Grey And Lime Green Living Room

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Grey And Lime Green Living Room – From soft sage to light limestone and dark emerald, we run through 8 inspiring ways to style a green living room, including the colors that work best.

Green has a calm but powerful energy, which makes it an excellent choice in the living room. Long associated with health and nature – the color green takes center stage when many of us try to build homes that allow us to truly relax.

Grey And Lime Green Living Room

Grey And Lime Green Living Room

The understated, soft color of sage is a beautiful neutral—light enough to replace white and cream, but subtle enough to provide a modern update, especially when used on walls. To accompany it, colors like gray and brown go well with sage green. For a tonal approach inspired by nature, you can also use red and terracotta as accents.

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Similarly, olive gray is a good alternative to dark neutrals in the living room. If you are thinking of painting the walls taupe or light gray, you can use an olive frame that will add a fun feel to the living room. Olive goes well with most colors, but goes especially well with warm colors like gold, bronze, and orange.

If you’re a fan of the vintage aesthetic but want a modern twist, pale mint green is a great way to update a traditional look.

This color has its roots in mid-century modern and millennial pastel styles, making it the perfect way to highlight both aspects.

Instead, for a modern approach, consider introducing mint with colored walls. This living room is a combination of vivid modern style combined with a white leather sofa and narrow black accessories.

Lime Green Knot Pillow Grey Corner Couch Bright Living Room — Stock Photo © #242537250

If you want to go extra classic, another good approach is to cover the green walls with traditional furniture in a dark finish.

The trick is to look for shades of green you wouldn’t normally use as wall colors – think kelly green and grass tones – or bold wallpaper, paired with simple, classic furniture like a mid-century modern sofa and dark wood chairs. Fun link.

Or go into the dark room and enjoy the sensual and sophisticated shades of the ink color. A sophisticated choice in the living room, these colors really create a space that invites everyone to sink in and relax.

Grey And Lime Green Living Room

One option is to go for a tonal look, with a dark khaki sofa that matches the walls of the room. However, it’s fun to create contrast and a sense of space with simple accents, such as striking white wall art or sofas, and touches of gold and ornate brass.

Top Lime Green Decor Inspirations

For all its calming qualities, a green room can be energizing, especially in bright, saturated forms. For example, a sharp, fresh lime green is a great choice for a young, bright living room – it looks great as a feature wall, or even on an armchair or footstool. With this bright color, you can lean towards it and create a unique space with warm colors and contrasting patterns or go with the grain of lighter colors and fabrics. Cream-colored linen curtains, for example, look beautiful on green walls.

Blue and green have similar tones and can look good together – the key is to look for colors that have a slight contrast, especially in terms of color. In this navy blue living room, the gray sofa and armchairs add a beautiful contrast for a modern and elegant touch.

If you really want to have green in your room, a good method is to mix it with gray, white and other neutral colors. The simplicity of these minimal, fresh colors gives you a clean palette to really bring out the green and let it shine. In this cheerful living room, the two-tone walls work well with the gray and orange sofa.

If you have a green sofa and are wondering what colors go with it (short answer: most colors will!), a good mix is ​​grey, warm brown or white and cream. In this charming example, a dark green velvet sofa sits nicely against a gray wall for a sophisticated yet relaxed feel.

Colour Palette Of A Dark Slate Grey With Hints Of White And Lime Green

If you are a more advanced professional, this may be a more humorous move. When looking for matching colors for your green sofa or walls, look for colors that are opposite on the color wheel, such as orange, red, pink and yellow.

These warm colors contrast beautifully with the green to create an attractive and inviting space, and for a flourishing finish, look for gold or bronze accents to add luxury and sparkle.

Finally, consider nature and incorporate greenery and plants into your living room. In addition to color, houseplants add a lot of visual texture and personality to the home—and as a bonus, they’re good for your health, too. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can build your own planting wall for height, color and drama.

Grey And Lime Green Living Room

But you can also consider spreading plants around your room and then using them as an overall theme, including natural textures and colors in the living room, for a calm and warm look. You can also enjoy our indoor garden guide for more tips and tricks on how to go green! We have been personally researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

Beautiful Midcentury Green Living Room Ideas And Designs

Usually associated with the beauty of lush grass and trees, shades of green are sure to soothe and calm the mind – making them a popular choice for tranquil living rooms. Whether it’s a muted look or a completely monochrome look, there are plenty of ways to bring green into your living room — especially with a new color. You can also mix colors with a green velvet sofa, decorate with decorative plants or add green accents such as living room curtains, rugs and cushions. If your interior does not yet have a green touch, we have collected some beautiful green living room ideas that will convince you to remodel.

Green is very versatile and goes well with any color – from white, cream and gray to blue, pink and red. Depending on your color palette and design style, you can choose to use deep, emotional colors, bright colors (such as lime green), or neutral greens (some colors can appear white). Check it out: We’ve included tons of living room color suggestions.

As you explore this stunning interior, you’ll find styling tips like how to contrast with other bright colors, how to add gold accents, and complement the decor. We’ve also added some DIY home decor projects (like a genius accent wall) for our crafters.

Instead of using green walls, bring in soothing colors with interesting objects and textures. Here, interior designer Michel Boudreau transforms the fireplace into a room and complements it with two geometric armchairs. Not to mention, the abstract wallpaper has a pale green pattern that ties the space together.

Colors That Go With Lime Green

In pursuit of a “science library feel,” blogger Ryan Miller painted the walls of his living room dark green – Current Mood by Claire Payne. To match the moody wall color, he layered vintage furniture like a plate cabinet. Above it is a mirror by Tulk from Lulu and Georgia.

Instead of choosing a completely green area, interior designer Rob Diaz decided to break up this living room with wooden panels. To ensure that the green still has a big impact, it extends all the way to the ceiling – which also has a beautiful golden light.

Create an inviting – yet calming – interior with green and gray. Here, designer Bria Hamel used Benjamin Moore’s Knockville Gray to paint the walls, trim, and fireplace brick in this home in Minnesota.

Grey And Lime Green Living Room

For an inviting living room, choose calm colors inspired by nature for your walls. Tie it all together by layering natural materials like wicker furniture, raw wood tables, pottery and fresh greenery. In this case, Michel Boudreau is not afraid to combine another color with a set of orange chairs.

The Interior Of The Living Room And Dining Room

Sophisticated greenery is the perfect backdrop for a gallery wall. Here, designer Alexandra Kehler uses Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green. Recreate the look by mixing light and dark wood, gold and black frames.

Although we love bright interiors, green walls don’t have to be overwhelming. There are so many beautiful greens that feel so neutral and versatile – like this pale, airy shade. If you have a bright and sunny room, light green colors are perfect.

It is not surprising that the classic color combination, shades of green are easily emphasized with golden accents. To complement the dark green walls, interior designer Jane Feldman used gold lamps, table decorations and