Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas – Gray is the perfect neutral color. Warm or bold, bold or coastal, elegant in a traditional or contemporary setting, this color blends perfectly with its surroundings. Maybe it’s time to give white a break and switch to gray for your next project.

Designer Janet Skagel evokes the ocean in this incredible BC apartment conversion. Sure, its elegant furniture sits on the cosmopolitan side, but you can’t call the place stuffy. Comfortable furniture and wood accents give the space a relaxed, beachy feel.

Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

Grey, life is very easy, but not boring. Case in point: This beautiful living room in Vancouver, covered in shades of blue and brass, was designed by Gillian Segal. Textiles add comfort and, let’s be honest, it helps to have a dog in the picture.

Gorgeous Gray Living Room Ideas For A Stylish Neutral Space

Modern details make this beautiful room sing. Architectural panels, bold art frames and smooth furniture are kept in a matte, coastal palette, says designer Sabrina Albani. Above all, it’s clear that this Ontario vacation home is all about comfort and style.

. The quilt details on the gray sofa carry over to the armchair, which is a cream-vanilla color, so it doesn’t feel too out of place. We also love the millwork and mustard accents above the fireplace!

Vancouver’s Wes Thorn (self-styled interior stylist) and Daphne Nelson (owner of Once a Tree Furniture) worked on this spacious West Vancouver home. A cool gray brings modern elegance to a room. The stunning area features a pair of carved chairs and a tonal gray layered rug.

Encourage conversation instead of watching TV by creating a conversational seating arrangement like this setup. Piles of pillows and comfortable furniture are key. Gray gradients in a geometric rug anchor the space, and a gray wall brings it all together.

My Minimalist Christmas Decor

An investment item like a sofa should never be bought without thinking. (But hey, if you love that pink couch, go for it!) We think this large gray sectional is divine. It goes well with light gray walls and a nice patterned rug. Designed by Jillian Harris, the floor and coffee table give the room a coastal, country feel that’s always on trend.

Painting the fireplace charcoal gives the room a focal point and dimension. Gold-framed art and leather stools certainly give the space an elegant look, while gray window and door trims round out the rest of the room.

You don’t need to fill a room to make it look amazing. Instead, use interesting elements. Here, quirky, eye-catching choices – from large planters that look like dinosaur eggs to trellis coffee tables and wedge sofas – create a simple living room.

Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

Pretty in pink? Nice in gray – with pink accents. You won’t soon forget this beautiful women’s salon. Interior designer Erin Chow of The Cross Decor & Design transformed a shabby apartment into a light-filled zen space. Gray sofas, carpets and gray tones of bricks are a perfect contrast to the pink and wood throughout the house.

Relaxing Blue And Gray Living Room Ideas

This living room features a mix of gold and gray, where a striking wooden wall acts as a divider between the window seats. Face stools and spool tables give the space a certain character, so it doesn’t look too serious. Fun fact: This trendy place is a floating house in British Columbia. Find the full tour here!

There are many fun moments in this modern Toronto home. Can you believe this living room is in the basement? The gray space is enlivened with dreamy cloud-shaped wallpaper and heart-shaped neon lights. A long sofa and custom steel bench for accessories and additional seating means space for a crowd.

By clicking “Sign Up”, you agree to receive emails from Corus and to accept Corus’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Let’s face it: gray may not be the first choice when choosing a color for your room. However, a timeless shade can work well with many styles and add personality to an interior without character. Browse 12 stylish gray living room ideas that will inspire you to experiment with this classic shade in your space.

This living room features gray walls, a clam-covered sofa, and patterned pillows.

Green And Grey Living Room Ideas For A Smart Space

Gray walls play a role in the arrangement of this light-filled living room, which features a leather Chesterfield sofa and a great bookcase.

Walls in delicate shades of gray and light blue lend natural light to this beautiful room.

This living room proves that gray walls are the perfect choice for creating a base for Christmas arrangements.

Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

New York-based home stager Cheryl Eisen chose gray walls as the backdrop for a striking triptych that, she says, “can create an instant wow factor in any room.”

Black And Gray Living Room Ideas

Charcoal walls with framed artwork in the fireplace provide the focal point of this inviting room.

In this Christmas living room, gray and white wall panels add a cozy atmosphere and provide a discreet backdrop for decorations full of Christmas personality.

A neutral palette that includes shades of gray emphasizes the relaxed, layered look of this room, which was designed by interior designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt.

This beautiful Georgia log cabin is surrounded by classic shades of gray, black and green. Checkered curtains and checkered pillows complete the look.

Gray Living Room Ideas That Are Far From Boring

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Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Living Room Wall Decor Design Ideas For Your Home Interiors

Try one of the popular kitchen color ideas. Small kitchen ideas that don’t skimp on style. The most popular ideas for kitchen flooring. 20 Photo Wallpaper Ideas That Will Transform Any Room Want to renovate your living room, but don’t know where to start? How about a classic color combination, maybe black and gray? Colors are reserved for wedding gowns, elegant school uniforms and luxurious pearl jewelry. So adding it to your room will add endless sophistication to your interior. Our modern black and gray living room ideas show you how to master monochrome interior design. Use white accents with a black living room and gray room accessories to contrast this elegant, classic interior.

The idea of ​​a black and gray living room cannot be complete without furniture and the choice of white pieces is attractive because the black and gray colors are very intense and contrast like the matte concrete walls with the gray sofa in the L-shaped living room. including surfaces. The room can add an industrial vintage charm.

If you choose gray furniture with black and gray wall decor, consider offset white wall panels or accent cabinets to divide the space into compact “sections.” When dividing a room into sections, each area should have its own focal point – perhaps an oak piece of furniture or a black and white photo reproduction – to draw attention to different areas and keep the room layout interesting.

Large wall tiles can be used to great effect to create a sense of height in a space. Consider filling a feature wall with large concrete tiles and adding dark wenge wood furniture to create a small horizontal partition that creates the illusion of space. Built-in furniture recesses or sliding doors can hide plenty of storage space while keeping your room tidy.

Small Living Room Ideas

A contemporary modular sofa made from luxurious fabrics like mink velvet, suede or chalk gray jumbo cord will add texture to the room and give you and your family a comfortable place to sit while watching a movie or curling up with a book. Using a large piece of furniture like this creates another horizontal section and places the top of the cabinet about a third down to take advantage of the visual appeal of the “power of three” used in design and photography. should be kept high. of

Following a color palette with a 1970s-inspired Flocati rug in cream for the guest rooms or white and black and gray curtains for the living room will ensure that the three-dimensional color palette extends throughout the space. looks faint. .

Vision – Don’t be afraid to add silver and navy blue accents to keep your room fresh.

Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

At the other end of the gray spectrum are dark, gray walls that, when added to all sides of the room, add drama and intimacy to any part of the room. If your room has a lot of natural light, you can let the furniture here be equally dark, choosing off-gray shades like sage green, indigo blue, etc.

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