Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

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Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme – Choosing colors for your home is one of the most exciting aspects of interior design. Every time you add red to your color palette, you add energizing energy.

But depending on what colors you pair with red, your home can create a farmhouse aesthetic, a bohemian retreat, or a thoroughly modern look.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

In this article, we have included some recommended colors to use. There are some unique hues that can be recognized as Pantone’s Color of the Year. Others are unique shades never seen before with red!

Mustard And Red Color Combo

If you want to follow the color trends, this color can be recognized as the Pantone Color of the Year 2022. Pantone describes Very Fairy as a color whose “bold presence encourages individual inventiveness and creativity.” Trends in the digital world played an important role in the choice of this color, as many digital platforms adopted cool purple and green blue hues.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Very Peri has a very spring-like tone, so try pairing it with raspberry red or another similar color. But that’s not your only option; if you want bold contrast, try pairing it with bright red. You can add a very fairy accent wall in a living room with red furniture. Or for something more subtle, add red accents to your Super Fairy piece.

You might be surprised to learn that many interior designers recommend pairing mint green with red. Lauren Flanagan, interior designer

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Seamless Tile Of Colored Isometric Boxes With Shadows In An Orange Purple Light Blue Dark Grey Color Scheme Stock Photo

Mint is flexible enough to pair with different shades of red. Try pairing it with coral red or coral red for a modern and edgy feel. Or pair it with a deep red clay sofa for a retro-inspired look.

If the mint green you choose is pale enough, it can even work as a neutral in your color palette. It’s a good choice if you want a bright and airy room or two with bold red accents. Almost any shade of mint green can be used depending on your taste.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Red goes with any neutral color, but the neutral color you choose has a big impact on the overall feel of the room. Cool whites support a modern aesthetic, but if you want a soft, vintage feel, choose a warmer white.

Harmonious Color Palette With Geometric Composition. Seamless Pattern And Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Grey Color Swatches Stock Vector

One of the most interesting ways to combine these two colors is to use a tomato red shade (warm red color) in warm white tones. A red and white bedspread appears in a neutral room. Alternatively, you can choose a warm white room with a red door or wall. Of course, a warm white room with bright red furniture is always a safe bet.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Warm white patina goes well with red or house red. When combined, these colors create a vintage-style aesthetic. This combination is also a great choice if you want to tone down the high energy of red a bit.

Warm white can be paired with vintage-inspired color schemes, but a combination of warm white and red can look beautifully modern.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

What Color Do Red, Yellow, And Blue Make When Mixed?

The combination of red and black is classic and dramatic. But because this contrast is bold and intense, it’s best to use it sparingly. The original red looks really cool next to pure black, but if you want something softer, try a warmer black with pink or raspberry red.

Mix cool whites, soft grays, or other cool neutrals for a modern aesthetic that still feels relatively light. A living room with mostly white walls, a gray accent wall, red sofas and a black side table will give you the best of the black and red contrast without feeling too confined.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

The combination of red and bright orange colors is not for the faint of heart. But if you want a room full of happiness and energy, this is the perfect combination. It’s a particularly interesting addition to cooking because orange is associated with creativity and joy. Red is associated with love and is said to stimulate the appetite.

The Importance Of Colour

An accent wall with a red, white and orange pattern or background is especially striking. If you want to avoid a patterned aesthetic, an orange wall with red kitchen details (kitchen towels, etc.) can give you the benefit of both.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

If you like the general idea of ​​red but want to tone down the heat a bit, a predominantly orange room with red undertones is also a great choice. Orange is warm enough to be a very energetic color, but less dramatic than red.

Turquoise is another shade that pairs beautifully with coral reds and also pairs surprisingly well with bold reds. For a fresh take on the vintage aesthetic, try a dark red and white accent wall in a room with blue lacquered furniture. Or mix red and blue furniture for a bold look!

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Beautiful Color Palettes For Your Next Design Project

If you want to create a calm atmosphere with bright accents, choose blue walls in a room with red lamps and/or curtains.

Or if you want to create an unforgettable kitchen, try combining blue appliances with red kettles, other kitchen accessories or rugs. Basically, it’s an unconventional color combination, so it’s a great choice if you want to get creative!

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

If you love the look of red paired with warm neutrals, but want something a little bolder, red and copper create an unforgettable look. The combination of red and brown is classic when it comes to interior design and you can create many different looks depending on the specific shades you choose.

Color Palette: Copic Marker + Colored Pencil Combinations (gray, Blue, Red, Gold) — Vanilla Arts Co

For a warm, soft look, try copper-colored walls with a red rug. Adding floor or table lamps with a soft white glow adds a sense of calm. If you prefer something traditional, red walls (copper brown) with natural wood furniture create an unforgettable look. Choose bronze hardware instead of chrome to support a warm aesthetic.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

You can also use subtle copper accents to bring out the warmth of red furniture. Even a small copper lamp can really add something to a room!

You may recognize Ultimate Gray as one of the two Pantone colors of 2021. This rich, cool gray provides a suitable background for bright, warm colors, including red.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Best Colors That Go With Blue (color Palettes)

Gray is a color usually associated with red; it takes the sharp contrast of red and black and calms it down a bit. A red carpet is almost always a good choice on a gray tiled floor. Red furniture also complements gray walls.

If you love the energy of red but fear that it will be too dominant in the room, pairing it with gray is a safe choice. Depending on the energy level you are trying to create in the room, you can add more or less red to the Ultimate Gray wallpaper.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

If you like the idea of ​​mint green and red, but want something more vintage, jade green might be your answer. Green jade cabinets look great against red walls to create a look reminiscent of the jadeite bowls popular in the 1930s.

Red Pink And Blue Grey Color Scheme

For a combination that emphasizes red, a red piece with jadeite bowls creates a contemporary look. Black furniture goes well with this decor.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Or, if you want to use this combination in a more subtle way, you can create a mostly neutral room with a few pops of red and jade green. These two colors go well with white. Both warm white and cool white work; Which one you choose depends on the mood you’re trying to create.

If you like red and gray, red and black, but can’t choose, try combining red with charcoal. Because charcoal can be very dark depending on the shade you choose, you need to use this combination wisely.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Best Colors That Go With Navy Blue (color Palettes)

For a cool, modern aesthetic, try gray or white walls with dark charcoal furniture and a red rug. Different shades of black, white and cool gray are great choices for mixing with charcoal. But if this combination seems too cold or sterile, red will be just the touch you need.

If you want to go even more subtle, add a red pillow or two (instead of a red rug) to the room described above. Or, if you want a dark but elegant aesthetic, you can create a room with charcoal-colored walls and deep red furniture.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Periwinkle is an interesting shade. You might not think it’s a good complement to red, but green has a significant red tint to it. If you mix using color, just combine white, red and blue.

Latest Color Schemes With Gray And Skyblue Color Tone Combinations

Creating a color combination with red is always a balancing act. And if you like reds and purples but want less impact, greens are a good choice. And while we’ve given an example shade above, it’s worth experimenting with different shades to see if you like blue or purple.

Gray Blue And Red Color Scheme

Because evergreen leaves have a generally cool color, including warm white

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