Hair Color For Medium Warm Skin Tone

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If you’re looking for a hair color that suits medium skin tones, you have options. While shades from light blonde to deep indigo (and let’s be honest, almost anything in between) can flatter your skin tone, there are two deciding factors when choosing the perfect shade: your desired mood and your skin tone.

Hair Color For Medium Warm Skin Tone

Hair Color For Medium Warm Skin Tone

“It’s important to consider your undertone when choosing a color, as it can complement or clash with your skin tone,” says hair colorist Jamie Wiley. “Make sure you choose a shade that complements the underlying skin pigments. In general, warm skin tones tend to have peach, yellow, or gold undertones, while cool skin tones tend to have pink or blue undertones,” notes Wiley.

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“You can also look at the veins on your wrist to determine your text,” Wiley adds. “Warm skin usually has green undertones, cool skin has blue or purple undertones, and if they’re neutral, the sky’s the limit for a mix of the two, you can choose between warm and cool tones as you like.

Color Selection: Make sure you choose a color that matches your skin tone and skin tone. “Your skin color will change depending on whether it’s winter or summer and whether you’ve tanned, but your skin color will never change,” says O’Connor. “Finding your undertone is basically your skin tone, and we all tend to gravitate in one direction—warm or cool—over the other.

Level of Maintenance: The level of maintenance depends on whether you tint, highlight, or completely change the timbre during a session. Certain color techniques can be low maintenance and require fewer salon visits, so if that’s your goal, choose a style that has natural roots to look good as it grows out.

Price: Varies depending on the color, interior and selected technology. In general, colors run between $50 and $100 per process, while gradients, balances, and highlights start at around $150.

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Once you’ve found the right shade for you, consider how much maintenance you want on the look, especially the base color. Color techniques like balayage or ombre often darken the roots, require less salon time, and usually look better as the color progresses. Also, by keeping the base color, you can push the boundaries of complementary warm and cool tones. “If a warm-toned client wants a cooler tone, we can darken and warm the base, then gradually add cooler tones in the mid-lengths and ends,” says hairstylist Michelle O’Connor.

Single-treatment colors and glazes that are relatively close to the base color also require less maintenance, but if you prefer a dramatic color change from root to tip, this option is not completely out of the question. You just need to follow these basic color rules more closely, add color-preserving formulas to your rotation, and schedule touch-ups accordingly.

To accurately represent your skin tone range, we’ve compiled a list of 15 hair colors that can be compared to your average skin tone. From blonde to deep indigo, read on to find your new shade and get expert advice from Wiley, O’Connor and hairstylist Rachel Bodt.

Hair Color For Medium Warm Skin Tone

According to Bote, the honey-blonde undertone is similar to Ciara’s flat skin tone, leaning on the warm and neutral side. “Gold brings out the warmth that’s already there,” he said.

Hair Colors For Warm Skin Tones

Wiley says that especially for warm skin tones, a deep chocolate color like Schmeichel can be very flattering. If you have a cooler skin tone, go for dark brown hair.

If you want your blonde ambition to complement your warm skin tone, a golden creme shade like Natalie Morales is the way to go. “You want to think about colors that give the skin a natural glow and complement each other,” says Wiley. “Rich, warm colors always go well with each other and add a natural glow to the complexion.”

Soft peanut butter shades that fall somewhere between brown and blonde, such as from Michaela Jaè Rodriguez, are a very flattering choice for cool skin tones, says Bodt.

Want to err on the side of creative colors? Strawberry blondes like Jasmine Savoy Brown are one way to go. “Strawberry blonde gives you the best of both worlds, and wear reds and coppers as well as golds to reflect the warmth that warm skin and eye colors often bring,” says O’Connor.

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According to Wiley, Gemma Chan Auburn is perfect for cool tones. “It brings out the softer side of cool colors, but avoids clashing colors,” she says.

“If you decide to live in the cool-toned brown zone, go for brown with a more neutral purple, or even black with blue undertones,” says O’Connor. “These shades work well to offset cooler skin tones.”

Feeling particularly brave? Follow in the footsteps of Amandla Stenberg, who transformed the rich indigo shade into highlights, stunning sky blues and denim hues.

Hair Color For Medium Warm Skin Tone

Good news: If you’re going for serious Marilyn style, a light blonde shade like Saweetie is a true neutral that suits both cool and warm skin tones. Also, if you want, you can customize it to better complement your shades. “If you want a warmer complexion, go for the golden side,” says Bott. “If you want cool tones, choose a gray sand color.

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If you want a rich copper shade like Niki Wu Jie’s toned model, ask your hairstylist to change the shade to deepen the overall color. “Adding dimensions helps balance the monotony of flat surfaces and faded effects,” says O’Connor.

A mid-tone brown like Zendaya’s is a versatile color, no matter where you fall on the cool-to-warm undertone spectrum. “Medium brown is a great shade for medium skin tones,” says Wiley. “Also, it’s flattering on all skin tones and undertones.

Vanessa Hong’s linen shade has golden undertones that bring out her warm skin tone. “Use a base color to add to or highlight what’s already there,” says Bott.

A little blonde, a little brunette, the blonde trend has become Jennifer Lopez’s signature. According to O’Connor, it’s a good choice for medium to cool skin tones.

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Channel your inner Jessica Rabbit and follow Jorja Smith’s bright red lead. Choose blue for cool skin tones and light copper and orange for warm skin tones.

“If you’re looking for a subtle, high-impact change, a soft caramel glow can brighten medium skin tones,” says Wiley. Case in point: Sofia Vergara’s layered hot braids.

If you have cooler skin, like singer Giulia Penna, shades of purple can be a creative choice, especially if you’ve ever worn red. “Medium to darker skin tones and cooler undertones should look like cool reds, purples, or even burgundy,” says O’Connor of her editorial skills in content marketing and brand strategy. She previously worked as a health editor for ELLE, The/Thirty and other magazines as beauty and wellness editor.

Hair Color For Medium Warm Skin Tone

Sky Kim is a hairdresser with more than ten years of experience. He currently works for Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York.

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Deciding which hair color best matches your skin tone may seem complicated, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. Some versions of the many shades are available for any skin tone, and once you learn a few basic techniques, you and your stylist can work together to apply any color to look your best. “It all depends on the placement, the saturation and the skin tone you want to emphasize,” says hair colorist and energy healer Roxie Darling. We consulted with a number of colorists and hairstylists to get their thoughts on different aspects of the topic, from determining skin tone to tips for each shade. Keep scrolling to learn more and find the best hair color for your skin tone.

Before deciding which hair color is best for you, take the time to determine your skin tone. Most people fall into one of three types—warm, cool, and neutral—all of which are possible regardless of whether your skin tone is dark, medium, or light. Guess

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