Grey And White Living Room

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While self-care and mental health are at the top of everyone’s priority list, it’s important to consider how color can affect your mood.

Grey And White Living Room

Grey And White Living Room

We know interior trends are always changing, but simple monochromatic schemes and minimalist Scandi-inspired homes are all the rage this year – let’s not forget the classics that never go out of style… you guessed it, Grey!

Timeless Gray Coastal Living Room Ideas

Gray is a versatile color for wallpaper style and different shades can be combined with any look. From luxurious dark gray wallpaper patterns to super bright shimmery colors, we’ve selected our favorite gray living rooms to inspire you!

Brighten your mood with this gray and silver rust shimmer metallic wallpaper! This elegant, rich jewel tone furniture and monochrome accessories are ideal for creating a modern, stylish look.

We love how @ourfirsthomecjp incorporated various textural elements to complement the gray and silver tones of the Milan metallic wallpaper in her living room. Being a neutral palette, it gives the whole thing a nice, moist feel

There is no such thing as too much gray! We love @home_sweet_home_46’s mix of metallic finishes and plush furniture to complement the soft gray and silver Camden trellis wallpaper. It will make glossy wallpaper elements stand out and always look luxurious

Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

Mix and match items with layered textures and prints to add a unique touch to your home. We love this cute and cozy look from @Greyhousetoahome The combination of soft gray and silver glossy wood wallpaper with bold wallpaper and luxurious upholstered furniture is a great addition.

@Renovation_no_45 includes luxurious velvet furniture and elegant lighting in the living room, complete with Venetian chandeliers in charcoal and gold. Dark accent walls can be intimidating, but neutral colors and greenery add brightness to the interior

Create an effortlessly elegant look with Chelsea Damask wallpaper in soft gray and silver tones. Wine and dine in style by incorporating golds and soft pinks into your color palette – if you fancy extras, why not accompany your luxury drinks table.

Grey And White Living Room

@houseofgreyeliza adds texture and a modern feel to her home with mirrored furniture and crushed velvet accessories that not only add light to the room but create more space. These accessories perfectly complement the Geneva metallic silver wallpaper

Before And After: Sophisticated Black And White Living Room

We love how @myhousemyhome101 decorated her living room in a mix of charcoal and dark gray. Bringing Scandi tones to life with pampas grass and light airy accents, the eye-catching charcoal slate effect wallpaper helps draw attention.

@5ftofstyle incorporated pink and floral patterns into her living room to add depth and color to the stone wallpaper on the wood wallpaper. When it comes to gray color schemes, don’t be afraid of the color scheme, it can have a wonderful effect in creating a warm and welcoming feeling in your living room.

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Whether you want to create a calm, minimalist environment or add a pop of color to your space, consider a gray and white palette for your living room. The gray and white aesthetic seems simple enough, but striking a balance in a neutral space requires some thought.

White Living Room Ideas: 16 Designs For A Simple Scheme |

– You will like it very much In general, cool colors feel more modern and warm colors feel more traditional, says interior designer Mark Cutler of Cutler Schulze in Los Angeles. So if you expect a rustic or farmhouse style, go for warm grays and off-whites. If your living room has a mid-century or modern aesthetic, go for cool grays and whites.

The key is to be consistent Don’t know where to start? Cutler recommends starting with parts of your room that aren’t easy to change, such as decor and flooring If you have warm wood floors, choose a warm tone If your floor is a cool stone, stick to cool shades

If you’re painting your living room, don’t forget that your lighting will affect how the color looks “Just because a color you see on Pinterest or someone else’s project doesn’t mean it will be right for your space,” says interior designer Courtney McClure of Courtney McClure Design in Oklahoma. Pick up a paint sample from the store, put it on your wall and see how it looks during the day in different lighting.

Grey And White Living Room

As with any design scheme, a little intention can go a long way when focusing on creating a neutral space. Next, interior designers will explain how to use gray and white colors in the living room

Grey Living Room Ideas

Balance is important when creating neutral ground For a consistent feel, Cutler recommends choosing the same fabric for your space Different fabrics reflect light differently, so trying to match whites and whites in a room can be difficult, she says. Avoid mixing hot and cold by including the same fabric in space

Grays and whites can create a sense of calm, but if you don’t do it on purpose, they can make your room feel sleepy. Choosing a consistent color temperature is important, but try varying the shades of gray and white you use to keep it interesting and balanced, suggests Seattle-based interior designer Rebecca Rowland.

When designing a room, use neutral colors like gray and white for large areas They provide the perfect canvas for mixing in small touches, says Elle Jupiter, an interior designer based in New York and New Orleans. “And when it comes to seasonal changes, smaller pieces are easier to replace than larger pieces.”

It may seem counterintuitive, but adding another neutral to the mix can make your gray and white sing. “I recommend pairing a high light sand or camel color with a small accent chair, throw or pillow,” says interior designer Billy Ceglia of Billy Ceglia Design in Connecticut.

Light Gray Walls And A Gray Kitchen In A Bright Historic Apartment

One smart way to balance your space is through imbalance If your heart is gray and white, pull it to one side and see one as a star and the other as an accent. This will create a bright and appropriate look and prevent the space from being too lonely, she says. Accent colors can help draw the eye to a space while highlighting art and architecture.

Warm shades of gray and white are also quickly boring, so it is recommended to try your best to make your living room warmer and more comfortable by choosing wooden furniture. Whether you choose an oak coffee table or walnut chairs, shades of brown will enhance the combination of gray and white.

In a neutral, minimalist space, texture is a simple but effective way to add interest without overpowering it. Interior designer Esther Dormer of Dormer Design recommends incorporating wool, leather, wood and metal when accentuating a neutral look. Natural fabrics like rattan or wicker are a great way to add softness to a gray and white room.

Grey And White Living Room

You probably already know that a gray and white color scheme is the perfect backdrop for a colorful scene. Gray and white can add any pop of color, but Larissa Barton of Sour Interiors says it’s best to pair the shades. For example, a green pillow may look random on its own, but when paired with green plants or a green rug, it pulls the space together.

Grey Living Room Ideas: How To Match Colours And Furniture

Blanche Garcia of B. Garcia Designs says the deep color keeps the gray and white palette interesting and fresh. Try working with jewel tones like navy blue, green, or Garcia’s personal favorite, chartreuse. A plush pillow or blanket can be a good place to start, but if you’re feeling bold, try a decorative wall covering or rug.

Another option to liven up a neutral space is to incorporate greenery If you don’t have a green thumb, an artificial plant on the coffee table or a fresh bouquet of flowers can have the same effect in your green and white room. “Having different physical textures in your space creates a relaxing environment that complements and balances your newly painted walls,” says interior designer Tara Miller of Heartland Interior Design.

It can be a combination, like mixing textures to add some dimension to a neutral room

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