Home Depot Benjamin Moore Colors

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“Will Home Depot paint work?” Read on for answers, my personal experiences, and whether or not it’s a good idea.

Home Depot Benjamin Moore Colors

Home Depot Benjamin Moore Colors

Home Depot is your one-stop shop for home projects, including painting. If you’re in love with a color that Home Depot’s paint brand doesn’t offer, you’ll be happy to know that Home Depot’s color matching service lets you duplicate colors from other brands, including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and more. Some Farrow and Ball colors.

Benjamin Moore Simply White Paint Color

I have used countless Home Depot paints over the past twelve years in my journey as a homeowner and host/Airbnb host. Sometimes it’s because I don’t live near the paint store where I want to buy something. In other cases, it’s about saving money. However, I estimate that I have used Home Depot paint at least 15 to 20 times in the six houses I have owned in the last 12 years.

I’ll admit I’ve had varying degrees of success with this and sometimes I don’t use color adjustment. I will share all the details below.

If you’re looking for paint from a major brand like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, you can simply go to the paint counter and tell the staff the brand and color you want to use (e.g. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy). They can find the color formula in their computer system and create the color for you.

Home Depot computers have a color library that allows you to paint with Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Farrow & Ball paints (in addition to the Behr and Glidden brand paints in the Home Depot store).

Favorite Behr White Paint Colors

The second way to match colors is to bring things into the store that match the colors. For example, I had Home Depot color coordinate the wallpaper in my daughter’s nursery and in our front yard. I’ll just get the background image for it. I also do it when I want to add color to the exterior of our house. I found a paint chip on the side and took it to the store.

Home Depot has a small machine that scans items and creates matching color codes.

If you want to paint with a smaller paint brand like Clare Paints or Little Green, you can use this method. You can simply take a color sample and scan the color sample to match the color.

Home Depot Benjamin Moore Colors

In general, this approach is very dangerous because the colors can differ under the colorist’s “eyes”.

Beautiful Taupe Paint Colors

This way, when you have a color match and you like the color, take a photo of the color formula and save it to your phone so you know the exact shade when you need to repaint it. . I learned this the hard way when we needed more color in our entryway and brought matching wallpaper the second time and got a different color the first time.

If you are wondering why you would choose to color match instead of buying the original, there are a few reasons, some of which I have mentioned above.

The first reason is that brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Farrow & Ball are more expensive than brands like PPG, Glidden and Behr. Depending on the quality, Benjamin Moore paint can cost $50 to $95 per gallon and Sherwin Williams paint can cost $50 to $95 per gallon. Farrow & Ball – $110. In contrast, Behr costs $25 to $40 per gallon.

Second, if you’re working on a home project, it’s usually more convenient to get Home Depot paint since there’s a good chance you’ll be involved at some point. I was closer to Home Depot than I was to Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.

Is Behr Paint Good? In Depth Review After 10+ Years

I’ve used the Home Depot paint set dozens of times and my answer is that it depends on your project and your personality type.

If you’re painting a room from scratch, matching colors are a good choice. I look for colors that are close to the original color. I have used Benjamin Moore Simply White several times in different homes, both at Benjamin Moore and Home Depot. I never noticed that it was a different color when it was hanging on the wall.

He said it! If you like choosing colors and shades that are incredible, you might not want to risk it. Just go to the original. Matching Home Depot shades

Home Depot Benjamin Moore Colors

Exactly the same shade as each brand has its own pigment. I would say they are 90 percent competition.

What To Buy: Benjamin Moore Vs. Lowe’s Vs. Home Depot

That’s a good example. I use Sherwin Williams Alabaster to paint my bedroom. I got a swatch of real Sherwin-Williams paint, but then didn’t want to go back to Sherwin-Williams to get the rest, so I went to Home Depot and got the paint matched instead. The top half of the image in the photo below is the color matched version and the bottom half is the Sherwin Williams version. It’s close, but if you look closely you can tell the difference.

Additionally, if you were to start painting a room with Benjamin Moore paint and Benjamin Moore cans, I wouldn’t go to Home Depot and get a matching paint to finish the job. It is better to maintain consistency because even a small difference in color will be noticeable if, for example, you paint one wall in the actual BM color and the other side in a matching color.

I learned this lesson firsthand with Sherwin Williams paint in our green powder room. It was painted with Sherwin Williams Palm Leaf and we didn’t have any yellow, so I went to Home Depot to get a matching paint sample to use as touch-up paint. Although the colors are similar, they vary slightly so I can see where I’m touching them. I got the original from Sherwin Williams,

Behr is one of Home Depot’s most popular paint brands. If you’re wondering whether Behr can compete with Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint, you’ll be happy to know that the answer is yes.

Ppg And The Home Depot, Hd Supply Expand Relationship With Launch Of Pro Paint Assortment At All U.s. Locations

First, as I mentioned before, just go to the counter and ask for the Benjamin Moore paint you want to use because you can find Benjamin Moore paint formulas in the Home Depot library.

However, if you’re looking for one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors (or Sherwin Williams’ most popular colors), you can choose a swatch from Behr’s designer color collection. These colors form the basis for Behr’s most popular Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colors. Behr matches are available for the following colors:

In case you’re wondering, Home Depot doesn’t sell Benjamin Moore paint. So if you’re looking for Benjamin Moore paint, it’s common practice to use matching colors, but don’t live near a Benjamin Moore store.

Home Depot Benjamin Moore Colors

In addition to Benjamin Moore stores, BM paint is also sold at ACE Hardware stores and specialty paint stores (e.g., Ring’s End in New England). Let’s talk about dark green, shall we? Green is an easy way to make a statement in any room. A few weeks ago I shared about our bedroom and how a simple green blanket transformed the entire room. In case you missed it, I shared our color options in this post! I’ve been thinking about painting our room for months and looking for the right shade of green for our room. After I said that –

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Today I’m sharing a dark green that I fell in love with while researching! In fact, green is my favorite color, so I’m happy to see it taking over the design world.

It was hard to choose just one shade of green for our bedroom, but I feel like you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous shades. They’re tried and tested and I’m sharing a sample of each color below! And after writing this post, I convinced myself to officially paint our house (hehe)

I had to start with this because here I am in our atmospheric green bedroom. It just called to me. It’s a light green that can look almost gray or blue depending on the light, but it’s still dark green. It has a really rainy afternoon vibe and I’m sold on it from the first color. If you’re green or blue or even gray, that’s your color. It’s a really calming color in our house and I love the variety.

Greener than rain, though

Behr Premium Plus Interior Flat Paint & Primer

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