How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

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How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain – Finishing the basement is the last (and often most expensive) home renovation. It usually consists of 3 of my least favorite things: carpet, ceiling, and walls. Literally by the truckload of drywall. How do you call it a cave when the walls of the “cave” are drywall?! It’s time to DIY the basement. Here’s one about painting concrete floors.

Don’t you hate it when the recipe text doesn’t match the recipe? Me too. This is how TL cement is painted; Dr. If you like the best, read on! (Honestly, read on, we know DIY dads want more details than that!)

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

“That’s not really my type,” was the response I got after asking 3 different professional painters if I could stain concrete floors.

Surecrete Eco Stain

I usually hate paying people to do things in my house if I can avoid it. Not that I can; I don’t like giving up control. I am very much like a father in this respect.

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

But when it comes to staining your basement concrete floor? I did not know how to do it. And I don’t want to mess it up. So I asked the experts. Maybe people asked me, but the common answer was “Good luck, friend”.

It surprised me. Because all modern office buildings, heck, even Lowes and Home Depot floors, are attached to concrete floors. It strikes me as a very practical solution, minimalist and floor-thinning.

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

Fern Green Concrete Stain Images

Over the years there have been several small leaks in my unfinished basement. A small crack around the window, caused a problem with the front door, although it was an original problem that I paid good money to fix. Anyway, if my apartment is “finished” normally, I will be lost. Hide moisture, mold, hidden problems are not seen. No thanks. I prefer to have full visibility of things.

So I put together my minimalist basement renovation plan. I left the walls and floors bare of concrete. I will put a partition wall between the main space and the storage / oven / water heater area. I will add some basic shaped lights. Next, I painted the ceiling black.

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

Experts say that it will be easier to paint the floor. The danger is that the paint will fade over time. NIGHT. It is also recommended to use an epoxy-based paint. It won’t wear much, but it will shine and make the bottom floor look like a skating rink, especially if there is a little moisture. When I asked about the spots, they looked scared. In hindsight, I think it is a bit of art, and more of a skill. It’s not as easy as painting.

Diy’er Here. This Is My First Attempt At Staining Concrete. It Didn’t Go As Planned. Any Advice To Pull This Out Of The Fire Without Grinding Again?

So, with my unbiased experts, and my own penchant for projects, my mission was clear. Attach the concrete floor or die trying.

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

So the key is to use the right semi-transparent cement stain and experiment to find the right application method that you will like. I have a basement workshop so I could use it as a practice to find the right form. Very important because once you start painting you can’t go back! It will be dark.

(If you’d rather watch someone else show you how to do the job, this Creto Seal video covers all the bases.)

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

How To Stain A Concrete Patio

Yes, we agree that cleaning is not fun under any circumstances. But do not skip this important step in your concrete painting project, or your results will not be as good as they could be, and your wife will say, “I told you so.” Ugh.

Now for the fun part: Remove the stain to use. This Valspar stain will work indoors or outdoors, so after you’ve stained your concrete basement, you can move on to outdoor projects, such as garages, patios, driveways, and driveways. (Hell, go pollinate the neighbor’s yard. We think you’ll be so good, you won’t be able to stop.)

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

By choosing the right sealer, your concrete painting project will be perfect, while making it stronger and more resistant to whatever spills on it. (Think you might need two sets of clothes. Kids are experts at messing things up.)

Staining A Concrete Patio With Purdy

You can certainly use a free mop to do this job. But it will not give you the same results as an industrial mop.

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

And we all know that every father should have a good quality mop on hand. Not only is it difficult to clean up after children and dogs, but it will take several years … which will give the children enough time to use the mop as much as work. which is not good to do. (It will almost hurt your eyes.)

A sponge works well to put the finish on a concrete painting project in the basement, which allows for a smooth application of the stain.

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

Valspar Pro Hide Silver 5000 Latex Flat Interior Wall Paint, White Base, 1 Gal.

Since this is a pack of six, you can throw away the paint sponge after use. Never put a used sponge in your wife’s favorite white bathtub, just to show that you can use it for something else later… at least if you don’t want to sleep all night on the finished floor. on freshly stained concrete , not on your bed. . .

Paint rollers work well for applying stains quickly and efficiently. This creates a double roller boat, so you will have a backup to apply the second color or if you throw away the first.

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

You may also recommend adding a long wooden handle with a metal wire tip that you can use with a paint roller. You don’t need to crawl on the floor or bend over to apply the stain when you put on the handle.

The Valspar Interior/exterior Coffee Concrete Stain, 1 Gal. Easily Washable,super Durable

And by the way, after finishing this article, who has not found a million uses for long wooden handles? For example, no party is complete without a wooden bat, a hanging pinata, dad’s private parts within striking distance, and someone taking pictures of everything.

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

It’s hard to believe that we’ve gotten this far without listing a powerful tool for concrete basement grouting products. the bad

Some people prefer to apply the stain with a sprayer. These things can be very messy, especially if there are stains and not thicker paint, so you can put plastic on the walls and other areas that need protection. But if you hate the idea of ​​applying stain by hand — or if you just need to use a power tool for a DIY project — this sprayer will do the trick.

How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

Cans Of Valspar Concrete Stain With Paint Crystals

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How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

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How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

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How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

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How To Apply Valspar Concrete Stain

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