Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

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Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors – New England has a rich history, and the interior and exterior colors look classic. We’ve worked with Sherwin Williams to create a unique exterior color palette for the South Shore and Plymouth area and ensure your home matches.

Many historic buildings in Massachusetts, especially in the South, are limited to certain exterior colors that should be recommended for your town’s history. We have the experience to help you choose the right color to embody your city’s history. Our designers can help you choose something that meets these specifications and adds uniqueness to your home’s history.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

Fun fact: This is the King Caesar’s House in Duxbury – a beautiful stone connecting “S” collar (and an iron rod that runs through the house) to the side of historic buildings of this type on the South Shore. Keep the house “one saw”. It’s beautiful, but make sure the house doesn’t fall under the roof!

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Here are some city-by-city links you may find useful; They are in order from south to north

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

Take streets like Washington Avenue in Duxbury, Main Street in Hingham and Pinehills in Plymouth. To be clear, Pinehills is a new development of buildings that use historic colors to blend with Plymouth’s history.

We do a lot of photography in Plymouth, near Cape Cod, so we wrote this article about Plymouth’s special historical colors.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

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Our designers can help you bring historic colors into your new home to give it more character.

Choosing a palette for your new home versus other historic homes in South Shore communities is a common question because the colors we paint rarely change the price we charge you. Our white color consultant knows the color of your outdoor space that will make your new home classic and unique. He will not push you to choose the color that “is not you”, but he will listen to what you want and help you choose the color that suits your vision.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

Many of our customers like to follow the gray weather that occurs naturally in the tiles near the beach. Here’s our process for quickly turning your tiles “Nantucket Gray” instead of waiting for Mother Nature to weather it.

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A good example of new homes using historic colors is at Pinehills in Plymouth. The developer has done a great job of combining Plymouth’s historic buildings with modern conveniences.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

Below you will find a collection of Sherwin Williams paints that have been used extensively in New England throughout the ages. If you would like to receive a large (8.5″ x 11″) free color sample of the Sherwin-Williams colors below, please email us with the color name and your mailing address (email protected). Even if you are painting it yourself, we offer free color samples, so you can order as many as you want.

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Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

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If you have ever tried to do a house painting project, you can already imagine how the company approaches the exterior of the whole house. However, painting the exterior walls every seven to ten years is well worth the effort and investment. “It helps protect the underlying materials from damage,” says Farrow & Ball brand ambassador Patrick O’Donnell. And if and when you decide to move, you can increase your home’s resale value by two to five percent, says Chicago real estate agent Tabitha Murphy.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

To make the process work like a semi-gloss stroke, your first step is to redo your work. The ideal climate is 77 degrees and 50 percent humidity, says Benjamin Moore director of development Mike Mundwiler, so plan in the summer or early fall. Then select a palette. To help you break out of old colors,

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Homes editor Lorna Aragon selects contemporary body, trim and door (or sound) options to bring out the best in six different homes.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

Finally, hire a paint company. Prices vary based on where you live and the size and location of your home, but Angie’s List brings the national average to $3,737. Ask local contractors for delivery information (then check with homeowners by calling and driving by). Get a few quotes and always be wary of the cheapest: you don’t want someone to change or do a bad job.

But before you start making calls, it’s important to decide on a palette that speaks to you and the basic style of your home. First, the exterior color that brings life to the front of your house.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

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Exposed wooden beams, similar to the so-called half-timbered temple, characterize these buildings, mostly built between 1890 and 1940. So the roof and the two side walls (the three sides of the roof edge) walls. The wood is usually painted brown or black, and the space between is called filling, which is usually white or cream stucco.

Homemaker Lorna Aragon. They are subtle and create a clean space for the introduction of speech; This blood is deep and sophisticated red.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

Found throughout the country, these are narrow, overbuilt houses built by early settlers in New England, with a central door, side windows, and a small box with no front porch. Wooden clapboards or clapboards are often unfinished and sometimes natural and will turn gray or white over time.

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Are you looking to change? “The rich green door stands out – beautifully – against the neutral blue, with a bit of gray to tone it down. Cool gray trim with blue-green tones complements the two,” says Lorna.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

Like the Queen herself, the Victorians reigned for nearly 60 years. There are six sub-styles, including the famous Queen Anne Wedding made between 1880 and 1910 with windows and gingerbread trim. Many, like the Painted Ladies of San Francisco, are candy-colored: a brightly colored exterior is forming as they build.

It brings the style of the house to the modern soft lavender, which speaks in a new way about the palette of the real story, Lorna. To emphasize the details of the beautiful work, they are painted in beautiful white and flat colors.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

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Sail from Italy to Spain, and you’ll find something at every port of call: stucco, tile, vaulted (pyramid-shaped) ceilings, and arched doorways. In the year Eclectic style in the state in the 1970s. The body is usually white or warm-toned stucco, the roof is paved with compacted clay or composite tiles.

“A soft pink medium works well with a ceiling,” says Lorna. Just add sandy beige trimmings and, as a twist on the traditional orange and rusty red style, the cool, deep blue Lorna loves so much, she chose for herself a door.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

During the post-World War II real estate boom, these carts took the country by storm. It’s one story, with low ceilings and wide cornices, and a beautiful geometric design full of mid-century modern possibilities. Most sport brick or wood siding; The originals are set in nature, in colors such as green, brown and putty.

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For an instant change, go dark. “The charcoal gray walls and clean decor make the whole line look very sharp,” says Lorna. (The reverse will have the same effect.) A navy blue door is bold but not too bright.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore in Iron Mountain (body), China White (trim) and Notting Hill Blue (doors) paint, price depends on quantity;

No wonder people call them bungalows. Deep, welcoming gables characterize these homes, built from 1905 to the early 1920s.

Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

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“The greens and browns of the world still feel natural, but they’re a little darker than they look,” says Lorna. Set them up with a warm welcome at the door: orange, orange, happy and (we’re guessing) blocky for you.

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Historic Colonial Exterior Paint Colors

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