Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

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Gray Walls Light Wood Floor – Welcome back to the third and final post in my spring wood flooring series featuring Lumberjack Flooring. I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. I know it got me thinking about my flooring at home and I have a room that could really use a new wood floor (it’s looking very 80’s orange laminate right now) so I’m planning on that now.

As you can tell from the title, today I’m going to show you lighter wood floors with a selection I found on the Woodpecker website. While I love dark floors and think they make a bold statement in a room, my personal preference would be a lighter colored floor. I feel like it would give me more space and flexibility with decorating the room, personally.

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

First, I wanted to share with you some of the main reasons why you should choose wood flooring over carpet, tile or stone. I identified 6 main reasons:

How To Update A Gray Room

Personally, I only have carpet on the stairs, stairs and in the guest room, much preferring the comfort that a non-carpeted floor can give me. I would like to know if you feel the same?

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

Now, I’m a big fan of Scandinavian design and decor, and this is a look that goes well with lighter wood floors. Wooden floors are one of the mainstays of Scandinavian interiors and these heavily forested countries abound in timber. However, I think it works well wherever you are because of the flexibility it offers and the light and airy look. To complement this Scandi look, choose long, wide planks of light or bleached wood.

You often see Scandinavian interiors combined with white walls and they never seem rare, right? This is because natural materials (such as a wooden floor) create warmth and texture. Scandi interior design also often features bold bold colors. Ideas for introducing accent colors include the sofa, chair or rug shown below. This type of look also features patterned accessories that add interest. Try a more traditional folk style or geometric patterns, or a colorful or solid color on a hanger or pillow.

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

Best Floor Colors Perfectly Matching Gray Walls

The light floor provides the perfect backdrop for both light and dark furniture. Keep the space spacious and bright. There is a growing trend away from a very coordinated look at home. So don’t be afraid to mix the colors of the wood. Light wood floors are very versatile and go with most colors, including white walls. The only thing that may not work is very dark walls and furniture throughout the room, as they may look unbalanced.

Light gray wood floors are very popular and desirable if you have a more industrial style. Light wood floors are also perfect for basic and minimalist interiors. They reflect natural light and can help a room appear larger. Simplicity is so important to achieve this.

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

Do you have a favorite floor covering out of the three I’ve covered in this spring series? Are you a lover of parquet, a dedicated lover of dark wood or a lover of light?

Our 35 Best Gray Living Room Ideas Of All Time

If you would like a sample of your flooring to get an idea of ​​how it would look in your home, go to the Woodpecker website to request a FREE sample. It’s been a while since I shared the first pictures of our new home in South London. It hasn’t been the smoothest of renovations (builder’s nightmares, endless delays) so I’m hesitant to share much of the progress since it’s been a while! But just before Christmas the builders were finally out of the way and we could start decorating and building the house.

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

So I’m very excited to reveal the first of the finished rooms: the living room. After the builders painted the ceiling and whitewashed the walls, it didn’t take long to apply the final coat of paint and see a real difference. I spent the days between Christmas and New Years painting the original floorboards white and after letting them dry and harden for a few days, with the new month and year we were ready to move the furniture back and put everything back in place. finishing works. There’s still work to be done and it’s still a work in progress, but it’s a huge transformation from what it was.

Do you remember how it used to be? The lounge and kitchen were two separate rooms, the lounge being the first door on the right as you entered from the corridor and the kitchen beyond that overlooking the garden. The living room previously seemed small and narrow, a bit bland and unloved, while the kitchen was northern and dark, with bright yellow walls, wooden kitchen cabinets and striking black tiles. They didn’t function as two separate rooms, you spent all your time walking from one to the other, and if one was cooking and the other was relaxing on the couch, you couldn’t connect and chat.

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

My Scandi Style Living Room Makeover

Almost immediately we decided that the wall had to be demolished. We close the living room door to enter this huge open space from the kitchen. It would also mean that the sofa could be placed directly opposite the fireplace without the door behind it getting in the way. The old shelf had to go and so did the seventies fireplace, which curiously hid the boiler behind it.

I wanted to eliminate all the ugly additions made by various owners over the years to restore the space to its former glory. Unfortunately, there aren’t many period details left, so I wanted to celebrate and pay homage to what was there, such as the cornice around the ceiling, the beautiful stained glass and the original floorboards hidden under the laminate.

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

Very much inspired by the light Scandinavian homes I like to feature here on the blog, I wanted a light and airy space with neutral colors, monochrome accents and a mix of old and new furniture.

Popular Paint Colors That Go With Light Wood Floors

I’ve wanted white painted floorboards for so long that I blame it on hours spent on Pinterest, so it wasn’t good for me. I didn’t want the room to feel too stark and clinical, so I chose to paint the walls in Farrow & Ball’s Blackened, a lovely soft grey.

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

As for the furniture, I already had my IKEA sofa and my favorite vintage armchair from my previous apartment, so all it needed were some accessories to update the look. I wanted the space to be simple and relaxed – a nod to minimalism but also an expression of my own taste – with all the things I’ve collected from various travels and antique shopping that I love. I couldn’t wait to unpack all my books, hang postcards and buy plants! Obviously there had to be stripes somewhere… Here’s what I had in mind:

Room inspiration: 1: Farrow & Ball Blackened, 2: Farrow & Ball Cornforth White, 3: Farrow & Ball Skylight, 4: Sinnerlig Lampshade, IKEA, £40, 5: Raskmolle Rug, IKEA, £120, 6: Brighton Cushion, Happy + Co, £45, 7: Arrow Cushion, BeadandReel, £15

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

How We Painted Our Wood Floors In The Stucco Farmhouse Property

Before the good ones were destroyed… The shelves were knocked down along with the old fire. The old boiler was moved into the kitchen, leaving a nice clean hole for a possible wood stove. The wall collapsed within the first few days of work and suddenly we could see through the hole what our new living space would look like. At the back, the kitchen was already flooded with light and both rooms seemed larger.

It looked like a lot was done before the room was finally plastered (we removed the chimney breast in the kitchen, which I’ll get into when I share the kitchen remodel, and installed new windows to replace the PVC fluid windows). I think the plastering was the real turning point: as we saw the devastation recede, the debris was cleared and the living room really started to take shape as a livable space. Suddenly you could really see and appreciate the detail of the frame and the shape of the chimney breast.

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

It was such a great feeling to be able to open cans of paint. I’ve never used a Farrow & Ball color before but I was impressed with the coverage as I only needed two coats.

White Living Room Bench With Gray Walls

The biggest job was the floors – a real labor of love. It would have been much easier and probably not more expensive to get a laminate floor or something like that, but I was determined to get those chalkboards I’ve wanted for ages!

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

I had to get a couple of boards to fill the holes from the restoration yard, but most of the sanding was done by the builders, allowing me to spend a couple of days finishing and painting them.

Now you don’t have to, but for some, let’s say, unwanted visitors who manage to get by

Gray Walls Light Wood Floor

Light Wood Floor Family Room With Gray Walls Ideas You’ll Love

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