red and brown is a classic in interior design, and you can create different looks depending on the exact shade you choose.

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For a warm, soft look, try copper walls with a red rug. Include standing lamps or table lamps with soft white light for a calming effect. If you want something more traditional, walls red (finished in copper brown) will create a memorable look with natural wood furniture. To support a warm aesthetic, choose brass hardware instead of chrome

Gray And Red Color Scheme

You can also use subtle copper accents to bring warmth to red interiors. Even a small copper lamp can add something to a room!

You may recognize Ultimate Gray as one of two Pantone colors of the year for 2021. This dark, cool gray makes the perfect backdrop for many bold, warm colors, including red.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Latest Color Schemes With Gray And Dark Red Color Tone Combinations

Gray is usually a color you’ll often see mixed with red. It takes the sharp contrast between red and black and softens it a bit. A red carpet on a gray tile floor is almost always a good choice. Red furniture is also a great complement to gray walls

If you like the power of red but are worried about overwhelming the room, combining it with gray is a safe choice. Depending on the energy level you are trying to create in the room, you can add more or less red to the extremely gray background.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

If you like the idea of ​​mint green and red but still prefer classic colors then green could be the answer for you. The green cabinets look stunning against the red walls, reminiscent of the jade dishes popular in the 1930s.

Pattern Stripe Seamless. Yellow, Orange, Red, Gray Brown And Black Color Stock Illustration

For a combination that emphasizes red in a predominantly red room, create a modern look with jade accent bowls. Black furniture looks beautiful with this setup

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Or if you want to use this combination more subtly, you can create a neutral room with some red and earthy green accents. These two colors pair well with white Both warm white and cool white work; Which one you choose depends on the mood you are trying to create

If you like gray red or black red but can’t choose, try combining red with charcoal. Since charcoal can be very dark depending on the shade you choose, this is a combination you want to use wisely.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

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If you want a cool, modern aesthetic, try dark or white walls with dark charcoal furniture and a red rug. Black, white and various cool grays are good choices for pairing with charcoal. But if the mixture seems too cold or sterile, a splash of red will prove to be just what you need.

If you want to be more subtle, add a red pillow or two (instead of a red accent color) to the room described above. Or if you want a dark yet elegant space, you can create a room with charcoal walls and dark red furniture.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Periwinkle is an attractive shade You might not think of it as a good complement to red, but periwinkle actually has significant red tones. If mixing colors, only mix white, red and blue

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Creating a color combination with red is always a balancing act. And if you know you like red and purple but want something a little less dramatic, periwinkle is a great choice. And although we’ve given a shade example above, you should experiment with different shades to see if you prefer blue or purple periwinkle.

Gray And Red Color Scheme

Periwinkle has an overall cool color scheme with warm whites

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